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Texas Tomatoes

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

My children, this is a treatise on tomatoes, and for that matter all manner of fruits, vegetables and fauna, which I have addressed in parts previously, but mention it here again as it is a matter of survival, your survival.

If you happen to watch some generation ago American television or read older books, you will notice at times people mentioning how no one could grow African Violets, like Aunt Bea from the Mayberry RFD program after Andy Griffith and Opie Obama took a happy days powder.
The same is true of tomatoes, as in all honesty, not over 100 years ago not many people could grow tomatoes.

That may sound odd, due to the work of the pioneers in plant culture, but even corn in the yellow dent form was unable to be grown west of the Mississippi River, as plants used to be that niche oriented.

I mention tomatoes in this, because it was mentioned to me, and I desire to inform the kind people, like all of you kind people, that you never put me out or put upon me in questions or notes. Besides the interaction with God, this is the other thing I enjoy about this blog. I do not feed on being a celebrity nor in being the best blog online, but what I find pleasure in, is learning from God, and from just conversations in assisting people, as I have been where all of you are growing through.

As I was being poisoned by all the canned tomatoe sauces, I decided I had to grow my own sauce tomatoes. That sounds easy, and I ordered with the few dollars I had a selection of them, and none of them produced tomatoes, in fact some were not even the varieties. In complaining to the old duffer in California, he just disappeared like an ass in refusing to refund my money.
I happened upon a San Marzano which grew at least one crop, was good, but had problems with rot on the inside of the fruit. It was in just slugging it out, that I came across a RIO ROMA tomatoe, which surprised me in producing not just a big crop, but the seeds in one location to remove them as no one likes tomatoe seeds in sauces, and this Rio actually produced a follow up crop.
I am assuming this is a Texas type tomatoe and for whatever reason, it worked in my location where the Amish Pastes to Polish Plums failed.
It bothers me greatly in the always experts in the tomatoe world or any other place, when people ask for assistance, that they being always idiots never answer questions, and come up with something like, "Well just grow a regular tomatoe as that is what I do for sauce. That type of idiocy solves nothing.

Texas is a niche location as not tomatoe alley no more than Idaho is a squash farm. It required me numerous years in the brier patch to learn how to just grow cantelopes and other like crops, and things like sweet potatoes will not produce no matter what I try.......although I found a purple variety which did put on huge tubers, which tasted to me like fish. Not exactly my idea of Thanksgiving fare. I do have plans though for a raised hot bed to conquer this when I have funds, but in some situations you have to change what is the "norm".
For example raised beds were all in vogue in the wet eastern areas. Try raised beds where it is arid, and all you do is spend the summer watering plants as you can not compete with nature.

It hit almost 100 here for a few days, and the container planters I had been growing vines in, drank over a gallon of water. I could literally watch the water disappear in the reservoir.

What I am getting at in this, is tomatoes "like" an 80 degree type weather of arid conditions. If it is humid, the pollen will cake up and you will not get pollination. With bees now dying out in all forms, I have a practice of taking my middle finger onto my thumb and flicking the blossoms a few times on my flowers, just to make sure they pollinate and mimic what the bees did.

I tried all sorts of things with tomatoes, to putting them into huge plastic bags in greenhouses, and by the 4th of July I had huge plants with blossoms, and in taking them out, there they sat for a month as the correct temperature was not there, so all my work, was wasted as I could not change climate.

There is a pretty citrus scented yellow tomatoe called Azoychka out of Russia which has produced early. Another called Silvery Fir Tree produces early too, but the bugger in this is, tomatoes need heat to make a tomatoe taste good, so Silvery Fir Tree in cold temperatures gets you a grocery type tomatoe.

Last year, I tried Burpees Table Talk, as that was a cool name. The result was Table Talk grew there doing nothing all summer, while Big Boy produced. The Table Talk did not start producing until September as it did not like the temperatures in my location most of the summer. I mention this, as my brother and his friend tried growing Big Boy in a semi mountain location and that tomatoe will not produce there at all.

That is why Big Boy became a standard, even if it was not a rich tasting tomatoe. It was because the breeder Shifriss or whatever that Jewish man's name was grew a tomatoe which produced tomatoes in most locations in America, so people all thought they could grow tomatoes in that illusion.

I discovered in trials, that for God only knows why, that the Crimean, Slavic etc... type fruits do well in my location. I have trialed most of what I care to now, as I no longer have the finances to invest in this, but I did very well with them as in the Black Krim.
Glenn Drowns has the best seed catalogue there is, as it is a treasure of varieties, and is why I support him when I can with orders. He gives a free packet of seeds, and one year he gave one called Backfield, a tomatoe he sows directly into his garden plots.
I planted it, and it is a lovely semi determinate variety which produces huge and plentiful red tomatoes all at the same time, which do keep for some time on the vine. The first year I grew it, we had intense heat, and it produced the best tasting tomatoes ever.......the next season it was cool, and the tomatoes were not that special. I will grow this variety again when I can, but it is a matter that things will prove what they will when you attempt things, because every year is not a tomatoe or fruit year.
Good fruit requires just the right amount of moisture, nutrients and heat. Mess that up, and you get yucke fruit.

I will apologize for what comes next as I can not remember the variety, but long ago in researching for paste type fruit, I came across a well known type, that the person said they grew in Texas, and it had like a 30 foot vine on it, and it produced allot of tomatoes. It was not what I was looking for, so I discounted it, but I think this was the one that I read of people having grown it for generations, and in different locations it mutated into a different variety.

Heirlooms are finicky things, but then the modern Super Fantastic might produce, but you end up with chit that looks pretty, but has no flavor. I can still see my relatives Supers out in the garden, having hung their for like 6 weeks without rotting.....they were bland and it just made me wonder what the devil was in those fruits to make them not rot normally.

A tomatoe in my taste, as that is what I grew up with, should taste acidic. I do not like "smokey" or what I term cellar mold flavors as in the Brandywine. It is amusing now in the wasted time of it, but the last commercial variety I grew tasted with no taste, but a colleague of my Mom's when she dumped them on her, said how great they tasted.
To that I grew Brandywine and was horrified after all that work, that this was that musty fricking tomatoe I was first exposed to as a child and hated tomatoes from. My next venture was a Rose tomatoe, out of the Amish horticulture which is a fruity and lovely tomatoe. I was led back to Big Boy which Glenn Drowns has as an open pollinated variety and that is what I term is a tomatoe.
In stating that, none of these might do well in Mexican infested Texas.

Glenn Drowns in his catalogue states he never plants tomatoes in Iowa until late, as he then avoids early blight, which is a yellowing of the bottom leaves. This is a fungus or something due to conditions both cool, wet and warm. It rained a great deal in Texas early and that is most likely the reason for the yellow leaves.

I have relatives in Texas, and they inform me it is hot there 25 hours a day into the night. Nothing really can grow in that kind of conditions, unless it is genetically marked to it. I used to know some heathens from Louisiana who were as wild as a coon ass storm, and they busily were planting purple hull peas and things in February, which was a marvel to me to garden like that, but in that reality, they had to, as it gets too hot in that country in summer.

In that I do not think that soils might be the problem, even if in Florida I read long ago that it is so hot there, that dry matter is burned out of the soil due to the heat.
The Holy Ghost has been whispering to me Richard and Stephanie since I started writing this about that tomatoe, and I kept thinking "Chicago" and rejecting it, and my mind was running to steaks, and it just came through the 486 now that the tomatoe I read of was PORTER which grew in Texas.
Yes Porterhouse Steak, hence Chicago, the old hog butcher to the world in that disgusting poem.

Perhaps that tomatoe might be something to research, although it is not a beefsteak type if I remember correctly.

Honestly, all I had access to here were Roma's in the store, and I have no idea what they will produce in this deck location. They did not like the brier patch in the least, and I just needed something to grow to make me feel like I was doing something creative.

The nice thing about tomatoes is they are a weed really. Even if they did not produce, if you leave them sprawl around long enough, you might hit the temperature where they will produce something. Texas without stating the obvious has a kill zone of heat and cold, in both summer and winter which has to be gardened around.
In reading the old gardening books, the east coast experts were stating to make cold frames and put things like cauliflower into them in the late autumn, letting them sit all winter in slow growth, and in spring harvest the best heads possible. That would not work in Maine or Minnesota, but the cold frame would work in Texas for these types of vegetables..........which again I plan on doing when finances appear.

I would attempt to either get my tomatoes over the summer kill shot, and attempt to let them get into Texas autumn warm to see if they would produce or try to time it so they would have that 80 degree semi dry temperature coming into summer.....knowing of course that blight situation which really does not hurt tomatoes that bad in the early type.

I am so thankful the Holy Ghost stuck with it, and remembered that Porter tomatoe for me.......that has been bothering me for over a year now in what that variety was. The thing is America is not wonderful California in most anything grows. There is the mountains, the northwest, the plains, the humid south, the wet midwest, New England with frying pan hot areas in Florida, Texas, Arizona and if it happens North Dakota will have a week to six weeks of 100 degree Texas weather scorching things.
The breeder's choice varieties usually grow in most locations, but the Americans breed for looks and shipping, so they taste horrid, or are frankenfood poison. In that the Europeans are superior, as they breed for flavor first and then shipping and appearance.

That is about the best advice I can give on Texas tomatoes without being there. You though already have the million dollar knowledge in what is not producing in a wet Texas season, along with squirrels digging up onions. As I stated, any damn fool can raise a garden in a paradise, but it requires Inspiration and diligence to raise gardens in most locations, as much as God.
I have puzzled over stories in the Dirty 30's, where in that drought people always had gardens. Yet in the 1970's in that severe drought, gardens burned up, and gardening has become a great deal more difficult in most of America, since Jesus was given the boot for Obama's image. God fed people by miracle in the 30's, because it had to be done as there was not a Walmart to go buy food from.

I would not though waste a great deal of resources, meaning labor and money on cold frames etc... I would just find some suitable construction throw away stuff, and put it together on small scale and see how it goes.
I do wonder about the new paving stones for foundations, how that thermal mass would work for a cold frame....dark colors in winter to absorb heat.  Long ago I invested in turned tractor tires for raised beds.....worked very nice when wet, but lacked in all other performances.........alas I will use them as farmers intended as stock feeders when I get them emptied of dirt.

I am not up to not admitting that I am snoppy as hell.  As TL can attest, I am non stop looking what people, animals and plants are doing. If I see a garden with fruit in it, I catalogue it, and at least know something will produce there. I frequent enough querry the old neighbor here about things in passing as she is a native. For example, I was looking at this "elm" seed which was sprouting "elms", but I knew it was not the elm I was familiar with, so I asked here......and she said it was an "elm".
I knew something was wrong, but God led me to a dollar book on trees, and researching it, I concluded by smooth leaf and larger seed pod, that this was a Slippery Elm, which happens to grow in this river country like weeds. That is the thing I do not like about here, in the brier patch I invested years in knowing every insect and weed, and here I am without reference, except something looks like I learn in reference sources, as honestly most people have no idea what the blessing anything is.

In a dutch bulb pot, I noticed some tree has sprouted in the potting soil. It "looks like" an ash, but it has no compound I am letting what God grew to manifest. One gets dirt from God knows where across the fruited plain and all kinds of new weeds appear. TL has some crotons in which I am letting this little weed grow that is very pretty as it covers the ground, but I have no idea what it is....but it grows.

Local gardeners have usually experienced enough failure to know what will grow in a location as a start. The dumb ass county agents in the farm section might have some dumb ass suggestions.......although Texas is more intelligence in that arena or at least it did from that Ag man Hightower a generation ago. Online you can search what grows in God forsaken Mexico besides Mexicans, and then just do what everyone else does in trial and error.
I was amused this year in I kept hearing reference about German Johnson........a fine tomatoe I am told, to which my brother and his daughter were planting from the greenhouse........problem was my brother mentioned they were not potatoe leaf this year. Yes, someone was selling things which were not what they were supposed to be.
I have grown potatoe leaf Brandywine tomatoes and it is an experience to see the leaves, but that is another genus of tomatoes to attempt. Texas is more a pinto bean, blue corn, hot peppers and those fares. It will sort out in time, but it requires some time to do it as not everyone lives in sunny California or Indiana where everything seems to grow.

I could give a list of things from Minnesota Midget muskmelons to Cherry Belle red radishes which refuse to grow in the brier patch no matter what I do. Instead I grow Petit Gres Rennes, which is a little French melon and white radishes.
It never though is failure, but is instead the million dollar knowledge.  Is why I save seeds, as in about 3 years, I get an acclimated variety which likes my conditions..........with help of coffee cans (I would like to try large plastic pipe cut into those type of sections) which I then water my vines in, along with fertilizer to keep it on location of the roots, so I exactly know what the plants are receiving when it is dry.
I learned that wires  formed in hoops over these coffee cans, with a plastic bag tied on top for a little greenhouse, works for cool weather, and at least in my experience in what I would think was 90 degree bake oven temperatures outside, the plants were not cooked which I was horrified was the case the first time this happened.

I could be wrong, but I would not be concerned so much about raised beds in warm Texas, but in watering with nutrients, and then dealing with the kill shots of heat and cold. A lattice type shade might prove a solution in summer heat with daily watering.....mulch might cool the soil enough, but if one is in New England or the north, mulch cools the roots too much.

I hope that helps, but it is a matter that the world has numerous niche gardens, and one solution does not fit all, as much as one variety fits all.

Texas Tomatoes 1 

Texas Tomatoes 2


Reality of Obamacare

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

I will state something plainly in the image of Barack Hussein Obama, Rush Hudson Limbaugh III, Chris leg tingler Matthews, and none of the people in government or media, know one person affected by Obamacare.

I am going to give 3 personal accounts of Obamacare, which are real, as I know real Americans in I happen to be one of them.

The first example is myself, La'me Cherry. I have no insurance as I can not afford being poor. I stated from the start of this, that I will not sign up for Obamacare as it is against my Christian convictions as much as my American convictions.
It is no secret my situation.

The second example is the spouse of my cousin, who happened to retire from a high level government job recently. The spouse has diabetes and in complications from this, she is suffering from heart failure.
This past spring she was at the University of Minnesota of weeks of testing for a heart transplant, as she is on oxygen and frequently enough passes out. She is at retirement age.
The University of Minnesota this past week informed her, that she was not going to receive any heart transplant.

The second example is my Uncle's wife, who has several medical conditions, non life threatening, but for a youngish type woman, she is not the healthiest. They are engaged in a lawn care business in the Ozarks.
Since the Obamacare deadlines passed last December, my Aunt has been engaged in attempting to sign up for Obamacare. She was denied.
She filled out more paperwork which was submitted........and was denied.
She is now in a process of representation to attempt to gain Obamacare, as she can not afford insurance and is being denied it.

The point in this is Rush Limbaugh, the IRS, Appeals Courts in the DC Circuit and the Obama regime can
debate, argue, sue, smear and rant about Obamacare, and not one of these creatures is being forced to try to die under it.

But for the Grace of God, I would be tits up. My cousin's spouse is going die as heart failure has no cure, and degrades to death. A friend of my family had heart failure of only 15% function, and managed to survive 5 years before he died this spring, under Obamacare.
My Uncle's wife is going to degrade over time, and stress is not helping this situation at all, in aggrevating her condition.

Basically understood in this, due to Obamacare these two women will be dead in 2 to 10 years at the latest, and it is due to Obamacare. Rush Limbaugh has to read about strangers as his examples as much as Josh Earnest of the Obama regime can cite no one, but take things to the Obama loaded DC Appeals Court, in which will all this subsidy business will be reinstated.........before it goes back to the John Roberts Supreme Court which legalize the criminality of Obamacare.........and what it boils down to, is that before this took place two women in liberal Homosota and liberal Hosesuri were denied healthcare to their impending suffering and death.

I do not have to cite strangers or have access to corrupt justices to get what I want. I simply know what America is and I am experiencing rationed death as Sarah Palin correctly labled this, when she was still an American.

TL was just tested at having lost 20% of lung capacity due to exposure of chemicals at TL's employment. An imported West Indian informed TL yesterday that TL this was a business, that they were a good person and that they should take care of themselves.
TL views this as it is being discussed TL will be fired from this poverty level job. The current answer is an inhaler, which will open up TL's lungs so more toxins can be sucked in to do the job.

I do not matter in this, as by God's Grace and simply by vulcanized will I have kept alive most of my life in refusing to die. There are too many people whose lives depend on me.........

ich sein Gott's heilig weissager, langsam sprechen.

That is Obamacare for real Americans while feudal lords ration death. Not one of these rich and infamous folks have one person dealing with the genocide of Americans. That is the reality of their entire guilt in the torture and homicide of Americans.

None of this reality will appear on Matt Drudge as this is not sanctioned news steer. It is the reality though of Obamacare.


Obama Roots

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

In the following evidence, Thomas Paine lays account in Common Sense a condemnation against those in religion and politics who joined themselves in America to that Eurasian scheme which is bowed to now by the Obama regime.

The evidence is such:

"A woman's virtue must sit very lightly on her who can even hint a favorable sentiment in their behalf. It is remarkable that the whole race of prostitutes in New York were tories; and the schemes for supporting the Tory cause in this city, for which several are now in jail, and one hanged, were concerted and carried on in common bawdy-houses, assisted by those who kept them.

"To us it is a matter of surprise and astonishment, that men with the word 'peace, peace ,' continually on their lips, should be so fond of living under and supporting a government, and at the same time calling it 'happy,' which is never better pleased than when a war—that has filled India with carnage and famine, Africa with slavery, and tampered with Indians and negroes to cut the throats of the freemen of America."

In review of this, whores, warmongers exploiting Asia to exploit America, human traffick and the inciting of attacks upon Americans by terrorists were what the European powers were about in 1776.

The Obama fruit has not fallen a great deal far from the tree in his regime engaged in the same prostitution of peoples and races, the same heinous wars for plunder and the inciting of Mexican invasion and Muslim terrorism against Americans as their "crisis are too good to waste".

Are the words of Lord Talbot not upon the lips of the image of Obama in every executive order he proclaims as despot against the American will?

"The Americans, have been obstinate, undutiful, and ungovernable from the very beginning, from their first early and infant settlements; and I am every day more and more convinced that this people never will be brought back to their duty, and the subordinate relation they stand in to this country, till reduced to unconditional, effectual submission; no concession on our part, no lenity, no endurance, will have any other effect but that of increasing their insolence."

House of Lords
March 5th, 1776.

nuff said



As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

In the Reconstruction Laws as passed by Congress in 1867 due to the aftermath of the Civil War, the following oath was required by all Americans without exception.

I place this here in the question of after the regime of Barack Hussein Obama Chin, could any one in the Executive, Legislative or Judicial branches pass the oath?

"I,———, do solemnly swear (or affirm ), in the presence of the Almighty God, that I am a citizen of the
 State of ————-; that I have resided in said State for——- months next preceding this day, and now reside in the county of ———-, or the parish of ————, in said State, (as the case may be); that I am twenty-one years old; that I have not been disfranchised for participation in any rebellion or civil war against the United States, nor for felony committed against the laws of any State or of the United States; that I have never been a member of any State Legislature, nor held any executive or judicial office in any State, and afterwards engaged in insurrection or rebellion against the United States, or given aid or comfort to the enemies thereof; that I have never taken an oath as a member of Congress of the United States, or as an officer of the United States, or as a member of any State Legislature, or as an executive or judicial officer of any State, to support the constitution of the United States, and afterwards engaged in insurrection or rebellion against the United States or given aid or comfort to the enemies thereof; that I will faithfully support the Constitution and obey the laws of the United States, and will, to the best of my ability, encourage others so to do: so help me God."

If anyone in government swore to the above now it would be perjury.


Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Our Friend Dick Turd

Tony Dungy has engaged in homophobic comments about NFL groupie Michael Sand.

Let us examine Tony Dungy, an American Afroid, an Obama voter, a multi millionaire, NFL star, Superbowl winning coach, ESPN commentator, AIDS fundraiser, but........

Tony Dungy, a quasi Christian, is under attack for his intollerance of sodomites and their promotion at all facets and features.

We now know in the cartel world that a Nigger is trumped by a Pansy, and if that Afroid is a Pansy in the NFL, then that Nigger trumps a Christian Nigger, as this would be analyzed by Chris Rock, as only blacks can call each other Niggers.

What the meaning of this is then, is that an Afroid and or Nigger like Tony Dungy, an Obama voter, is not given a pass, as being someone who has a feces scented penis is higher on the political evolutionary scale than someone who spouses "christian" beliefs.

As this is analyzed here on the Lame Cherry, it means that voting for Obama provides no license nor penance, as the only license in this world is being a sodomite.

We saw this in Clipper NBA, the Slavic Jew who was speaking about the Nigger Magic Johnson, who has HIV from anal sex with males, with Clipper's half Niggeress, who was dating Nigger Johnson who had designs to steal Clipper's NBA team, was destroyed by the NBA, the Obama regime, the leftists, the Afroids and .......oh the media propaganda, for stating he did not want a Nigger stealing his NBA team.

So we now know, that in the liberal sphere, the Nigger race, the Hymie race, are inferior to the Sodom race or Butt Sex or Feces Penis Scented race.
I must place a caveat here, as there is no record of lesbian standing in any of this in latex scented vulvas, as either no one cares about them, Ellen is too ugly like Rosie to notice like Oprah like Gayle like Muchelle Obama, or the lesbian is chattel and has no standing in what appears to be a male pissing contest in and out of sports.

All of this caste is so very important in a feudal state of Obama's 21st century, as sin used to be not championed and being a Negroid and a "Jew" were matters that Christians desired to uplift in evangelizing.

In review of this, we have males engaged in butt sex on top in the leftist order. (As only limited data is available until this is expressed by Nancy Pelosi and or the image of Barack Obama, we do not know where Latin Invaders and Pedophiles stand in this ranking, but it is gleaned on the data, that a Pedophile, that is a male or female who rapes children, has higher standing than a homosexual male, and we do know that with Latins replacing the black welfare state in the genocide of blacks in America, that the Mexican ranks higher than the Afroid.
We see this as Rachel Raye is the new spokestwat for Obamacare now that Oprah Winfrey has parted ways with the image of Obama.........but it is analyzed that a Mexican sodomite would have higher evolutionary standing than a Nigger sodomite.....and therefore some professing "christian" Latin who was not all backdoor for sodomy like Tony Dungee would have higher standing than Dungee if they were homophobes."

In review again, the leftist standings are pedophiles, sodomites, and then there are like Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi "white", in which no one knows their sexual proclivities in their proclivities, and then there is a like 87% asianish and 13% blackish type, like the image of Obama. This is not to state that Asians have higher standing in this, but only an Asian passing as an Afroid who is a leftist.

Where was I?

So there is pedophiles, sodomites, leftist whites, Designer Negroes and yes Designer Latinos, the Latins, and the blacks, then maybe comes Hillary Clinton, Muchelle Obama and Ellen DeGenneris....with Ellen surpassing Muchelle probably on race, but in a tie for ugly, as appearance in this does not matter apparently in the pecking or picking order.
Then maybe come Asians not designed as Negroes.

I am pondering now if you had Heinz Ward who is Korean Black pitted against Tony Dungee who is Caucasian Black, what the order is in this, as both are Steelers under Obama voter owner who got a political ambassadorship to Ireland, just who would have higher standing in the Age of Obama?
This is difficult as Heinz is apparently named after 57 Sauce, or the right wing Heinz family, but Heinz was assassinated, and his white African wife from German Tanganyika or something got the cash, and is now under bondage of John Kerry, in the lovely Theresia.
So is Heinz Ward penalized for being named for white folks who are right wing, or is all that negated now that Mrs. Kerry is married to a Sodom promoter in John Kerry? I am considering that Tony Dungee being a "christian" is just too large of obstacle for him to overcome as an evil, so Heinz Ward probably could say, "I don't like dick turds", and he would be accepted, providing of course Tony Dungee said something like, "A sodomite athlete has to earn his position on a team just like normal people".

Perhaps none of this matters once you get down to lesbians, as chattel are .....well like dogs and as PETA never said that a lesbian is a lizard is a dog..........oh but they did say a boy, so a human boy is equal to an animal, but lesbians are less than dogs.

This is eye opening in PETA which relies on so much lesbian flesh in anti nuclear, pro Obama and other leftist rallies, apparently has stated that indeed dogs, cats and parrots are higher on the leftist scale than lesbians.
So Bobama the dog has higher standing than the horse faced Muchelle with a two zip code sized ass.

So in review, the leftist standing is pedophiles, sodomites, Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid whitish leftist types, Designer Negroes who perhaps are being negated to lesbian status along with exterminated Afroids in the west by the Obama regime, Latins, dogs and then I think that Asians are higher than lesbians and dogs, as Obama bowed to them, but he never got on his knees for Muchelle or bowed to Bobama.
So perhaps on this clue, you got Latins, Asians, near extinct Afroids, and then come dogs and parrots, followed by lesbians.

Then of course come Christians, Patriots, Veterans and Americans.......white Americans.

"I do not know where Bill Clinton mistress named "the energizer" fits in this, as she is obviously on top of Bill Clinton and Hillary Clinton is under her, as the energizer bad mouths Hillary's Secret Service while giving good head to Bill's Secret Service........"

- Lame Cherry

That was enough Inspired double entendre to be quoted, as with these political rapes on the Clinton's it is evident that those on the right and left bending them over as here it comes again to submarine them.

Ronald Kessler's new book out on August 5th reveals the energizer as much as Kessler's revelations about Obama's Secret Service was employing Latin prostitutes.

We leave this though in the NOW realization as much as NARAL in the Dick Turd race is higher in standing than the race whose rubber scented twats is below dogs, and just another monetary crop to harvest in medical revenues for the leftists.


For whom the bell Tolls

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

I oft times overlook that God has grown me to a Spiritual point which is beyond others, as I have rammed my head into the wall and had my soul raped enough, that I naturally just leave atomic waste alone. I have though been through the same hurts, pains, fury, vengeance and all the emotions which make up the human psyche in having been exposed to the cesspool of satan.

TL mentioned that I should repeat what has been written of here often enough, that when the sinner dies........and you will notice I did not say EVIL PEOPLE, so you sinners and rejectors of Christ will think this is not about you, but when hurtful sinners die, they have chosen one of two ends.

First end is if you had God's Holy Spirit in you, in being saved, that you continued on in your sin, you are going to be in Gehenna, the perpetual lake of fire, tormented with other dark spirits like yourself eternally. This is the the worm that dieth not and eternal death.

Second end is you are a vacuous soul void of the Holy Ghost in either being too lazy, self serving sinful or arrogant, wherby you will be destroyed body and soul in the Lake of Fire or Gehenna, which torments spirits unlike God. This is the ashes under the souls of the Saint's feet.

I frankly do not care about any of them of any of this. As I have learned the hard way, what wretches people are in the majority and my Grandpa who I used think was too hard of a man, was absolutely right when he would tell people once to be careful, and if they were thinking they could handle sin, then when it ruined them, that was their fault and responsibility, and he was not going to be nursing them along to betray him again.

TL and I were watching Charles Dickens, The Pickwick Papers, which most of you have heard of, and like al of me had never bothered with it. What the story is, is about a successful English businessman and his associates, as they as English idiots move through life getting into all sorts of idiot trouble.
One shoots the other on a grouse hunt, one has affections for a woman and both are deceived by an actor who runs off with the woman, Pickwick trying to help his maid, gets the wires crossed where she thinks he is proposing to her, and then sues him for breach, and Pickwick ends up in prison as he will not pay the judgement, but in the end does, when the woman is thrown in prison by her lawyers for not paying her bills to them.
The reason I bring all of this up, is Pickwick is the person I have told every person to MIRROR IN ACTIONS. Not in being stupid, but in Pickwick at the end of the story, manifests what a person with wealth is to be like in actions.
He retires and needs servants, so he helps his valet to marry a maid which the valet loves, and then raises them to a living by being his caretakers. His one friend marries an orphan without money, who is promised to another man.......and Pickwick settles it so no duel is fought, and intercedes with the friend's father to make them a happy family. Pickwick would have even assisted in making a living for his friend in business if it had not worked out.

The point is Pickwick was not throwing money away, but he helped even the actor in prison who was reformed to one last chance and the actor promised to repay him. He helped the woman who sued him, and he helped the people who had been faihtful friends to him. That is Christian charity in it's God given form of the Good Samaritan. God does not expect you to throw money away, but to invest it, and that means not kicking people who harmed you when they are down, but if God moves you, to at least send them on their way not with a memory of hatred, which may be repaid on you later when you fall.
Yes people can be asses that you help and they do forget. Rich people also think they are in investing money in others, think they can then dictate how that helped person lives. All you have is at the beginning a lecture of they are helped once, and if they blow it, they will have no more opportunities with you, and to know that they are then responsible for not turning into asses like most rich people are in trusting in money.

You never have figured out why the Founders put IN GOD WE TRUST on the American currency have you? It is because they were preaching the message that a human trusts in God and not money, as money always fails and destroys the human without placing God first.

As I began this, I really do not care about any of this, as I have learned the lesson too often, and I get inflicted upon far too often in my possessions harmed or my animals killed, because someone I know has decided to jump into the cesspool to think they can clean up someone elses shit pit or that they can bathe in excrement and it will not rub off, and then I get toxic backwash and I have to suffer through it, without going into a rage over the hurt of innocent things being destroyed.

The reality which all of you have to comprehend is when you are in the hell you chose, no one is going to remember you, whether you are in torment or oblivion ashes. No one is going to care. The same God Who can not look upon sin, is not going to be hearing or seeing those in hell anymore than He is deaf and blind to those written off now.
No one is going to care, no one is going to know, as all of these past things will be remembered no more. The damned will be locked in the torment of themselves and cut off forever from God's Peace. I did not write the Script this way, but it is what it is, and I honestly do not care about any of this, as long as this refuse is away from me and I no longer have to deal with any of them and their drama.

I am at the Spiritual place of desiring only God's Peace. I have fury when this garbage of sin dares to enter into my world in gossips to direct or indirect attacks. I pray for God's Judgment on them to their being wiped out and for America and this world to be cleansed of all of this poison, while the children of God are protected.

Leopards do not change their spots, dogs always go back to vomit and people always think they are better than the absolute filth they are.

I am wearied of the message and I am fatigued of you, as you sinners will not listen or change. That should be the worst warning sign in where this is initiating when the conduit being worked through by God is pleading to cast you all off and for God to pour out His wrath and fury to consume every last one of you as I have learned the lesson of what reprobates each of you are, and the sooner you are terrified by the grim reaper, the better it is for all.

The propaganda in this seared world is to hate the sin and love the sinner. All that does is enable more sin. The correct Christian journey now is to hate all sin and to cut themselves off from the sinner. Condemn not and you will not be condemned for this is God's Authority to condemn, but discern the sinner and depart from them and the sin to never have contact again.

I will not willingly address this ever again. It is your ignorance now to learn thes things the hard way, to your great harm, the destruction of your things and the deaths of things you love, so you will have scorched into you the lesson of sin and sinners.

I will turn the other cheek for a Christian, pray for God to cause a sinner to repent as the worst type of affliction upon that sinner and to prove I am God's, but I will with ease shove the sinner out of the life God has given me, so as to not afflict me or others I love, as that is my responsibility in protecting them.

I pray that God has had enough of this heaped up sinful world and Christ will return to obliterate the greater portion of it as the Prophecies predict in the End Times.
Most of you are going to be in hell, as many are called but few are chosen. You are deluded though by deceiving yourselves how wonderful you are, but are vacuous of God.
So be gone from me, you workers of iniquity, and be chained to my Master's Judgment. I do not condemn nor accuse you, for you have the volume of your sinful existences as testimony against you, and the cries of the thousands you have harmed.

Do not ask for whom the bell tolls
For it only tolls for thee
Do not question it calls your name
For judgment is your destiny

"Beware the Christian woman's fury, for in righteous indignation, that tempest plays within God's heart."

- Lame Cherry

"Do not deceive yourselves that you are in a world of a baby Jesus coming to die for your sins, for instead you are being birthed into a world of the End Times where you will die for your sins."

- Lame Cherry

nuff said

agtG 247

30 pound of Steel

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.....

What would you do without iron or steel, and what would you do to produce your own?

It would puzzle most people to know that the Indian Raj, Porus, presented to Alexander the Great, 30 pounds of steel as a gift fitting for an Emperor.

There is a difference between iron and steel as much as coal and diamonds. Iron was a commodity of smelting or refining in heat with flux as was gold and all metals, but iron was an imperfection as half the metal was left in the slag by early wood pit methods, and it was only with the advent of coal that this slag was drawn from again.
In iron, there is reality that as one attempts to extract the more from it, that it degrades which makes it porous and interupts it's strands in the strength of it.

It was the advent of the blast furnace which revolutionized the world to steel from iron, as steel became the pure form which iron never was. Cast iron was black, but steel would be blue and contain in it the thing of the revolution of mankind.

The 1850 period in the world was much like the 1920 period in the world in the planet changed from wood to metal, and from horse to engine. Ships would be of wood and find themselves facing spitzer shells which could blow holes through them. Likewise the war horse would face the engine of the tank for it's slaughter.

These ages of mankind were transforming periods. The revolution from stone to bronze took thousands of years. It would be one thousand more years from bronze to iron. Mankind would then await almost 2 thousand years for the age of steel and with it within a generation enter the age of the engine.
The next transformation was the computer age which was an advancement not on physical strength by mental power.

The last age of mankind will be the Age of the failed Immortals in the attempt at the Tree of Life.

I wonder of this in Alexander receiving 30 pounds of steel which was worth more than an army. Swords at 2 pounds a piece would mean 15 swords, more powerful, keeping a whetted edge and stronger. This would be an ultimate weapon and would net nations in the cause of empire.

Steel just does not happen. One has to smelt iron first and then the process for steel making takes place.

"The process by which the iron is converted into steel is as follows, and fully accounts for that peculiar quality for which the Indian steel is valued.

The iron is cut into pieces and packed closely in a crucible of clay, containing about 1 lb . only of the iron , mixed with a tenth part of dried wood cut small, the whole covered over with green leaves. The crucible is then stopped, by covering the mouth with tempered clay, so as to effectually exclude the air. After a time that is, as soon as the clay-plugs are sufficiently hard, from twenty to thirty of the crucibles are built up in an arched form placed in a small blast furnace, and kept covered with charcoal; thus being subjected to the heat of the furnace for two or three hours. The process is then complete. As soon as the crucibles are cool, they are broken open and the cakes of steel are found rounded at the bottom.

The top of the cakes should be found covered with striƦ, radiating from a centre, and be free from holes or rough projections. If the cakes are honeycombed, the process has been imperfect and incomplete. When re-melted and tilted into rods, a very superior article has been the result.

The natives prepare the cakes for being drawn into bars, by annealing them for several hours in a small charcoal furnace, excited by bellows; the current of air being made to play upon the cakes while turned over before it, whereby a portion of the combined carbon is dissipated and the steel probably softened: without which operation the cakes would break in drawing them. They are drawn by a hammer of only a very few pounds weight, but the repeated hammering greatly tends to the production of a highly condensed and perfect article."

William Greener. Gunnery in 1858 / Being a Treatise on Rifles, Cannon, and Sporting Arms