Saturday, April 19, 2014

Replacing Letterman

Editor's Note: I wrote this before Steven Colbert was added to the minder roster, but it is interesting in my prediction was on track, and I think the guy I chose would have been better.

I was monitoring the fagsexuals who are on the Kansas City fagship radio station which Rush Limbaugh is featured on, and their screeching and monotone mic heads were talking about who should replace Letterman on CBS.

I hate local talk radio, as it is a feature everywhere cloned of a screeching woman with a monotone male, of people screaming into the mic and laughing at nothing, as they attack everything American as "conservatives".

Their list of Letterman replacements was typical. It was sodomite Neil Patrick Harris, sodomite Ellen DeGeneris, Jew Jerry Seinfeld, black Michael Strahan, and the token old white guy, they all hated in Jay Leno, with the foreigner Craig Fergeson.

The winner of course was Ellen against Doogie Hoser.

None of these Kansas fagsexuals assessed what Letterman is, in he is a political minder utilized to manipulate American minds by attacking all things American while promoting something like Barack Hussein Obama.

Les Moonves is the control of this Mockingbird sector at CBS. People can talk about the fluff players, but the minder chosen for this, is going to have a scripted staff in which they have absolutely no leeway with.

Jimmy Kimmel at ABC has taken like a decade to polish and you still have a stupid, brain dead Italian liberal. Jimmy Fallon is a fagsexual as is Arsenio Hall. Craig Fergeson has those horse teeth and talks Island as he sticks his face in the camera and to Les Moonves that is supposed to be funny.

Talk Shows used to be about talk. They were interviews of celebrities which were boring and somehow Jack Parr at NBC blundered into some people who made audiences laugh by surprise, and that is what Johnny Carson did, he surprised people by making them laugh while being drunkenly sleepy.

The thing is the Talk Show format which Johnny Carson was broken and that is why none of it works, from George Lopez, although Pat Sajak at CBS did attempt it before being canned.
Frankly, I liked Pat Sajak better when the icons of entertainment abandoned that show as the guests were a great deal more interesting in the old stars than this new trash.

Mr. Carson had a simple format. He had a few standard skits. Then there was the three mandatory guests which always revolved around simple facts. One guest was the star. One guest was the interesting person or the person to make you laugh, like a comedian or that southerner who made jewelry out of quail poop,  and one guest was always a female with either her boobs hanging out or some mini skirt on who was  not trying to pull it down nor looking uncomfortable. No bare legs, but hose always presented themselves.

Rush Limbaugh tried replacing Pat Sajak, and when trying to be best friends with Letterman until Letterman castrated him with a cheap shot on air, in Limbaugh at the time was trying to say "the guests get in the way on Letterman from the real show", as that is the Letterman delusion that he is the show.
See David Letterman is funny when he tries to be funny. He though in not measuring up to Johnny Carson and being a whore for Mockingbird in selling his soul, jacked it all away by raping his young staff.
That Letterman was not fun nor funny. He was hateful and cruel and in his not having on guests who were interesting, the show was destroyed.

Johnny Carson gave people what they wanted in America, in not to feel bad about things, to say some smart remark about some idiot politician equally, to hear some personal story from a star, to smile at something stupid and to look up a woman's skirt.

The KC fagsexuals laid out their ignorance in saying there is no market for an old white guy staying 30 years at some show, as that just was not going to happen. The reality is the market is so famished of American entertainment that if a normal person was on television that person would be there for life.

That though is not the market as CBS is about feudal control in what will degrade America. The top of the list is of course what the fagsexuals are attracted to in Doogie, Ellen and another token Obama.

I honestly do not watch television any more. It has been so long since I have seen anything late night, that what I remember is maybe Carson something being lewd with Summer Glau when she was on Terminator in a most uncomfortable conversation about cyborg sex he was hoping to see.
So it has been awhile.

You will notice in redneck Kansas that a Jeff Foxworthy was not even brought to mind in this list, because he is American, accomplished and knows how to give CBS a huge untapped audience group.

As Pat Sajak proved, and as Joan Rivers discovered, being a host or a novelty wears out fast in ratings.

Doug Davidson who plays "Paul" on the Young and the Restless tried hosting a porn version of the Price is Right and it failed. People are not interchangeable in careers.

No one on any talk show is capable of interviewing and most are not capable of comedy. It is all torture in hostages of the mind just hoping something will be on which entertains them.

You will notice in this that Asians are never discussed, as of course we know that Asians are never gay like Sulu, nor are comedian like Margret Cho or capable of doing interviews like Connie Chung......

Who will replace David Letterman has nothing to do with revenues, ratings or audiences. It will have to do with who will promote an image of hating America in the smarmy image of Barack Hussein Obama.
The perfect candidate is Jay Carney of the Obama regime, as George Stephanopolous went into ABC having no news experience, and Carney having no comedy experience does a stage show daily for the regime of Obama which is amusing.

I hope that my outing Jay Carney does not cause jitters in Les Moonves Asian married homehold, so Jay does not get the job. It is a point though if I had my place with TL, I would be off and never watching television again. I do not miss it in the least.

I do not have the money, but I have worked it out that at 60 dollars a month for dish, that is 720 dollars a year, which there are a mayriad of programs from Gilligans Island to Gunsmoke which can be fill in watchable.......and all without sodomy, foul language and hating America.

Probably the best late night would be having Johnny Carson on DVD as at least you would know what you were getting.

nuff said



The American Olegarch

It is difficult to be a teacher in the matter anti matter on the Lame Cherry, for the ignorance of the readers. Ignornance is not a stigma condition as ignorance can be overcome, where stupidity can not, except perhaps by martial punishment to teach the pupil to wince before acting out in dangerous form, but the reality is informed people have so vanished from the landscape in America and the world, that simple terms are as foreign to them as the firestick matches were a wonder to the aboriginal.

What must be understood in this education that there is a situation in America called The Capitalist.  A capitalist is a most immoral, in fact amoral creature, not human.
This might sound odd as the people on the right are taught that capitalism is the answer to all problems and to all prosperity.

A capitalist is a predator, and it eats it's own kind. The great capitalists of America in Carnegie, Ford, Astor, Rockefeller and Morgan, arose to their millionaire status before millionaires existed by destroying or absorbing their competitors in steel, automobiles, fur, oil and banking inside America, and then turning that predation upon the world.
These predators were a good thing for America, as they brought prosperity in exploiting other nations who could not compete, and providing jobs for Americans.

They were though answered by the Rothschilds of Europe, the main financial aristocracy there in feudalism with their writing for Karl Marx the Communist Manifesto and promoting both Engles and himself, with the "union socialist" as Europe was without the industrial basis to compete with the Americas and were busy shipping their wretches off to America to deal with a mounting revolution.

In America, the communist revolution was beaten with military cannon in Chicago literally and with the Police baton in New York, to form a working principle of forcing the capitalists to provide more wealth to the workers.

After World War II, the American capitalist was ended with the murder of Howard Hughes. Franklin Roosevelt had created a Nazi state in America, meaning it was socialized employment in the government directed all economic, industrial and agricultural output.
America actually became what it was fighting against in Japan and Germany.

In pure capitalism, there is predation, and there are cycles where the creation of things employs people until the buyers in the market have all the dishes, cars or iphones that they need.
It is why there are always new models created, not that the old models are not sevicable, but it is a way to keep the boom cycle from going bust.

This is what caused the boom and  bust cycles along with the reality of the staged depressions and economic collapses starting in 1929 to the Obama 2008 Super Depression, as the financiers of Europe, engaged with the congolomerates Nazified in America, found that they could gain more than money, but feudal control of populations, to forever loot any nation, and thereby enslave the entire populace.

Capitalists used to always be Republicans, but if one notes in the past decades, the democrats or these Obama comrades are the mounting billionaires.

Jeff Bezos of Amazon is a re emergence in the Age of Obama of the pure capitalist. His entire mission is like the Walmart chain to destroy all competition not only nationally, but globally by mass marketing of products at the cheapest rate.
It is of interest though that Bezos is a leftist, who is a funnel to all the leftist dogma causes, like many of the rewarded billionaires in media or industry.

The most predatory capitalists in the world of note, in George Soros, Warren Buffett, the Mexican Tracfone dynasty, Bill Gates, the former Steve Jobs and Jeff Bezos, head a list of multi billionaires who are all associated with the feudal order, with the image of Birther Hussein Obama Chin at it's head.
It is a reality now that the regime protects these predators, as the unions are under regime control and never target these capitalist exploitors as they did the former industrialists of America who were dominating the Eurasian Order.

Regime contracts, national policy, intelligence money dumps and the failure to initiate Theodore Roosevelt trust buster laws against Jeff Bezos and Warren Buffett who have a monopoly in internet sales and railroads in America, are glaring examples of the Olegarch nature of American conglomerates now.

It is vital to remember in this, that AT & T was destroyed by the leftists in America in an anti trust lawsuit as Bell controlled all of American communication, and was doing so for the benefit of all Americans, to this hodgepodge now which has destroyed the land line connections in America, in favor of cell phone monopolies which in turn are vested interets of the intelligence community of the ruling regime and their coffers donate to the regime shell candidates.

Yes once upon a time laws were enforced. Bill Gates had great legal trouble with governments until he handed over Microsoft and his fortune to a trust, and started spewing globalist population reduction, and suddenly his problems ceased. Jeff Bezos has now problems, except for Charlie Rose's inquisition, but Bezos brushed off the cannibal nature of his enterprise as he knows he is protected by the regime.

In that, as this blog has noted, there are cannibal and carnivore capitalists. The cannibal eats their own kind and the carnivore eats any kind. America is based upon a Mexican slave labor force, which is designed to replace the black slave workers, and the lower white class of workers.
On the upper levels the Asian, including Indian, is replacing the white educated classes, as the Asian is not simply more productive, but the Asian like the Mexican behaves better under martial law.

Monopolies are nothing new in America. Men like Penney, Sears, Montegomery, Ward and Roebuck were the first monopolies of mass market in consumer goods, pegged to Pullman in rail to McCormick in agriculture with Deere.
They replaced the dry goods stores and blacksmiths, with their urban marketing and industrial centers. They in turn were replaced by Kmart, Shopko and Walmart, with Pullman replaced by Boeing in air industry, McCormick by International Harvester with John Deere still holding on in the international field.

John Rockefeller's Standard Oil, was replaced by AMOCO, which is now BP as British Petroleum has ceased to be an entity too. The socio conglomerates as this blog has exposed are the real danger worse than the MIC or Military Industrial Complex as the socio cons are socially engineering the global feudal state, and they are employing the worst kind of predators in Jeff Bezos who is bribing the Molotov Mob which has always been under the employ of the Rothschild financiers to cause upheaval which they could gain profit off of and control, for the global aristocracy.

Only this blog has ever exposed any of this in modern educative terms. Rush Limbaugh is but a mic head capitalist who ate his competition by a intelligence operation of Mockingbird by seizing all funding for competitors in his huge contracts to manage a group of revolutionaries who are armed, and will not revolt as they are conditioned to listen instead of act.

All of this rapine is designed to keep the frog in the frying pan until it is dead, so it does not jump out when it feels the heat. It is managed societal control so as to not engage a revolution to bring this all down when the many would rise up against the few and their talking head controlers.

Jeff Bezos is the very antithesis of all the propaganda on the left, but the left does absolutely nothing to rise up and demand 20 dollar an hour wages for his workers, full Obamacare benefits like Congress has and European working hours of 30 hours per week and a month's vacation every year.

Instead Jeff Bezos has engaged in a degradation of the worker, where employees are soon enough going to be working on every holiday, with no vacation, because their wages are so slight they can not live on them.

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in this in matter anti matter, it was not by accident that the Obama regime constructed a joblessness in America. It was not for creating wards of the state to vote for the feudal left and right, but it was to create such an atmosphere of competition in no jobs, that those industrialists still American would be brought to ruin by Obamacare mandates of communist welfare and those capitalists like Bezos would train a terrorism into the workers that they were to accept 1800 employment conditions as communist China mandates, because workers can be replaced by 100 others waiting for a job.

Jeff Bezos and Warren Buffet are the American Olegarch heads. America under Birther Hussein and the image Fang Jinn, has literally been transformed from a Nazi state to this communist socio conglomerate feudal rule, and none of the Mockingbird media will speak a word in exposing any of this.

This is the last rampart for the world. There is no bastion left, just a bulwark of the Lame Cherry blog which is getting a few bags of supplies tossed over the wall by the poor, as the rich sit in stupidity as they have been warned and are no longer ignorant of what is to come.
I never started out this to be anything, but this blog arose to it's place as it has no competition in the Truth any longer in this media of propaganda and lies.

I never thought I would be the lone voice for Christians and Americans in true form, and yet here am I, all that is left.

It is time to try and survive another day on starvation rations. I do not understand the illogical condition of the richtard who in mass will not pay for their own safety in the information here and instead rob from me, deluding themselves that they will survive when the Lame Cherry survival map is gone.


Thee American End

Listen Americans, you ignorant of your roots in the Lost 10 Tribes, listen for you who headed the other tribes have led them into the abyss and the grave.

You allowed to be installed that false messiah and with a false messiah comes your real national death. The Lord God has stretched out His hand against you, for you chose deception and would not be deceived if you had not made the willing choice.

The Lord will lift up standards in distant nations and will glean you to the bone. You will be a prey made in nature and in the hand of the beast. You will be growled over in darkness and distress.

You are told, but you will not hear, for the Commandment has gone from God, for you are a witless folk.

You listen, but you will not perceive the warning. Your hearts will not be moved. Your eyes will be dim. For it is not of the Lord for you to repent from your sins, as His reckoning is set for the cup of your iniquity is full. So you will not hear, you will not see, you will not understand and you will not flee.
You will not be healed in this national death for your wound is terminal.

All of your tribes will die, like the great exile of the north Kingdom. From Stockholm, to Paris, to London, to Washington, to Ottawa to Sidney, you will die.

The death will not stop until the cities are empty and the houses without inhabitant. The lands will be desolate and fertilized in the manure of your bodies upon the ground.

What the bird plucks not, the maggot will devour, and what the maggot devours not, the rot will render you to black burned patches upon the ground, decorated by your stark white bones.

One tenth of you will be the remnant, after the days of visitation are complete. The land will be forsaken and desolate. Yet from the remnant of you, you will plough the fertilized lands with your dead and bury their bones to remove the stench of you from the land.

As the eastern exile moved to the west, so will be the day when the western exile moves to the east again to the Promised Land.

Die you worthless culls. Die a hundred millions deaths and then be found to die all the more. Die in the streets, die in the fields, die where death finds you, but most of all die in your delusions and let you save yourselves from a God you have rejected while you pontificate how much more godly you are than God.


Friday, April 18, 2014

Mentioned it was a Negro Shooter

Just another told you so, in this Kansas City shooter was said to be black man when everyone else said this was a cookie cutter white old man.

Will stick by what the inquiry revealed, and that there was more to this story, and that BATF was attempting to set up a white male, until that geezer opened up on all those Christians at the Jewish gathering centers.
I also informed you that BATF knew who the black shooter was.

7.5-Magnitude Earthquake Strikes in Mexico - NBC News
12 hours ago - A powerful 7.5-magnitude earthquake struck Mexico Friday morning, shaking buildings across a large swath of the country, but officials said ...

Inquiry points to the 7.2 quake in greater Mexico is not the quake being pointed to. That quake is later.

I noted to TL the past few days that no one seems to be scoffing about me being a Prophetess any more. Must have scared people a great deal as of late. Hope it scares some rich people to make a large donation. People used to be more respectful and terrified of Prophets.


Not Passing Over

Our Almighty Father,

Remember us for Good and not evil, for we pray that You would pass over us again as You did by the hand of thee Angel of the Lord in our parents sojourn in Egypt. For in this communion of prayer, we remember the Messenger of Your Salvation in the fulfillment of the Messiah in the Lord, Your only begotten Son, Jesus the Christ.
The world has not changed from the days of Cain in thinking You owe them for their handing You a crumb from Your provision for them, in seeking to end the Righteousness of Abel in Your children, who confess all is Yours and all is a Gift bestowed upon us due to Your Love and nothing we could act, speak or think upon to earn nor demand this, for all things are blessings from God alone.

Egypt is now the global world, and we only know this by Your Holy Ghost Who Inspires us to know all things for our understanding of this world. We ask that You not pass over the world, no more than you did Egypt in the days of calamity, but that You pass over Your children, while You multiply, recompense and visit the sins upon those who reject Your Law and even more so, reject Your Gospel.

We speak of nothing which You do not know, for You know all things. We accuse them not, for they have Moses, and satan itself accusing them, with the mockery of Mohammed, Buddah, Marx and whatever else in false teachings and false messiahs, they have rejected Your Way, Your Truth and Your Life, to their chosen condemnation and eternal death.

What we ask Father is for the quick coming of the return of the Lord Christ, to fulfill the Last Days, as He fulfilled the first, and fulfilled the New Covenant for our Redemption, in which He will return as King of kings, Lord of lords and Knight of knights, to establish Your Law by leading the Heavenly Host as the world makes war upon God at Armageddon.

The people who are called by Your Name, in the exiles of the Northern Kingdom of the Lost 10, are sojourners as in Egypt and planted in the western lands and are the western peoples. They are now prisoners by regimes who bow to satan and have removed You and Christ's Churchf or a new order of ancient rites which has been seduced by satan to believe they can be immortals without needing God. Sin can not be immortal for sin is eternal exile from Life and eternal death.
Remember Your Spiritual children Almighty Father, for persecution and war is being waged upon them across the globe. Remember as in the days of the passing over of the Angel of the Lord, where all the labor of Your children was housed in the stores of the unbelievers and by Your command taken back as wages for Your children's labor.

We ask this return not for rights, but of necessity, for we have been robbed and pillaged, are named enemies of the state, and due to this organized piracy, of taxations, mandates and inflation, we are pressed for our daily needs. We ask Lord for You to return the wages of our hands, so that we may await in this Spiritual wilderness, in full provision of stocking supplies, building shelters and arming ourselves, as Your Holy Ghost reveals the time of Jacob's Trouble will come, so leave us not like the virgins who had not oil for their lamps, awaiting the Master's coming, but make our lamps full, as you secure for us a temporary light as we yearn for the Light of the Lord Jesus Christ to Lighten this world, delivering us from all darkness.

We command in the Name of the Lord Jesus, that all evil be bound from us forever. We pray for Your Holy Angels to minister to our needs. We pray for Your healing and restoration, of our bodies, our minds, our hearts, our emotions, and our Spirits, sown into us by Your Holy Ghost, for we confess that Jesus is Lord and profess with our lives born again, we are the Spiritual children of God.

We remember Father, by Your Holy Ghost calling us to remember this season of Passover known among the sons of Eber to the time of Christ, and in New Covenant by Christ, was fulfilled in no more passing over us in a temporary covering of blood upon our door posts, but as Immanuel in Christ with us as observed in the Christmas season to now God's Spirit in us at Pentecost.
This Easter as observed is remembering by Your command, through Your Son, the Lord Christ, Our Restoration to You Spiritually. The Lord Christ has fulfilled the Passover in the first High Day. The Lord Christ fulfilled the First Fruits in Your giving the Holy Ghost to us at Pentecost, and now we await to be delivered from Jacob's Trouble and the End Times for that Last Great Day, the Feast of Harvest, whereby all Your children will be caught up to Christ in His Second Coming, to receive then the Gift in our Reward for receiving all of this in Faith.

We believe You God and give all thanks to You. We praise Your Name and the Gift of our being called as Your Namesake in Christians. We are wealthy without measure in Spirit, but like the crowds of 5000 fed by Christ in miracles, we ask for You to feed us in both Spirit by Your Spirit and Word and in body with making what You have given more than enough in overflowing in we being Your further blessing upon this earth, and to take from the evil rich whose reward has been, and give to Your children now for our Provision as has been Promised by You.
Let not these Provisions  become  a sin to us as the golden ephod of Gideon, because a stumbling block to the sons of Eber, but let us be like Mary Magdalene restored by You and Joseph of Aramethea faithful to You in these lives You have given us, to minister to the world by Your leading as an example of the blessings of God's Spirit in us.

Pass over not us in Your Goodness Father, and pass not over those who are evil, to unleash Your Consuming Flame, that the scales will be balanced Justly. Secure us to You and let us not be deceived by the evil one nor the coming son of perdition in the anti Christ for far too many were deceived by their shadow in the blasphemous false messiah set up in Washington.

We are Yours God Almighty and commit ourselves into Your hands, our bodies, minds, hearts, Spirits and all things. God bless us and keep us. God make Your Face to Shine upon us and be Gracious unto us. God lift up Your Countenance upon us, and give us the Peace which passes all understanding, keeping our hearts and minds in Faith, in the One True Lord Jesus Christ, Your Son and our Lord, Who lives and reigns with You, ever One God, Your Kingdom come and Your will be accomplished, in that same Name, of Jesus, we pray, Amen and Amen

Come Lord Jesus, let us dwell with You in Your Second Coming. Amen and Amen, come quickly.


The Man Behind the Last Supper

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.....

Upon inquiry, TL desired to know about the man who hosted the Last Supper of Christ and the disciples.

The identity of the person was, the same person who had possession of the ass and the colt which Jesus rode on Palm Sunday into Jerusalem.

He also is the one named in the Bible as Joseph of Aramathea, who is supposed to be Jesus legal gaurdian, as this Joseph was married to Mary of Magdala.

He was a wealthy man, who in the case of the colt and the ass, had taken possession of these animals due to a debt, and they were returned to the owner after Jesus utilized them for the Palm Sunday ride.

He also is the man mentioned in an upper chamber was prepared for Jesus and the disciples in the Last Supper.

In addition, he is the one who went to Pilate and took Jesus body and laid Him in his own grave.

nuff said

agtG 263


My children, I am going to post a story below about a dog to show a reality that most dogs, horses and cats will respond in a good way if you just talk to them.
While you can not do a great deal with cats in training them for useful things, the following is story about a dog named Pont, who was a mongrel and basically just a dog like most dogs are.

Some animals I am convinced after visiting a Humane shelter are psychotic or possessed by demons due to neglect or abuse. Most animals though are like people in being talented or untalented, but if given a chance they will seek to please you.

This story is about trapping, an occupation no different than if you are a plumber who brought his dog along or as I always had mine along with me, as they always became familiar with my activities and would help out.


Several years ago I had a partner who had a dog, part stag hound and the other part just dog, I think. One day he (my partner) asked if I would object to his bringing the dog to camp, saying that his wife was going on a visit and he had no place to leave the dog. I told him that if he had a good dog I would be glad to have him in camp.

In a day or two pard went home and brought in the dog. Well, when he came the dog was following along behind his master with tail and ears drooping, and looking as though he never heard a kind word in his life. I asked if the animal was any good and he replied that he did not know how good he was. I asked the name of the dog. He said, "Oh, I call him Pont." I spoke to the dog, calling him by name. He looked at me wistfully, wagging his tail. The look that dog gave me said to me as plainly as words that this was the first kind word he had ever heard.

We went inside and the dog started to follow, when his master in a harsh voice said, "get out of here." I said, "where do you expect the dog to go?" I then took an old coat that was in the camp, placed it in the corner and called gently to Pont, patted the coat and told him to lay down on the coat, which he did. I patted him saying that is a good place for Pont, and I can see that wistful gaze the dog gave me, now.

After we had our supper I asked my partner if he wasn't going to fix Pont some supper. "Oh, after a while I will see if I can't find something for him." I took a biscuit from the table, spread some butter on it, called the dog to me, broke the biscuit in pieces, and gave it to the dog from my hand; then I found an old basin that chanced to be about the camp and fixed the dog a good supper.

After the dog had finished his supper I went to the coat in the corner, spoke gently to Pont, patted the coat, and told him to lay down on the coat. That was the end of that, Pont knew his place and took it without any further trouble.

The next morning when we were about ready to start out on the trap line I asked Pard what he intended to do with Pont. He said that he would tie him to a tree that stood against the shanty close to the door. We were going to take different lines of traps. I said, "What is the harm of Pont's going with me?" "All right, if you want him, I don't want any dog with me." I said, Am, (that was Pard's given name, for short) I don't believe the dog wants to go with you any more than you want him to. Am's reply was that he guessed he would go all right if he wanted him.

I said. Am, just for shucks, say nothing to the dog and see which one he will follow. So we stepped outside the shack and the dog stood close to me. I said, "Go on Am, and we will see who the dog will follow." He started off and the dog only looked at him. Am stopped and told the dog to come on. The dog got around behind me.

Am said, "If I wanted you to come, you would come or I would break your neck." I said, "No, Am, you won't break Pout's neck while I am around; it would not look nice." I started on my way, Pont following after I had gone a little ways.

I spoke to Pont, patting him on the head and told him what a good dog he was. He jumped about and showed more ways than one how pleased he was, and from that day until we broke camp, Pont stayed with me. He showed plainly the disgust he had for his master.

It so happened that the first trap I came to was a trap set in a spring run, and it had a 'coon in it. I allowed Pont to help kill the 'coon, and after the 'coon was dead, I patted Pont and told him what great things he had done in capturing the 'coon. Pont showed what pride he took in the hunt, so much so that he did not like to have Am go near the pelt. I saw from the very first day out that all that Pont needed was kind treatment and proper training to make a good help on the trap line.

I was careful to let him know what I was doing when setting a trap, and when he would go to smell at the bait after a trap had been set, I would speak to him in a firm voice and let him know that I did not approve of what he was doing. When making blind sets, I took the same pains to show and give him to understand what I was doing. I would sometimes, after giving him fair warning, let him put his foot into a trap. I would scold him in a moderate manner and release him. Then all the time I was resetting the trap I would talk trap to him, and by action and word teach him the nature of the trap. Mr. Trapper, please do not persuade yourself to believe that the intelligent dog cannot understand if you go about it right.

In two weeks Pont had advanced so far in his training that I no longer had to pay any attention to him on account of the traps. The third day Pont was with me he found a 'coon that had escaped with a trap nearly two weeks before. My route called me up a little draw from the main stream. I had not gone far up this when Pont took the trail of some animal and began working it up the side of the hill. I stood and watched him until the trail took him to an old log, when Pont began to sniff at a hole in the log. He soon raised his head and gave a long howl, as much as to say he is here and I want help. After running a stick in the hole I soon discovered that the log was hollow. I took my belt axe and pounded along on the log until I thought I was at the right point and then chopped a hole in the log, and as good luck would have it, I made the opening right on to the 'coon, and almost the first thing I saw on looking into the log was the trap. Pont soon had the 'coon out, and when I saw it was the 'coon that had escaped with our trap, I gave Pont praise for what he had done, petting him and telling him of his good deed, and he seemed to understand it all.

Not long after this Am came into camp at night and reported that a fox had broken the chain on a certain trap and gone off with the trap, saying that he would take Pont in the morning and see if he could find the fox. In the morning when we were ready to go Am tried to have Pont follow him, but it was no go, Pont would not go with him. Then Am put a rope on to him and tried to lead him, but Pont would sulk and would not be led. Then Am lost his temper and wanted to break Pont's neck again. I said that I did not like to have Pont abused and that I would go along with him. When we came to the place where the fox had escaped with the trap Am at once began to slap his hands and hiss Pont on. Pont only crouched behind me for protection. I persuaded Am to go on down the run and look at the traps down that way while I and Pont would look after the escaped fox.

As soon as Am was gone I began to look about where the fox had been caught and search for his trail, and soon Pont began to wag his tail. I merely worked Pont's way and said, "Has he gone that way?" Pont gave me to understand that the fox had gone that way and that he knew what was wanted. The trail soon left the main hollow and took up a little draft. A little way up this we found where the fox had been fast in some bushes but had freed himself and left and gone up the hillside. Pont soon began to get uneasy, and when I said hunt him out Pont, away he went and in a few minutes I heard Pont give a long howl and I knew that he had holed his game. When I came up to Pont he was working in a hole in some shell rocks. I pulled away some loose rocks and could see the fox, and we soon had him out, and Pont seemed more pleased over the hunt than I was.

There was scarcely a week that Pont did not help us out on the trap line. Not unfrequently did Pont show me a 'coon den. I had some difficulty in teaching Pont to let the porcupines alone, but after a time he learned that they were not the kind of game that he wanted, and he paid no more attention to them.

I have had many different dogs on the trap line with me, and I can say to any one who can understand dog's language, has a liking for a dog and has a reasonable amount of patience and is willing to use it, will find a well trained dog of much benefit on the trap line, and often a more genial companion than some partners one may fall in with. But if one is so constituted that he must give his dog a growl or a kick every time he comes in reach, and perhaps only give his dog half enough to eat and cannot treat a dog as a friend, then I say, leave the dog off the trap line.

Oliver Hartley. Hunting Dogs / Describes in a Practical Manner the Training, Handling, / Treatment, Breeds, Etc., Best Adapted for Night Hunting / as Well as Gun Dogs for Daylight Sport


I have had numbers of animals and they were all different. Some were worthless at tasks, but they all gave it go.
Ruby my setter was an upland dog who would not hunt in range as she was bred AKC and they instill that. So I hunted with her by letting her loose and while she was tearing through the brush, I would move ahead of pheasants and head them off. She could not be made to hunt with scoldings or spankings, so I changed to what she would do.

She had an excellent nose and refused to use it. She would not retrieve either.

Being a setter, she was not a cattle dog, but she was most delighted to help me in barking at the cows which got them moving and then barking at their heads in heading them off, which did not help, but it was all Ruby could muster.

She loves baby kitties, to the extent of to death. She started out on baby tame rabbits which she found and was too exuberant with them also.

In that Ruby was a fur dog for some reason, as she did battle with woodchucks, one of which I saw hanging from her face one day as I ran to kill it. She also had an affection for killing skunks even when sprayed.

I can still see her around baby chickens in moving deftly from one side to the other in pointing at them with such intensity, while pounding old roosters to exhaustion.

She was disciplined as I could tell her to sit while in a frenzy and she would drop. It was just who Ruby was. She was beyond polite in sitting to crawl under my computer table in not saying a whimper, but waiting for me to move for her to get where my feet were.

Unless an animal is dangerous or heinous, you sort of just have to deal with the animal you get. They all have something in them and are always willing to help in some way and they all enjoy something in life, and with dogs it is some form of hunting things in which they really come alive.

I hate seeing dogs locked in kennels, as they belong on a rug by you where you are. Ruby was a big dog, but she never misbehaved ever in our home.

Animals behave when they are looked after and animals misbehave when they are not looked after.

nuff said