Saturday, December 20, 2014

Praetorian Guard

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

There is always everyone and no one to blame when a nation ceases. Nero fiddled as his Praetorian Guard set fire to Rome and blamed Christians. The population was immoral and the imported slave class out of control. Yet it is always a case that no one is to  blame when all are to blame.

Jeremiah 23:2

"Therefore thus saith the LORD God of Israel against the pastors that feed my people; Ye have scattered my flock, and driven them away, and have not visited them: behold, I will visit upon you the evil of your doings, saith the LORD."

I was given this reading a few days ago, about the responsibility and blame on Western pastors who have been nothing but conduits and enablers of sin, in the 98 percent Obama lock step. It is the worst of revelations when a Popular Girl is thee only global voice indicting all of you and your clergy, who are not speaking out to chastise you to mould yourselves to God's Law.

This is the American doom. She cast of God like the European, and in the end had this Herodian king named Obama appointed by Rome of Europe to whore and murder the American Virgin. America is dead. I said it first, and it is still a point which requires making as Boehner supports all the feudal Marxism of the image of Obama and Rush Limbaugh claims to be one of you, speaking for the masses who are drunk in a stupor of thinking how blameless they are.

There is an Amendment called the Second which trumps all Amendments, but the reality is Americans will not use it, as they are cowards like those of Europe and like those of Asia. All can blame the regime which is enslaving them and importing foreigners, but none will take responsibility whether it is on the North Korean border, the German border or the Texas border. The cartel imports foreigners to weaken the genetic political body of a nation to be further enslaved by the feudal few on top in power.

TL was moved to tell me by the Holy Ghost today that resistance is futile when it is not God based, and that means the use of arms to deliver a people. Moses thought he could murder an Egyptian and his people would gladly receive that deliverance from enslavement, but the Israelites mocked Moses, spread the reality of Moses crime, and Pharoah got wind of it, and was going to execute Moses had to flee to the wilderness and be exiled for decades until he was an old man.
The time for revolution was with a God ordained George Washington. Now if an American stood up, they would  be murdered by the regime as God is not going to deliver a people who willingly never took up arms to overthrow their rulers and willingly kept those enabling preachers in the pulpit who told them a message how nice they were and such good people and it was someone else who was the problem.

Everyone is in this abyss together. This is Sodom and when the time comes like Canaan, like Samaria, like Jerusalem, like Rome, when the collapse comes and the hordes riot, there is going to be no "let this nice family go", but they are going to be raped, robbed, enslaved and murdered just like in the old days.
Jeremiah was thrown into a well to die. The most Righteous Prophet in all the land, and the state threw him into a pit to die.

I have warned all of you that there are personal sins and national sins. When a nation embarks upon policies of advocating abomination as the west has, that is national sin, which can only be punished by national Judgment from God, with the death of that nation so seared and immoral that they can never be  reformed. Spiritual sickness brings Spiritual death, not Spiritual recovery. Stay Spiritually sick long enough you become spiritually dead, as satan is, and there is absolutely no resurrection from that.

The question was posted here in how America would end. Will it be in a mass assassination of the people by the regime making war on them? Will it be the regime condemning them as enemies of the state for being Americans? Will it be a foreigner in Mexican invasion and Chicom invasion which will end America in conquest?
The point in this is, America is a regime without any means of fixing or rectifying the overthrow of it to regime status. America is what Venezuela is when Hugo Chavez removed the productive classes and rewarded the nation to squatters on welfare.

It will be a reality of from top to bottom a gleaning of the refuse of America and the west. It is what will be no matter the sword as the sword will come upon a people without merit as it always does.


Holder If You Got Em

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in I told you so in matter anti matter.

This blog was first to finger the Obama regime via Eric Holder's secret NSA cell which was behind this SONY farce hacking in their own operatives were doing it, to retaliate on SONY for making fun of image Obama. Now the reality is the proof, beyond what lady liberty Rush Limbaugh was "hinting" at in his program after this blog broke the story that "if North Korea did it"..........

N. Korea proposes joint probe over Sony hacking
SEOUL, South Korea (AP) — North Korea on Saturday proposed a joint investigation with the U.S. into the hacking attack against Sony Pictures Entertainment, warning of "serious" consequences if...

So this is the reality, the Lame Cherry proven right again in explaining what this was all about, in the North Koreans are the ones demanding an investigation to exonerate themselves and expose the Obama regime as behind this.
This is the second time the North Koreans have made fools of an Obama regime honey pot operation, the first being the Boston Blow Job, and now the SONY Snow Job, all tracking back to that out of control Eric Holder with this fixation on the manly Kim Jong Un.

TL just reminded me that Rush Limbaugh was referring to the North Koreans as NORKS, which is racist and obnoxious.

Nuff said, except you rich folks DONATE to save yourselves out of the Obama Abyss.

You blessed betcha, Lame Cherry right again.


dexter o

They call me Dexter O down at the mosque, but on the street I got me a few titles I like too as being a black man in this cracker controlled, Jew ruled, Arab oiled and wetbacked greased world, a man like me gots to have an edge.

A slant eye once spew at me, "Dexie, you ain't nothing but 4/8ths European, 2/8ths Arab tinged excuse for a Nigger." I didn't know what she meant, but I took it as a compliment in being called a Nigger.
I ain't like them American Nigger's though in not taking pride in my black. I ain't like French Hatian Nigger though either as I got the cause. Mum always said gram was a dirty white whore who had a thing for the black man and her old man had a thing for south Asian pussy, and that is how she got the slant eye, but my homes was a real Nigger. Shot his first Nigger when he was only 15, but they sent him up the first time to Stillwater when he was of age for nickle and diming blow, cut with the sweet stuff for the little white whores of Brooklyn Park, and that is what nailed him, as the Nigger who was cutting the badge in on the action, broadcast that Nigger O, as that is what I calls him, was making the green off them uptown crackers.

I got to Chicago sometime back. The brothers there did not find my fine Somali ass as fine as I knew my ass was. Made talk about Dexter being a white killer name, but Mum had a thing for the gram, so named me after the white dude and we watched it in loop. Mum had a thing for white dick, but never got any. Liked that Tom Hanks riding his Apollo 13 and we used to watch that Nazi sliding that knife into that little white American in Saving Private Ryan, over and over again. The Jew know how to make a good slasher.

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I did not know what that meant, but I did not like being laughed at.

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So she gets it arranged for me to be like her Nigger. She does all this talk like women do in not knowing anything about this Nigger stuff in a man gots needs, so I beat her down and won't have any of this disrespecting going on as I can not help if the biotches gots to look at me, but her doing the uh hum on men from the veil is just asking for it. So I lay down the law as she was asking for it.

I got this woman who won't suck the sax, so I go downtown to where the boys do it, and she gets all up in my face about that too. I gots needs and so what if I earned a few bills growing up doing that for brotherhood.

I see all that evil of George Bush and that great satan that brother Obama is trying to make right.  I sees how bad whitey is in being the man, in them owing me. I thinks them beaner Niggers are just what is the right repiration. Got this fine Nigger in the White House, got that fine Nigger in Eric Holder doing justice, and it is about time us blacks do the ruling and have our own worker class.

That psychologist told me to write this up for that biotch judge to see if I was fit for trial. It was like this slant eye and her white biotch hits me up for some blow, and I deliver and follow them home, as I know the wants it. I gets in the balcony door as the party starts and begins the beat down, and the white biotch before she is taught, gets to calling the badge.
Mum has told the people that her baby would not do such a thing and the fucking cops were brutalizing me in defending myself I dropped one with temple punch. The man just ain't got any reason to be going off on a black man with a black man in the White House. I should not even be here and my lawyer says we will gets a million dollars and them cops are the crooks.

This is about all I knowed, except I could teach that judge like I learn women, but the lawyers says I should not write that down.


deaf not

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

I suffer from hearing loss. My left ear is one where I can not hear a cricket, which in that pitch is fine, as if one is in the room, I can just roll over and go to sleep.

The thing in this is, I first became aware of tenitis or whatever it is when I was a child. I was in bed at night, and it scared me, as I heard this ringing in my ears and it would not stop. I do not know if I had, had it previously or if I just became aware of it on that night. My ears though have had this sound in them, which is high pitched, raspy and never ceases.

I know what the reason is for most of this, it is allergies as I had a great deal of fluid in my ears. It was not until I was put on horse sized naproxim sodium or Aleve, that the fluid drained and my ears quit clicking every time I swallowed.
I was also on a Farmall M, held by my Mom who was out in the fields when I was a child. She held me with my right side to her, so this started the hearing loss, and a horridly loud 450 Farmall International finished the job.

Some shooting did not help, and a rock concert with a sports event, did more damage.

It is an odd thing in Mom can not hear low decible noises, like trucks, which I can hear easily, but TL can hear the high decible noises as in cell phones in other rooms, while I am deaf to such things.

I do not relate any of this for sympathy, as everyone has some problems. My vision due to toxins blurs up too and there are other things being healed in Chirst. The point is in this is that people need to know they are not alone in the things they suffer from.
I would not say I could not hear, but simply that I have problems hearing some things, and if fans are running on appliances, that masks a great deal of my ability to sort things out.

I hear song birds just fine and what I consider the things I do like. In that, it is odd that physical hearing, is not related to Spiritual hearing. I have no problem at all hearing God, Holy Angels, Saints, satan and demons. I never have sorted out how in Spirit I hear emotions, or I hear light. I would think that one would feel emotions, which I do feel, but the thoughts of others I hear not as words but concussion waves.

It has always been the oddest of things, in hearing, I feel nothing, but once I hear, I lock onto a person, and then I read their emotions, and from that I have to form thought in back engineering in what the person is thinking.
Perhaps I am an odd duck in no one else does this, but I have read enough of experiences from antiquity, that numbers of people have this going on.

For those familiar with remote viewing, there is a "tick" which takes place as you experience the matrix in touching it in all that knowledge. TL literally has physical ticks often in being aware of God and others touching TL. TL hears as I do and sees better than I do Spiritually.
Last night as I was moving around in the hall, I experience for the first time the Light of God in a way, which was  really moving.
I glimpsed across the top of my sight vision, something like sheet lighting in the tops of anvil thunderheads, but it did not flash. It was very bright white light, without being blinding or hurting the vision.
These things surprise me, as I have time to question if it was a nearby window, but upon inquiry, this was God in a most interesting way.

TL works with a Gentleman who knows and experiences things as we do, from being touched to feeling that "wind" upon you when Spirits are around. All of this goes back to how this began in loss of hearing. I think of the story from Ronald jr. and Patty Reagan, when their father was dying, how with senility, he opened his eyes and knew Nancy was there in recognizing her, as a last gift.
I am convinced by the things I experience, that no matter what physical limitation a person has, whether mental retardation or being deaf, that the soul or the Spirit in people is operating just fine and retains perfect ability.
Ronald Reagan's brain had become dysfunctional, but the Spirit in him was greater than the world.

It is a different arena to strive in as I strive to live in the Spiritual and pay less attention to the physical. I would that I had Elisha abilities in making this so much easier, but the gifts give me by the Holy Ghost are a good frustrating puzzle which keeps me interested.

When this circus evolves back to the brier patch, it is my hope to focus more on the Spiritual things again as I used to have time for. Living in one place and not two should help this immensely and being away from the din of the metro, as it seems like I have nothing but little wigglers tucked in my Spirit in I feel far too many people, and even those who are walled off are monuments I weigh against.

The point is, that while the physical has limits which degrade, the Spiritual is a vista which expands and grows. It rewards in God that effort invested.

I long to try things to see if they will respond to me. The method of inquiry which I utilize, and I will term, flash reads, is something that in a year of discipline, the results are an accomplished skill by God's Grace.
I desire more though and as hearing has reached all it can be, I seek more understanding.

In Spirit, there is no handicap from the physical. That is what should be striven for as those abilities are what one has in the return to God.

I leave it at that.


dead head sticker

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

I get to thinking sometimes when things go bad, about things you children are too nice to know and the brats pretend to only dream about. I think about Ronald Reagan good ideas in communist crusades and how clever intelligence and banking sources teamed up to fund it in the American sphere in the bankrolling of the Columbian drug lords, by dumping that product by the ton into America.

It was not just the Clinton brothers in Arkansas snorting up a trough of coke with the whores every night, but you could not have a party without a kilo of coke just to start things off. A kilo ran 10 g's or ten thousand dollars back in the day, and there was a crapload of Hollywood stars and studios who were part of that money pipeline. The warehouses filled with stacks of cash like bales of hay piled four feet high by 10 by 10 feet.

I get to thinking about the sodom boys club and how it all erupted. How it only was outed when big pharm doped up some monkey virus serum for homosexuals getting liver toxin or hep. That one blonde boy flight attendant literally fucked his diseased dick into the high flyer club and in a world separated by 7, that is who Rock Hudson, Liberate, Amanda Blake, Magic Johnson, Sonny Steelgrave and whoever else got the Dack Rambo of fagdom. Puzzling though how John Travolta or even Barack Obama never got the disease.

I think of the putrid slugs of humanity, that have been feeding off of the public while pissing on all the moral things the little people keep themselves on the straight and narrow. The real pieces of work are like David Letterman, the mic whore of the cartel for Mockingbird. Had his own fucking harem of willing whores. Used that one little assistant who was with another guy, and tried to knock her up so the guy would raise Letterman's bastard in a real one piss up on a golden shower deluge cuckold of another man.

Then there is Robert De Niro. Lord there is nothing worse than marble mouth Italians who never learned to speak English, being paraded around as actors, playing the same statue in every movie That Godfather shit was the Dirty Mary and Crazy Larry of fiction. The old men the CIA worked with out of FDR's World War II to keep the docks running for ships were......they were not Pacino or De Niro. They hired never hired those types as they could never keep their mouths shut.

You probably never heard the real story about Jim Belushi's older brother John. Jim like all these liberals is a nice enough guy, but low on the reasoning scale as what kind of no mind votes for Barack Obama or Bill Clinton. Yeah Jon Bon Jovi, John Fogerty, Pat Benatar and Don Henley.....yeah the no minds and then the cash whores like Geffin and Spielberg do the brainwashing to get the little boys to spread their legs.

Where was I?

John Belushi. It was a party, but then there was a party every night, even if it was Elvis with his sugarland suitcase of one, there was always a party. More damn bennies, ludes, acid and blow than Phizer had in stock. Sure some like Bruce Willis and Demi Moore raised holy loud hell, but most of sound was from the big amps, as you laid out the cut, chopped it fine with a razor blade, made a line, and then did your lines with a rolled up dead prez.
There always was mixing of the goods and shooting up. No one had any sense hyped up on that Columbian coke. Super charged them real aggressive and why the zombie were dusting each other off for a while, until they got it tamed down in the recipe.
So like Belushi had the kilos out and Robin Williams and Robert De Niro were there snorting a cloud. That was the A list and the LA Blue never saw a coke dealer or a coke head as it was all paid off. It was all heavy use and Williams and De Niro left Marmont, while Gordon Lightfoot's cunt was playing nurse and that is what got John the first episode of Chris Farley gelled blood and drool.
Allot of people disappeared back then. Jan Michael Vincent, that poor bastard got rag dolled in it was all gone, but then it was Rock Hudson who taught the boy to drink down in Mexico on the set of the Undefeated.

Yeah the image of the Obama voter, that is the thing, as it is the Clinton voter, in all those secrets of the debauchery as they glisten on the big screens. Like Hitler stated, he told big lies as little people could not conceive of not believing them as they only told little lies. The public never knew what criminal trash was entertaining them, but that is why the upper class never had a damn thing to do with actors, doctors and lawyers as they knew what garbage they were. A farmer has shit on them you can smell and know what it is, but an actor you never smell shit on until they get you naked in bed.

I am so tired of these cocksucking illusions. Little Miss Priss dumps her husband for the stiff, and ends up with tongue cancer, and all she can do is babble on the stage now sounding like a numb nuts. Yeah nothing like womb cancer on a dick to make your tongue rot off.
Nothing like getting crotch rot off another woman by a bareback cock.

Everybody thinks they are above it and then they get the dead head sticker on their cadillac.

Just so tired of it all.


Friday, December 19, 2014

Why you are going to hell

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

The Holy Ghost has directed me to these two Bible verses and they are pertinent for they point to an end and a punishment.
As of yesterday I was moved to work on the coming world war again as I have been for years in the Great Eurasian War which is coming. The confirmation verse was:

Acts 2:20

The sun shall be turned into darkness, and the moon into blood, before the great and notable day of the Lord come:

Those days are not yet, but they are a matter of a reality that people are going to be half way through the Great Tribulation before they even figure out they are doomed. The sun and moon signs do not take place until the Temple which is to be built is defiled. So you get this, people will have been going through the beginning of the Great Tribulation and the majority will not be aware of it.
In other words, perhaps you should take the hint in something which only this blog has spoken of in the advent has begun whether you can see the keys or not as signs.

I point you to reality that satan which is the being full of wisdom and beauty as the Bible teaches, misplayed the greatest moment in history a second time. satan's first misstep was it's trying to rise with only 1/3rd of the Angels to take God's Throne and was cast out.
satan's second misstep was murdering Jesus the Christ.

In one of the most pathetic and sinister situations ever, remember the tempting of Christ. satan appears wise in tempting Christ in appealing to Jesus human weakness in repeating, "if you are the Son of God", but in reality there was something much more in this, in satan had no idea for certain This was The Word of God in human form. it was trying to figure out Who Jesus was, as this Redemption was a mystery that the Angels had wanted to investigate.

Think of it as what this blog revealed years ago in the mistake satan made. satan was duped into creating the very end of all it was by Jesus death and Jesus taking up His Life again, as satan's only gambit was to destroy humanity from becoming God's children, which is what happened in the Garden of Eden. Humankind in sin was separated from God by satan, and by satan instigating the murder of Jesus at Cavalry, satan healed that breach as God the Father planned.

satan is not foolish, but it is not all knowing, even in full of wisdom. it has learned and knows for certain that this is the last period before torment comes. Literally, satan fell from Heaven like lightning as Jesus stated in what Christ saw when the disciples were sent out to begin retaking all for the Kingdom of God. it has had the past almost 2000 years to try to build an alternative anti Christ group of people in a false tree of life, which is what the End Times is all about. Once this last period is over in the final 7 year cycle, satan is chained and cast into the Bottomless Pit by Michael the Archangel for 1000 years of Christ rule.
After that, it is released to deceive Gog and Magog who will be wiped out, and then satan, all demons, all unsaved spiritual traitors and all unsaved souls to be destroyed, will be cast into the Lake of Fire for eternal torment or destruction. spirits can not be destroyed, souls can and will be by that fire of Gehenna Hell.

satan is not in any hurry to bring about the literal moment left in years, and be placed into torment forever. God is not about as He informed all in the Virgins and oil, to announce all of this coming plainly to warn sinners. There was that Ark with Noah for hundreds of years, and no one paid attention to it. No one is paying attention to the signs which have been taking place, and the seared and sealed are not going to change when the sun and moon signs do appear.

The second reading was:

Amos 5:11

Forasmuch therefore as your treading is upon the poor, and ye take from him burdens of wheat: ye have built houses of hewn stone, but ye shall not dwell in them; ye have planted pleasant vineyards, but ye shall not drink wine of them.

I realize the rich in this world have no comprehension how heinous they are and will plead they are not stealing from poor people, but they fail to realize that their owning inflated properties keeping people from the American Dream, their using slave labor in imports and their taking double their stock prices now in Obama Wall Street money dumps is robbing the poor.

I was in town this past week and saw the cruel teacher who I had at school which I have spoken of. This is a miserable old man who stalks about scowling and trying to find people to interact with. He was in the junk store bothering people, but his task was buying pie plates for like 50 cents a piece. This is someone who has a foreign working wife all of his life, has a pension from the school, new SUV, nice home, is out for coffee every day and he is such a scrooge that he is taking pie plates from the poor to save some money.
Yes a Walmart type business in this town just closed and if this rich guy had been patronizing that business like all the rich, that business would not have closed in this Obama Super Depression. It is though the guilt of sin these rich people are responsible for as they rob people, the community and the nation.

I do not leave the sinful poor out of this in their wretchedness, but God was not directing me to deal with the poor masses who are being preyed upon and are witless. This is about the warning that signs are there for the advent of a situation which is predicted, and God is not making note of it in signs that should be there, and satan is in absolutely no hurry to meet it's doom.

It is not my calling to save any of you. It is not my business to warn you any more. I am just a voice in the wilderness making note of evidence for your convictions. You evil brats are not going to change. You are marked and sealed. You have proven what you are and it is recorded. I would that God was more plain in His signs for the children, but I am not bothered by signs or not signs, because I get up every day looking for what to do that day to Glorify God and when the Last Trump comes, Lame Cherry is going to be drying seeds to plant for the next year, even if I never touch them. I will by God's Grace not be caught unaware, but I am not stopping what I am doing as I have plans for land, animals, a home and experiments in home heating I am working on which is primitive but cheap. I know that electric is predicted to rise to 300 dollars per month from this cartel  regime, and I intend not to serve it, but to laugh at it as I sit in my shorts and t shirt all winter.

I am not going to be disappointed if God's finish appears He "delays", because I have a life in Him I will fulfill and I will make the best of it every moment. I pray Jesus comes back and look for Him to end this heinous evil rule of satan and it's minions and this is my Hope. I am not going to have my Faith shaken by signs or wonders or things God keeps hidden even from me. The basics are simple in Faith in Christ, Christ will return and it is my responsibility to keep myself in God's Law to not make Grace a license, and God handles all the rest as He is God.
It is why I will be changed at the Last Trump with TL and Mom, and most of you will be dead, in Sheol or waiting to be put into Gehenna. You never cared for me, never cared for the least of God's creatures, so you have not cared for Christ and that door is your execution cell you are entering in. You are known by how uncaring you are and that is your testimony and evidence you are delivering every moment.

That is the reality. It does not make any difference how much porn that poor sap is jacking off to. What matters is what sins you are guilty of as you preen in the mirror lying to yourself how precious you are.

For the poor, they will make the Way in Christ. Some have mechanical skills to get junk and fix it up to pay the bills in resales, others have abilities and skills in computer or whatever. It will all be a refining of the Good to become better offerings to the Father.

This ends at this as my head hurts from a second day of sinus in a cold house and my eyes blur when that happens, so the pony has run your lazy asses around the track enough today for another ride building your debt.

agtG 293yy

day of disaster

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

The prostitute of America has fallen, fallen, fallen
The cadaver will not be helped
She no more shall ever rise.

A day of disaster is coming upon the West. America will not rise from this, but as the aged whore serving the necrophiles in the morgue ejaculating currency upon her, she rots on her couch, a tool of the ghoul.

It will be a day for the rich to become poor, a day for the living to become the dead, a day of anguish and tears for money, and not for their rich people's sins.
You sit in your wealth like pigs covered in their own excrement, oinking away at another rainfall of Wall Street wealth, adding to your sty. The finest of things you can not find away to squander upon yourselves, and you think your pennies of generosity should give you the worship which only God deserves.

America is ruined. You replaced Jesus with the image of Obama. You replaced the fruit of the womb with the canker of infanticide. You replaced your Niggers with foreigners. You replaced your wealth with debt. Yet you do not mourn, but only sigh over the pile of money you have which is eaten by the moth of inflation. Yet it only moves you to accept more bribes in your dividends, stealing more from the poor.

God hates your pride and in the day of disaster He will shove you over to the masters you have sold yourself to as He did Judah and Israel.

Listen, but do not be warned, you apostate trash. The day of disaster, will follow upon rumor, and the rumor will spread to other days. There will be a day when nine out of ten people will die. The one will be left in the house to answer a refrain to the question, "Is there anyone left here?", and the reply will be, "No."

Does a jet fly in the ocean? Does money grow on trees? Yet you Americans have changed justice into poison killing the nations.
You are corrupt and bankrupt in purse and heart. There is no good in you. You are vile and evil cancers from your places of leadership to your computer screens. One pervert leads the mob by a ring in the nose, and those who do not have the ring, put one in each nostril and a chain upon their ankle to prostitute themselves for serving debauchery more.
How perverse you are, the Governors of Alaska, New Jersey, Wisconsin and Texas, all led to the political slaughter, so the orgy of the monarchs of America can sully the bed of whoredoms more at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

You brag of your victories in battle. What real army have your crushed? You might as well claim Battle Star Gallactica as your great victory too for all the bin Laden stage theater of your acting conquests.

The day of disaster will envelop you with a foreign army and what of it, when you have already been invaded by millions of foreigners to serve the rich in forced labor.
The day of disaster will encompass you from the Aleutians to the Keys, from Bangor to Baja.

"Go away Prophetess and tell us not these things. Go to a people who will pay you for your Prophesying. Tell us not the doom of our leader and the overthrow of America. Tell us not that the West will be a graveyard and our coffers will be coffins overflowing with our own rotted stench.
Let those others pay you. Do not Prophesy here and touch our hearts with your Prophesying, for we are good."

If your goodness be good, then disease, plague and pandemic, are a virtue to the dead and dying. I came not for pay, but a Spirit of the brier patch, where I minded the small herds and tended the small herb.
I was moved with the Message, not to save, but as a Witness, and you, yourselves have provided the testimony.
I was poor and you stole from me. I was devout and you made a whore of me. I was light and you made me twilight. I was free and you made me a slave, by stealing the 30 pieces of silver from the poor in making them donate for you rich.
The records of your actions are cut now in a sheet of steel, with a pen of diamond and are open for Judgment.

Listen to your sentence, for it is by your own actions and words. A thousand fold more will it be visited upon you, twice over, till there is none of you remaining. You who plagiarized will have no reply from God when you call, and you who bribed once, will have one reply from God, and the answer will be, "No".

Perish in your luxury. Perish in your streets. Perish in your gated organized communities. Perish in your boughten advantage. Perish as you flee in your cars. Perish, Perish, Perish.

Hide from it, and it will visit you. Flee from it and it will catch you. Be aware of your nativity for you have seen your grave at your door, and there will no shroud of dirt to cover you. Your shroud will be a swarm of flies. Your dirge the buzz of their wings. Your mourners dogs howling in lament over which corpse to choose, and your last supper the feast of the fowls perched upon the carrion you are.

You will be whores. You will be slaves. You will be dead.

Cleanse the land Lord of the offal, for the people you have raised as your own, have been consumed by the satanic mob, to make an excrement of the land. The day of disaster multiplies to the days of disaster.
Come quickly Lord Jesus for your children who are called by Your Name. Amen and Amen

agtG 268Y