Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Trump, by God, Trump

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

My Bible reading from the Holy Ghost this morning.

When the enemy shall come in like a flood, the Spirit of the LORD shall lift up a standard against the foe.

Isaiah 59:19

If you can receive this, Donald Trump is that Standard raised up by God, that American Symbol to rally behind. It is up to you, whether you follow in taking back America.

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If the police ever appear again in America, I will support them

PHOTO GALLERY: Boston on alert as US police hunt for marathon bombing ...
I support the extinct Police never the Militarized Police

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

I am moved to address the subject which Donald Trump was asked about in New Hampshire, and his strongly coming out in favor of the police there in stating they need our support.

There have been many people who support Donald Trump who have posted on this in comment sections in stating that the system is broken, and my offer here to Donald Trump is simply to post my experiences with law enforcement and to advocate the reality that there is a justice for those the police fear and an injustice for those the police sneer at.

When Donald Trump has his limos, SUV's or cars on the road, he is not stopped or looked at, because when the police run his tags, they see Donald Trump, and know he has a billion dollars, savage lawyers, donations to everyone in power, and a reputation for being someone no one should start anything with, as Mr. Trump will finish the fight his way.

There are thousands of people though, tourists, who go through Iowa each year, and when the highway patrol there, sets up in speed  traps, their intent is to nail everyone of those people in order to bring in millions of dollars in revenues to Iowa.
While visiting TL, I experienced that, and was cited for speeding, by an out of control highway patrol officer, who I observed almost crash his cruiser twice. Once he was in the ditch blading grass and once he passed me doing over 100 mph, as that is how he hunted people.

For Mr. Trump, I would like to share my community, as it is like every community in America and this is our story about our police, who are supposed to be working for us, as we pay their salaries.

My town is one where the police have cracked down on bars, which means no drunk driving violations. So they are now in the business of setting up speed traps to raise revenue, which turns off shoppers from shopping in town.
The highway patrol hunts there too, also cruises the highways going into town SLOWLY, in order to impede traffic and to catch people to raise revenue.

There is a list in my town too. It is a list that Donald Trump is on, in his city. It is not a list of criminals, but a list of "don't touch" people.
In my city, the list is the mayor's kids, the cops relatives, the rich people at the country club. They get to speed, drink and do all sorts of things, that the regular folk get arrested for.
There is never a speed trap by the country club, only on the highway in the business district to catch people coming off the grade or coming in from out of state.

I know this, as I witnessed this in Iowa. I was cited for speeding, but watched every federal, state and military vehicle speeding on I 29 by the Air Force Base there, or working for the Iowa departments or having federal tags.

A few years ago, one of the people in my community had a son who was a bit territorial about his land. His Mum had rented the land out, and the people thought they could hunt it, and the son had other ideas.
He told them to leave and threatened them as it was his property. They called the cops. He returned with a bat, and the cop blew his chest wide open with a load of buckshot killing him.
There were no leg shots or simply telling the people to leave. Just the murder of an American on their own land.

I reported a place which looks like a dope drop off. The cops drove by and the vial placed there still remains. I had to put a skunk on that location to solve the problem. Nothing was done.

Where I get our feed for our stock, that owner had the lone exit on the highway, along with the frontage road. A new conglomerate built next to him, and tried to seize that street. He refused. The cops started bullying him, and when he phoned the police for help, he was told as he was arrested that "He had called the police to complain, so therefore he was the problem".
He had to get an attorney, spend thousands of dollars to just keep what was his. The police, district attorney and city did nothing but harass this innocent businessman, because the conglomerate was the power with the money.

So Mr. Trump, when you say we need to support our police in they have a hard job, the problem is the police have made their job hard. They cater to the people with money and power. Their superiors only hire penis heads who follow orders, and have it in their heads that the public is the problem and the enemy, because all of these cops have SWAT training, most from Mosaad agents teaching Americans to shoot to kill first.  There is not any Protect and Serve, it is now all Intimidate and Terrorize the Citizen.

Observe the situation in Oregon. The police state criminalized every person out there. They spiked the situation by terrorizing the people of Harney County, and then before these Americans could find sanctuary in Grant County with a Constitutional Sheriff, the FBI murdered an old man who had surrendered.
Then we watched Special Agent Bretzing lie to the public and have watched the federal judges abuse these Americans in denying them bail. So when the reality is, bad things need to be addressed, no one in the Justice Department is protecting any Americans, no one in our state police is protecting any Citizen, and the people look at our local cops as nothing but robbers who protect the rich and powerful.

The entire system is broken. Our police are scamming the system for retirement on huge salaries. None of them police themselves and any Citizen who stands up to them, ends up in jail, in prison and often dead by "suicide".

What we need Mr. Trump is the defederalization of the police force in America. No more teaching cops to shoot on sight every American. I am an advocate now for disarming all law enforcement and taking away the cars we have bought for them. Let them call a cab, as they never save us from criminals any way, and when they do show up, they are first to arrest us for using a firearm to defend ourselves.

I want every federal agency disarmed, except for the FBI, US Marshals and the Secret Service. If any other agency has problems with the public, make them phone the FBI and then require the FBI to gain permission from the County Sheriff before any action can be engaged in.
I want every state police disbanded, as that is what County Sheriff's are for, in they should gain all the funding.
I want every city cop disarmed, and removed from cars. If they have problems, let them call the Sheriff to handle the situation.
I want it against the law for them to have traffic cams, drones or any other entrapment, and that they all be removed from the police.

The police in America are nothing but armed guards for the rich to intimidate the masses, for the express purpose of extorting money from them. America is less secure and has more people in prison with record numbers of police, so all of this is doing no one any good, and it is part of the problem.

Finally, I want all these damned armored cars, APC, commando uniforms, assault rifles, unmarked vehicles banned from law enforcement. They are not the MILITARY fighting the US public enemy.
Make it mandatory that every cop car has to be black and white, and only give the keys to the county Sheriff, FBI, US Marshals and Secret Service.

The American public in being assaulted by cops and terrorized by criminals, is doing a well enough job in policing themselves with their own guns. Make that the reality in treating Americans like adults and they will respond to the requirement, instead of this intimidation which has everyone at enmity with the police at all levels, because there is not any protection or serving the public. It is all bullying with a badge.

I know that you mean well Mr. Trump, and you might get the liberal cop vote in your championing police, but you should probably consider that the job you think the cops are doing, is not the job which most Americans have experience with, and that is why we are gravitating toward you, as we do not like what any of the police are doing, and we do not like what Congress is doing to us, we do not like what the White House is doing to us, and we do not like what Justice is doing to us.

Occupy Wall Street shits on the street, Muslims and Mexicans rape women, and the police state protects them. Put LaVoy Finicum and some Americans on their own property, and they are criminalized, brutalized, smeared, imprisoned and murdered. That is not the uncommon situation, as Americans have this happening in every community.

You like most of the powerful people do not notice, as you are on a no touch list, at least in law enforcement. You though sir, are finding out in assassination attempts from letting Mexican drug lords out of prison, to your jet being tampered with to crash, to Ted Cruz stealing Iowa, to the GOP stacking audiences against you, and hosts of other smears you have endured, that the lesson is the elite can break the law. There is no Loretta Lynch sending in Justice for you Mr. Trump. There is no James Comey investigating what happened to your jet. There is no cop in New Hampshire who is going to protect you from vote fraud.
The reality is Mr. Trump, that if the elite assassinate you like John Kennedy, that they will get away with it, and it will all be covered up from the city police to the FBI again.

I would be the first to champion the police, if I knew of one officer anywhere who was honest. I see no mass resignations over what was done to LaVoy Finicum. I see no Texas Rangers investigating the death of a little gal who was suicided there, and I have yet, after the intimidation and assassination attempts upon my life in doing this blog, have yet to have anyone expose any of these crimes.

This is just one of the many things which are going to require fixing Mr. Trump in your Administration. Supporting the police structure now in place though is not the solution, because they are the ones with the assault rifles, the tanks, the badges, thee entire system with prisons we end up suicided in, and we the people have only a death sentence, because if we resist we are shot unarmed, and if we arm, we are shot as terrorists, if we surrender we are robbed of all we have, and if we submit, we are murdered in prison after being ass raped with a bed sheet tied around our throats by the guards.


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Pentagon Giving 'Free' Armored Trucks To Police

Of the 28,000 such vehicles, ... Ron Paul predicted BLM overreach 17 years ago. SWAT this! Teen latest victim in bizarre craze 'Black Hawks flying around ...


The True Face of Cubano Cruz

From the desk of the Tiger Lily.

I previously wrote on the 3rd world nature of Cubans and their first-generation descendants, and it has now been confirmed by Rafael Edward Cruz abusing his daughter to get a public display of affection that she did not want to give, and was clearly forced into accepting. It is painful to watch, and the look he shoots toward the camera is telling in he is not happy that this little crack in his familial facade was filmed.

People have speculated he pinched her which is why she was saying "Ow, ow, owww!!" and others have incorrectly surmised she was saying "No, no, nooo!" You can judge for yourselves, yet it goes to prove my point that Cubans care very much for public appearances in making sure they look picture-perfect when others are watching, which multiples exponentially when they are running for president.

This is a man who drove his wife almost to suicide by throwing herself in front of a train. This is a man who has to make his daughter show affection towards him in public. This is not a man you want anywhere near the White House. You were warned, and you are warned again, leave the traitor in the dust and move on to Trump as he will do the things you require of your apostate candidate in actually making America great again, instead of being an empty suit with empty promises.


Lap Top Experince

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

I rarely suggest sites to people as doing so usually ruins it for others, but I know that there are numbers of poor people out there like myself who need things, and this is for them.
So all of you rich people go off to Best Buy or whatever and spend your money and quit reading at this point.

There is a business in Florida which I purchased this computer from that I type the blog on. It was a used business computer, and that is what all of these computers are, are refurbished stock in some form or another.
This laptop actually looked new when I purchased it for 130 dollars a few years ago. I have typed so much that the letters now shine and the spacebar has a furrow in it from my left thumb clicking it.

The point in this is, these are used computers from 120 to 260 dollars. Considering new computers are 600 to 1200, this business is providing a niche for people who need siliconware who could not afford it.

I tend to like the older and smaller laptops, for the simple reason, I need a word processor basically and with Jarte, in the old version, I have about all the computer I need.
I like running 98 or XP, but now all you can get is Windows 7, and yes I prefer 32 bit, as it runs the older programs better. 64 though will also run most things, as that is what TL's metallic computer is.

That is what I wanted to point out in TL has a Vaio from Sony. It was new and on sale, and TL purchased it, as TL had never had anything new in life, and this was a treat for TL. The problem is though that we had to put in a new hard drive as it went out just after warranty......big surprise.

For the poor reading this, I have rules and you should follow them, as I was taught early to use only Intel chips and sound motherboards. You skimp on that and you are going to have problems and slow processors. That is what is good about the used computers in basically most computers will go tits up in the first 30 days, and if they last past that, they will usually run for years.

So as long as you get a good Intel chip set, that usually means a good motherboard, and you can repair most things on your own with a Gaytube video walk through.

Batteries on these used ones, can run from an hour to 3 hours. People in business and government do not give a crap about taking care of things. So just know you are getting a used computer and do not start screaming about some scratch or the battery being not great, as these are platforms for people with brains, who understand when you are paying 1/10th of what brand new at Radio Shack, that perhaps you should get your head out of your ass and stop ruining things for everyone else.

I started out a tower person. I did not like laptops as most were suitcase sized. I have a wee one without a CD player that I work on all the time, and I really love this and would buy a half dozen more if I could find them and afford a Dell like this.
That is the point in I was checking recently on Ebay for used computers, and they were basically a little cheaper than this business in Florida, so you were not gaining anything, as my last tower was from some cheat in Kansas who lied to me in selling me a computer he cobbled together in stating it was a business machine. I had to fix it and still use it, but it about ended my Ebay dealings, as the original Dell 450 I had, was from a guy in Minnesota who sold me it out of a business overhaul and this is still one of the sweetest machines ever for 50 dollars.

As I have stated, I like 98 or XP, and I just have the service packs onto a flash so that runs them well enough. I have some experience now with Windows 7 which is ok. 8 sucks crap plus the colon. I do not know what 10 is, but it is more holes for the NSA to spy with, so I just use the old stuff, as I like the old stuff as I do not need to be pissed off about someone stealing or driving over my computer....is why I use cheap binoculars too.

So this is Lap Top Experience in a hard to find site as it does not come up a great deal, even if they do get a great deal of business. I am not promising that lemons do not exist, but I have had good fortune with these platforms as I am not a fool expecting something more intelligent than me.
It might be the place if you are looking for a laptop if you are poor, as that is who I am looking out for as no one else will. So do not abuse this place, so it will be around for other people to gain access to the internet.

I think that about sums it all up for a Nuff Said.


Leave it to Beaver

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

I am going to keep this short, so it sinks in.

I was stunned today the power of Mockingbird programming, when it used to be utilized for the good of Americans, as it was intended. I had on Leave it to Beaver, and Jerry Mathers came on in a commercial for Type II diabetes. I sat there listening to him from inside my heart, because I trusted him, in Beaver would never lie to me.

Like most of you reading this, I grew up watching Leave it to Beaver in the most wholesome and civilizing oracle of the American people, because it taught Americans how to behave from their louse immigrant past. I was stunned in how I question everything now, as everyone is liar and can not be trusted, as America has been so hijacked in this Age of Obama. Beaver though brought me back to a trusting childhood of how people should properly act and how parents were to be parents, and children were to be children, in no one using anyone else.
Civility was the only acceptable conduct, and civility has been destroyed in America, because you can not have a society when elements in it are preying on everyone.

No one wanted to be like Lumpy Rutherford or Eddie Haskel, because their lying and deception broke everything, and cause the Cleavers to hurt. Yet today what do we have in a queer Sheldon on Big Bang, made excuses for, because he is too intelligent to be human.

People always used to do what was right, because they had God in their lives, and when the High School Principal was telling June Cleaver to let Wally grow out of his weird hair style, she finally had enough when Beaver started looking goofy too, and told the boys to comb their hair right, as people need to be told to not look like a fool or make fools of themselves, or you end up with a world of morons voting for foreigners like Obama and Cruz.

That is what a mob rule is. It is the majority hijacked by self serving deviants, using the mob to gain power. The Beaver would never do that, nor the Cleavers. Wally was a rugged individual, and his idiot friends would back down or they would learn the hard way, that their stupidity got them hurt.

The Western Peoples, the Christians Peoples have been spiritually raped for generations, so they recoil at everything now, as there is no Jerry Mathers as the Beaver to trust. Beaver would never lie, and if he made a mistake as a child, he felt bad about it, and never did it again, because he understood his actions hurt other people.

Donald Trump has proven that Americans in a group, still have inside of them that Leave it to Beaver American. It is almost conditioned out of these people, and this is America's last chance literally, as the American in them, based upon the Scottish, Irish and Germans who created the American identity of rugged individuals, thriftiness and hard work is being wiped out.

It is going to take monumental efforts by parents and grandparents to instill God in children's lives, in Bible stories with them, and an infusion of Leave it to Beaver to condition the next generation into what is right, as the parents get off their asses and live moral lives by being responsible too.
It is going to take work, parenting and resisting every day to saving yourselves and your children. Enough people do this, and America would be saved, but that will not happen. It is your disciplining yourselves and then training your children.
You are going to have to be as good as Beaver Cleaver and as wise to the ways of the word as Lumpy Rutherford and Eddie Haskel, because  what is the apostate majority makes Eddie and Lumpy look moral.


Monday, February 8, 2016

A Pussy by any other Name

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

Now Donald Trump is being blamed for calling Ted Pussy, sorry, I mean Ted Cunt, sorry that would be Rafael Ted Cruz a PUSSY, when it was a person in the audience who was female who decided to liken Ted Cruz to a place where cocks are inserted.

Trump hesitated for a beat after a female member of the crowd yelled “he’s a p—-” while Trump was discussing his surprise at Cruz’s hesitation during Saturday night’s ABC News Republican debate when asked for his views on water-boarding as an interrogation tactic. But Trump repeated the woman’s comment, referencing female genitalia, and then made a show of “reprimanding” her for the benefit of reporters in attendance. “Ma’am, you’re reprimanded. Can she stay? This is a serious reprimand…for the press,” he said.

What is most strange is Cynthia Littleton of Variety, reported this and the title of the article is:

Donald Trump Calls Ted Cruz a ‘P—–‘ in New Hampshire, Repeating Insult From Crowd

I just do not understand why the term is vulgar, unless it is vulgar on a woman. Pussy should be like Nigger in a Nigger can use the word Nigger, and a woman should be able to use the word Pussy as it is her pussy, and all in this liberal thing of a woman's right to choose and it being her body, so she should be able to call people tits. asses, pussies and eyebrows if she chose to do it.

I do not know if eyebrow would be vulgar according to Cynthia Littleton and other feminists who think that inserting strap ons and lesbian tongues into their twats is all they are for.

It makes me wonder if this should be tested out at the polls:

Ted Cruz is a Vulva

Ted Cruz is a Vagina

Ted Cruz is a Clit

Ted Cruz is a Twat

Ted Cruz is a Snatch

Ted Cruz is a ..........would it have been fine if he was called a Dick, Pecker, Prick or Cock......and would it be more vulgar to finish it with HEAD.

Would it be more acceptable to call Ted Cruz a Pussy Head, and why do not female parts have like Pussy Tail, or Cunt Whip.........now that might be vulgar in dripping female liquids in WHIP following that title of Ted Cruz is a Clit Whip.

Actually, I thought the other night at the debate on that Eminent Domain thing, that Jeb Bush popped up looking just like a little erect clitoris. He was bobbing around there, looking like he wanted to get rubbed as he was all shiny and wet looking, ready to ejaculate on cue about that question he was told would be asked to try and slosh Donald Trump.......once again though Donald Trump put a tampon on the engorged areas in the debate podiums in this crotch shot of Rhino Republicans.

For the record, it is not vulgar for a female to use her body parts as definitions of Ted Cruz is a pussy, if Niggers can call Niggers Nigger, as it is their Niggerness, according to liberal terms. It also is not Donald Trump calling Ted Cruz a pussy, if he is simply pointing out that a woman called Ted Cruz a pussy.

For all the remarks about Marco Rubio being bi sexual, I am just surprised that no one is calling Marco a pussy as he seems to be a netherness where cocks are inserted, and with Jeb Bush looking like an erect little clit........I am surprised no one yelled that out either.

The one thing I am certain though is Donald Trump is never going to be called a female body part, as he is a Man's Man, and from the women around him who are all gorgeous, he has the heart and the package to please.

I just know that it is vulgar to call Jeb Bush a Republican, Marco Rubio a Conservative and Ted Cruz an American, but it is not vulgar to call pussies, pussies.


Why some people should not Tweet

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

I do not Tweet nor Twitter. I know if I did, that I would be the best at it like blogging as it takes Inspiration and ability from God.

I picked up a link from Drudge by David Axelrod in his Tweets, and for the first time ever looked at Twitter, and I soon found that like Joe Klein of Swampland should be banned from blogging, as very few people have a talent for it, that every liberal sucks at Tweeting.

Here is Axelrod on Ben Carson not hearing his name called that GOP debate. Axelrod who Tweets for Obama said it was a disaster........bad night for Mr. Trump too. The problem is Axelrod was proven flat ass wrong, meaning when his candidate is not propped up like Obama, that Axelrod has no political instinct.

Feb 6 Manhattan, NY
Already a bad night for and the questioning hasn't begun!

Then we have that weird Lawrence O'Donnell. He does well when he retweets other people's brilliance. Not so good when it is his mind at work.

Taxpayers give big pensions to ex-presidents, precisely so they don't have to sell out. 
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