Tuesday, October 21, 2014

150 million dollar loan

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

As I have been tracking how these United States were manipulated into war, I found that there was money to be made in humanitarian aid, as the Belgian Relief Commission under Herbert Hoover, had been granted a 150 million dollar loan from New York Bankers. This loan would be guaranteed by the English, French and Exiled Belgian Governments.

You have to catch this as it was American bankers who were thrown the enticement of this enormous sum to make profits over people's misery. In other words, the most powerful men in America, had just put up money on January 21st, 1917 AD in the year of our Lord, which meant that when a few Americans had died in the Lucitania stated event to draw America into war, that now America has a fortune invested to protect, and as bankers do not have armies, that meant pressure would be brought to bear on the Woodrow Wilson regime.

Herbert Hoover noted at this time, that the English and French were unleashing intense propaganda to get America involved in this world war. Wilson though did not believe the American people would go for this war, and he was still not in favor of it.
Hoover though stated that if America was not willing to pull it's share of the burden, would the allies be expected to pull their share? Wilson winced at this.

By February 2nd, both the military adviser to Wilson in Colonel House and Ambassador Page were pressuring Wilson for war, along with that British and French propaganda.

At this venture the Germans sank the Belgian Relief vessels, which prompted Wilson to recall the US Ambassador on February 3rd.

At this point, Colonel House asked Herbert Hoover what steps the United States should prepare for, in going to war. Hoover is not even an elected official, but instead is running this relief organization, and he replies with the following 8 points:

1. No political alliance with the Allies, but America confined to naval and military cooperation.

2. The bringing to bear all of the United States shipping to supply the allies with munitions and food. (This is the key part of the Gentleman's Agreement.)

3. Open all facilities to the Allies, to enable financing of purchases.

4. To reinforce starving out Germany in the blockade.

5. Join allied shipping and by extortion of withholding coal refueling to have neutral nations only ship goods for the Allies.

6. Employ the French Government to recruit more American mercenaries into the French military.

7. The creation of an immense "defensive force" to protect America and to enforce an American peace upon the Europeans when the war is ended.

8. In order to deal with a global food shortage, rationing should be enforced on Americans.

The above should really give pause in how well this was thought out. The connect the dots in this are the smoking guns. We know that it was the Ashkenaz finance cartel which ran the money exchange, and due to Jekyl Island, it was JP Morgan and others who were tied into this, as who was rewarded, but New York finance with that high stakes loan to the allies.

We see in Herbert Hoover's writings to President Wilson, an almost exact replica of the Gentleman's Agreement from encirclement, the provision of food and munitions, and the direct involvement of US citizenry into the French Army.
Herbert Hoover did not dream this up, but he has been privy to the counsels of all the European and American regimes, along with a direct tie in to New York finance.

You are seeing the floodgates of profits being opened, and the way to force America into this global war by entangling her. I seriously in starting this research never contemplated that Republican Herbert Hoover would be advising Democrat Woodrow Wilson, with his internationalist ideas, and how step by step America was walked deliberately into this war, appealing to the "protect our democracy" idea from Theodore Roosevelt from German militantism, and the "peace in our time" idea from Woodrow Wilson.

I never would have believed that a relief organization led by Herbert Hoover for humanitarian reasons, would be the tool used to drive America into this war, while Henry Cabot Lodge was doing his utmost to keep America out of the war in the United States Senate.

Oddly into this Ambassador Page had cabled Sec of State Lansing stating that the Belgium Relief Commission should be terminated, but Hoover objected to this, as he had already made progress after his ships were sunk to have England and Germany, both observe the neutrality of these ships.

In a third meeting with Wilson, Herbert Hoover, floats an idea, that since the loans to the Commission had necessarily failed, that perhaps Congress could grant an appropriation of expenditures in America for this operation as the Europeans would meet this organizations currency outlays in Europe.
Woodrow Wilson agreed to approach the subject.

Hoover believed the Germans did not desire America in the war, but stated in their "madness" anything could happen and indeed it did, as if by design.

The relief ships again started, and the relief ships were again torpedoed by the Germans. By March 12th, Hoover recorded that the British intelligence with the cartel Marxists had overthrown the Russian Monarchy for a "republic".

By April 6th, America declared war on Germany.

Wilson then requested that Hoover oversee the food organization in America, and Hoover agreed providing he could still oversee the Belgian and French relief.

Let us now focus upon the Belgian Relief Commission which was the tool in starting this international war.

Herbert Hoover was approached by the urgent request, as Mr. Hoover relates, of the people in Belgium and the government in exile at Le Havre in October 1914 in order to feed 10 million people in Belgium and Northern France.
Hoover makes absolutely no mention of these Belgians by name, and as they were a tool of the English and French, it is obvious by what Mr. Hoover records that when he was underwritten at 90 million dollars annually, and this jumped to 300 million dollars annually by 1917, that someone was making fortune in this food market. After America entered the war, the sum was 360 million dollars annually with America funding the relief in part.
As it makes absolutely no sense for England to be feeding people who were not their own, this Commission was the chosen wedge to get the Americans involved in this war as a first step.

Deducing in this an obvious source, it was America which was being gleaned of her crops, as it was Americans who were facing rationing.

Herbert Hoover then reveals something which sound rather disturbing in stating that the Belgian Relief Commission was the precursor to the World War Food Administration, which literally was a fascist department as it imported food, controlled food processing and stimulated food production.
It literally was Head Start in providing for 2.5 million children, and it gave to families, food, medical supplies, clothing, fuel and housing.

The very thing that Franklin Roosevelt and Lyndon Johnson unleashed on America, was literally a lab experiment in a Haliburton type entity of nation management.

Hoover lists the international body, sanctioned by the American Department of State which he was managing.

"With the approval of our State Department I secured as "patrons" of the Commission Ambassador Walter Hines Page in London, Ambassador James W. Gerard in Berlin, and American Minister Brand Whitlock in Brussels.
We also secured as "patrons" the Spanish Ambassador in London, Merry del Val; the Spanish Ambassador in Berlin, Luis Polo de Bernabe; the Spanish Minister in Brussels, the Marquis de Villalobar; the Netherlands Minister in Brussels, and the cooperation of the Netherlands Minister of Foreign Affairs, J. Loudon."

On May 19th, Hoover was appointed United States Food Administrator, reporting directly to the President. All of this will sound most familiar to agrarians until Ronald Reagan removed all the facist controls of what farmers were allowed to plant, as this minute control over food supply was instigated in World War I before the United Nations was even created.

What Hoover next reveals in this is the genesis of the transformation of America to a fascist state. By this I explain in government enforces the decrees, it is managed by departments to increase production and retard citizens from using their own resources, the financiers make money by an organized inflating of prices due to "limited supply", but to stop profiteering and speculation, which would compete with those who have the monopoly control.
Mr. Hoover does not put this all in these terms, and has a more patriotic note to this, but while Americans and Congress resisted this fascism, Wilson was busy hiding this in commissions so it was not an absolute dictatorship. They were by Hoover's direction to be called "Administrators" and he states all of this was based on the trials and failures of European models.

This is the list Hoover provides of all the President's fascists.

"The President made appointments irrespective of political faiths. No more splendid men could have been found than Bernard M. Baruch, who directed the War Industries Board; Secretary of the Treasury W. G. McAdoo, who was also Railway Administrator; Harry A. Garfield, who directed the Fuel Administration; Charles M. Schwab, who directed ship construction; Edward N. Hurley, who managed the overseas shipping; and Vance M. McCormick, who directed the controls over imports, exports and blockade matters. Mr. Wilson was fortunate in having David F. Houston as Secretary of Agriculture and Franklin K. Lane as Secretary of the Interior.
divisions, Arch W. Shaw, Alexander Legge, Judge Robert S. Lovett, and Robert S. Brookings. In the Coal Administration were heads of divisions, Mark L. Requa, Walter Hope and Henry Taylor, Sr. On the War Trade Board were John Beaver White, Alonzo E, Taylor and Clarence M, Woolley. In the Food Administration there were heads of divisions, Joseph P. Cotton, Julius H. Barnes, Judge Curtis H. Lindley, Edgar Rickard, Gertrude B. Lane, Ray Lyman Wilbur, George Rolph and Robert A. Taft.

I may add that after having served in the organizations which I directed, four became United States Senators, four governors, one an ambassador, one a minister, one a Federal judge, and two Assistant Secretaries of State, and many became leaders in the professions and industry.

Herbert Hoover. The Ordeal Of Woodrow Wilson

Mr. Hoover was the food police. He immediately faced a crop failure in an Act of God upon declaring war, as one might conclude that perhaps God did not appreciate Americans joing in a German Genocide against His Lutherans, but Hoover overcame the drought in rationing food to Americans in such a stringent manner, that he was making huge exports from a statistical vaccuum as he noted.

From the above list, it appears if one served the beast that all sorts of grande things happened, including becoming a future President.

This went so far that Colonel House, wanted Herbert Hoover to FEED THE COMMUNISTS IN RUSSIA in order to calm the waters.
Yes German Genocide was not enough, but feeding the Soviet Empire while depriving Americans was a grande thought from Wilson's closest adviser.

As a most interesting point of the time line in this, the cartel led overthrow of the Czar in Russia was in 1917. The Russians were the eastern front fodder for the Germans. It was 1917 that America then entered the war, replacing the spent Russians.

It was an immense boon as America was exporting 3 times the amount of food as before the war, which  George Washington would approve of, but what he would not approve of was the violation of the Monroe Doctrine as America was exporting 3 million US Soldiers.

The friction came in this in the Congressional elections when Wilson released a letter demanding the Republicans be turned out of office. This shocked Hoover and it was not approved of by four Cabinet Secretaries in Lansing, Houston, Lane and Attorney General Gregory.
The culprits in this were his personal secretary, Joseph Tumulty and Postmaster Albert Burleson.

Hoover actually desired a pro Wilson Congress, believing it would strengthen Wilson's hand in treaty negotiations, and, when Hoover's letter was made pubic, he was excoriated by the Republicans.

Wilson though was handed a defeat in Congress and embarked upon his 14 points in dictating peace to Germany.

"Mr. Wilson began the enumeration of the principles which should form the basis of the peace which must follow the inevitable victory over Germany and her allies. These were defined in four*major addresses from January to December 1918. The President subsequently, for negotiation purposes, unified them as the "Fourteen Points and subsequent addresses/* They were Woodrow Wilson's proclamation to all mankind of the New World ideals of peace."

Yes this was the first time the New World Order was spoken of. For those who did not comprehend it when this blog stated George H. W. Bush speaking of the New World Order was speaking the New World as in American, that this is what Wilson was enveloping from the start, from the old world order.
It was the delusion of the Americans that they were in control when were but pawns.

Thus in lying to Germany which does not seem to be noted by Herbert Hoover, Woodrow Wilson released his new world order order.

"We believe , . . in a new international order under which reason and justice and the common interests of mankind shall prevail ... [25] Without that new order the world will be without peace and human life will lack tolerable conditions of existence and development."

The mechanism was  built and put into place, making American power a fascist state to be exploited in being impoverished, killed and looted.

This is the hidden wedge in this which steered all of this forward as it was as deeply plotted as the Patriot Act after 9 11, the bombing of Pearl Harbor and the coming dollar reset plotted under Birther Hussein Obama.

nuff said


Half Brain Woodrow Wilson

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

The violation of the Constitution was what closed out the crippled years of Woodrow Wilson, who in reality should have been replaced as President after he suffered a "stroke".

In intimate papers, there are hints this "stroke" was more than a blocked blood supply to the brain for Admiral Greyson, Wilson's physician warned against Wilson's trip to try and gain passage for the horrid peace treaty of World War I.

There were headaches reported in the month of September. Headaches point to in their appearing to some type of swelling in the brain, as a tumor or an exploded aneurysm.

The net result is no one saw Woodrow Wilson, but only his wife and doctor. When he signed papers, his signature was not legible.

On his return to Washington, his entire left side was paralyzed. Something was inside Woodrow Wilson's brain, and it might have been even a parasite, as headache pain and progressive paralysis, points to internal brain pressure.

At this point in October, he should have been removed.

According to his wife, Wilson's life hung in the balance, but he gained strength as he could no longer urinate which would have of course killed him.
With fever, he degraded to almost death, and then the fever lapsed and Wilson remained alive, but physicians demanded he be released from all political activity.

With that the doctor with Mrs. Wilson overthrew America, and she became the first female president.

That is the reality of the political overthrow of America.


Monday, October 20, 2014

Nig Wesson

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

Well, what have we here, but an American Afroid in Ferguson Missouri, not the dead Giant, but some 'teenager' opened up with a gun on a cop......firing three shots and not hitting anything vital, before the cop put the in the Giant Position, bleeding on the pavement.

As the Holder Obama regime has refused to arm Afroids, it seems perhaps there is a reason, as these blacks know nothing about firearms. Apparently it is all a Jamie Foxx and Samuel L. Jackson, Danny Glover moment of "they hit things on the big screen so in little street you get the same results in pulling the trigger".

For this reason, I have some suggestions about arming Afroids.

First, the idea of Treyvon Martin armed with Skittles should be the beginning. I say arm all blacks with Skittles and have them first learn not to attack armed people with them, and second to have them learn to throw them at each other to learn aim and accuracy.

I suggest that as Afroids have large lips and mouths, that this be the target, with the tongue elevated, so as not to choke one with a dead ringer down the wind pipe. Certainly could not chip a tooth with them big ole lips protecting them, and if Michael Jordan can hit the hoops like other blacks, then hitting a black mouth should not be a problem, during commerical breaks of Obama television.

With this accomplished the Afroid could then move up to something more in tune with their learning curve, and for this I suggest a rubber band gun. For those who are ignorant of this device, it is just a rubber band placed on your pointer finger aimed like a gun, wrapped across the back of the hand, and then anchored in the pinkie.
I doubt even an Afroid would shoot out their own eye with this weapon, and as long the alley was not dark, even a cop might not be prone to shooting an Afroid who is Obamaradical in thinking a rubber band gun is being well armed like having a bag of Skittles.

I see no more need to work Afroids up to guns after this, as hitting a big ole black mouth and learning to aim with a rubber band gun, should get them their Second Amendment Rights in getting a real gun........probably not by robbing from some home or part of a dope deal, but perhaps using Obama welfare to buy them a real shooter.

I do think it would be good if the Obama regime would subsidize guns for Afroids though in arming them. By this, I explain, should not Smith and Wesson, open an Afroid Division and call it Nig Wesson?

Opie Howard could make a movie on it, starring Jamie Foxx and hosts of other black actors who can not act and call it Nig Wesson.
It would be the story of some African coming to America, without ebola, and knocking up some Asian anchor wife in Hawaii, and the kid is bought by white folks, taken to Indonesia to be raised, where upon he is smuggled back into America after Muslim indoctrination, and gives up shooting hoops and rounds of golf, for shooting guns as Nig Wesson.

There would be lots of sodomy and child sex for that leftist appeal, with Nig on Nig gun play as they hosed each other down blaming whitey for all problems in life.

Profits from this movie, could go to buying expensive ammuntion for Afroids, which the Obama regime drove the prices up on to disarm all Americans, black, white, yellow, red and brown. That way Afroids would practice and hit what they are aiming at when busting a cap on cops.

I would be pleased to market these Nig Wessons if the Obama regime would fund the plant. I would develop the 44 Nig cartridge in honor of the glorious success of historical Nobel 44 Obama.
The 44 Nig would be based upon the 444 Marlin rifle round, which is based upon the Smith and Wesson 44 Magnum, which was based upon the 44 regular of long ago, which was based upon the 44 caliber Remington of buffalo hunter days or something.....hard to keep track of the history, but the main thing is, the 44 Nig would fire a 444 Marlin round with spire point bullets just long enough not to chamber in the Marlin lever action.
Put this into an extended big frame 10 mm semi automatic.........market them in Nigger Green colors, with things Afroids like, like cell phones and LED lights, and you can just see that any boy down on home street would be showing off that bulge in his pants, and it was not Beyonce's big ass.

Yes Mam, this is the future, I can see it all now. Once again the Lame Cherry looking out for the Afroid, as Obama and Holder will not arm them or train them, and only get them shot doing it with Skittles or Swisher Sweets.
That 44 Nig would be sweet candy and just the thing for Afroids working up from rubber band guns, to lay down the law.

I hear by Rush Limbaugh by Joe Klein that the hijacked Breitbart site has been running with my exclusive on the Obama regime drove up ammunition prices with their record glut purchases of 40 Smith and Wesson ammo. I sure hope no one steals my 44 Nig Wesson plan as I always wanted to like Townsend Whelen in having a round named after me. (That would be the 35 Whelen for those people who do not know important things like that.)

Of course it would  have to be the 44 Cherry, but I just could not do that to Afroids as they need something uplifting after being cut by Equalz Obama in the nut sacks...no for the good of blacks I will forego all the fame and leave it at the 44 Nig Wesson.

The 44 Nig Wesson......
The black magnum......which gave all blacks that Michelle Obama package look and made their genitals all appear Sam Colt equal.


3 coons too many

As another  Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti mater.

I found the following wisdom quite informative as it came from Nebraska in 1863. It seemed  that due to drought and grasshoppers, the food was in slight supply and grew worse as the snows grew deep.
I leave it to the Methodist Preacher to fill in the wisdom about coons.

"After almost giving up the arrival of the teams in despair, some of the men concluded they would rather eat coon-meat than starve; so out they sallied for a coon-hunt, and their efforts were rewarded with three nice coons. Their game was nicely dressed and as nicely cooked, and all who were so fortunate as to be permitted to partake of the feast declared the first coon very good. When they began to eat the second coon, it was not so good, and the third was very poor eating indeed. One of the men, in describing his experience, said, "One coon is very good eating, two coons are not so good, and I can not go the third coon at all." However, I should think that a real hungry man might relish even the third coon."

Wells, Charles Wesley, 1841

I never have ate a coon. I have heard of them being baked, for a coon feed, and the carcase looking like so much a baby in the roaster.
The thing is about coons, I have caught them and skinned them, and they have worms in their intestines like a dog or cat, and that is just what is off putting to me, not that I find the imagery of roasted babies attractive.
Coons are fat creatures, and I do suppose if one was about a line of them, that you could render a hundred pounds off of a hundred coons in a hound hunt or trapping them. Coons are not the brightest of creatures, and so active over a trap they get caught. The only thing is, a foot trap numbs the foot and a coon is so carniverous that they will dine upon their own feet. That is what takes place as no animal gnaws it's leg off to get out of a trap. They bite at the trap in raccoons and finding something tasty, they eat it, in their own foot.

They really are of the bear family and some human type diet, although they will eat things rotten or excrement a coyote would.

I just never knew that one coon was good, two coons are off putting and three coons are nothing you want to do anything with at all. I suppose there is some coon lesson in that which some sage could draw out the deeper meaning of it all in.

Interesting in three coons are just too many.


Legacy of Woodrow Wilson

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

The professor of intellectualism Woodrow Wilson left upon the world a legacy which has little praise.

In Europe, he pronounced sermonettes at the Europeans which they resented completely in being moralized at.

Wilson misunderstood the politeness of Europeans for friendship.

Through his leadership and his sacrifices, he established for the first time in history a systematic and powerful organization of nations to maintain peace.
(The world has now had more war under the League of Nations and the United Nations, with a rescinding of self determination of peoples, than was previously arrested before in 5000 years of inhumanity.)

Furthermore, he contributed a major part to the establishment of the Permanent Court of International Justice at The Hague
(This is an outlaw body which hangs third world despots, but protects 3rd world despots in Washington in images of Birther Obama for the cartel exploitation of the world.)

and he established the International Labor Organization at Geneva.
(The world is now a feudal slave labor camp pitting Asian, Latin and Muslim slaves against a white race to disempower them while casting the black race to the Darwin natural selection of extinction in history.)

Herbert Hoover. The Ordeal Of Woodrow Wilson

It can be understood that the disciples of Woodrow Wilson, in even Herbert Hoover in the bulging of the Cold War, could cling to the utopian fiction of a leftist, who preached a new world order, not Christian, but based on bastardized Christian values. The reality is though that Woodrow Wilson was typical of university minds in niche oriented, intellectual biased, and ignorant of the human state in how vile they are, and when confronted with reality, like FDR and Birther Hussein, immediately started bombing people to form the world to their personal dictatorship of peace, which turned out more vile than Kaiser Wilhelm II, Adolf Hitler and Vladimir Putin.

The Wilson ejaculation produced for the 21st century the 3rd world political bastard of Birther Hussein Obama in the reset of global feudalism, after a century of bloody aborted birth by the instruments of carnivore finance and cannibal war.

Woodrow Wilson was an effigy of Crusader whose false prophet of Franklin Roosevelt announced the coming of anti messiah Obama.

-Lame Cherry

That is the legacy of Woodrow Wilson.


Sunday, October 19, 2014

confessions of a rush

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

On Thursday, October 9, Rush Hudson Limbaugh on the start of his second hour, confessed that it is a "small team" which creates these books aimed at children. Only this blog exposed this and has made a point of this issue, as Limbaugh appeared to confess that only his name is on these books.
What Limbaugh was addressing was that there was too much for him to do, in history matters, specifically mentioned.

OK so let us review this in, "we" does the historical research. "we" does thes illustration. "we" apparently is writing these books. "we" publishes them..........so what really is left in the book seriously?

What this is, is like Paul Newman putting his face on spaghetti sauce, and everyone else is doing the work. Now this might be ok for celebrity sauce, but when awards are being handed out, in denying others those awards, for creative work on books, then this is pure fraud.

I put it to you this way, if it is bogus for Bill Ayers to write Obama's books, then it is sure as hell is bogus for others to be creating these books for Rush Hudson Limbaugh III and Limbaugh putting his name on it, and taking awards like Obama did for that Nobel Prize.

This is fraud, and I would not have a problem with this propaganda IF, Limbaugh was not gouging money out of children and brain sodomizing them, in making them think he is the source behind these books.
If the several hundred million dollar Limbaugh, would put these books FREE online at a site like Project Guttenberg, with a huge donation to those people in order to provide free books for people, then I would be championing these books as a Limbaugh INC conspiracy in which he just put his name on.

I simply can not fathom how someone with several hundred million dollars, claims to love America, sells things to children, and does not make this free to all people, if this is such an important publication for humanity.
PDF and Kindle have no cost for books once they are created.....no trees, no glue and no people needed to assemble them.

I told everyone exclusively what a fraud Rush Limbaugh was, and he confessed to it. I doubt if he does a storyboard for the illustrations in even assisting in their creation and the comedy as much as the content are the work of others.

Look David Letterman, Jon Stewart, Conan O and Jimmy Kimmel all list the writers who do content on those programs. Is it that out of honesty to put in the forward of these Rush Rearended:

Hi Folks,

Rush here. There were talented people who researched, illustrated, created and authored this book. All I have to do with this is putting my name on it and taking the credit.

Would that be so difficult to give attention to artists who could then become their own multi million dollar industries.

If some mogul bought this blog, I would tell you, just like ABC was bought by Disney. Enough money and I would just post God and Prophecy things as what do I care about Obama's image eating fried chicken and watermelon......
See that last part makes it so toxic that none of the pansies will touch this and it also gives you children room to think and play without being called racists, as the best way to end the intimidation of words, is to use them so much that they have no meaning.

Any way confessions of a Rush has proven the Lame Cherry right again in matter anti matter exclusives.


Venison Cuts

Venison is a cover all word for wild game, which literally can include the buffalos, elks, stags, antelopes and bears.
Each species carries with it different flavors and conditions. In Africa, some species are full of grubs and in America there is a list of what is "choice" and rank.
Mountain Goat actually is the worst of the venison and the Pronghorn Antelope the best quality. The list being Antelope, Elk, Big Horn Sheep, Moose, Deer, Mountain Goat.

The European likes "aging" their wild game for flavor, but it makes it too rank for most people. So the best in action is to skin any venison immediately. Some animals like moose and elk will rot with the hide on, as it retains so much body heat.
I have a clue here, if you ever have eaten venison and it tasted like excrement, what you have eaten is an older animal which was not skinned and cooled immediately.

Venison skinned and boned in the first hours, has a light sweet scent to it, and nothing repulsive in the least.

Once again, the best cuts are on the backbone for steak and jerky. You can smoke the ham muscles which are very good, but roasts might be too rich in flavor, so once again what is not a steak, grind up and put it into sausages as you will enjoy it that way with 1/3rd pork to moisten it.

Do not cut the scent glands on the legs, but leave them in place, as that will in using the same knife transfer it to the meat.

The main point in all meat is to kill it quickly, gut it quickly not severing the intestinal contents, skin it quickly and then bone the meat as readily as possible, keeping it clean and free from flies.

Doing this makes venison of all sorts a pleasant meal, which must be cooked not rare, due to grubs and disease, no matter what the experts are attempting to get you to eat.

No. 1. Shoulder, used for roasting; it may be boned and stuffed, then afterwards baked or roasted.
No. 2. Fore-loin, used for roasts and steaks.
No. 3. Haunch or loin, used for roasts, steaks, stews. The ribs cut close may be used for soups. Good for pickling and making into smoked venison.
No. 4. Breast, used for baking dishes, stewing.
No. 5. Scrag or neck, used for soups.