Saturday, March 28, 2015


As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

The blaming of this German, co pilot in Lubitz is interesting in this blog stands by in what is becoming manufactured evidence being provided to the Dusseldorf Prosecutor, in an attempt to 451 F this guy.

It is easy to smear the dead, as they are not around to defend themselves. It is in that, this blog is not going to allow that to take place.

In the current misinformation, Lubitz is seeing a doctor and getting permission slips to get out of work.....but he is ripping them up to fly. That is the story. There were not any permission slips. They were planted, and are as bogus as the story that the pilot was chopping down the door with an axe.........axes on Airbus jets are IN THE COCKPIT and not outside it.

This Lubitz did see the was for VD.

There was a flight attendant in that cockpit with him, and it was her who locked the door.

This is all about covering up the reality that this Airbus crashed from a defective old computer and was not "crashed by the pilot who had barracaded himself into the cockpit."
That is the AP lie of Mockingbird as no one can barracade themselves in any cockpit. There is nothing to barracade with. The doors after 9 11 were all hardened to stop anyone from getting in.

This is more interesting to me in how the conglomerate of Europe is destroying this man, without any evidence and skewing every bit of information to damn him, on absolutely nothing.

You just remember children, they do this to this Lubitz they will do the same thing to you when the time comes.

Give that a go.


Pleistocene Park


As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

The worst of things is that Jurassic Park was less interesting than the reality of the Americas which was discovered by Dr. Francisco Moreno of Argentina in an expedition to Patagonia at the beginning of the 20th century.
I quote President Theodore Roosevelt on the discovery which has now been lost to fiction.

At one period, in connection with his duties as a boundary commissioner on the survey between Chile and the Argentine, he worked for years in Patagonia. It was he who made the extraordinary discovery in a Patagonian cave of the still fresh fragments of skin and other remains of the mylodon, the aberrant horse known as the onohipidium, the huge South American tiger, and the macrauchenia (a sort of llama that looked like an Asian Saiga. Charles Darwin discovered the first evidence of the species.), all of them extinct animals. This discovery showed that some of the strange representatives of the giant South American Pleistocene fauna had lasted down to within a comparatively few thousand years, down to the time when man,

Theodore Roosevelt. Through the Brazilian Wilderness

Think of a world in America, which had not just Saber Toothed Tigers, but llamas with tapir type snouts, the giant ground sloth, wooly mammoths, mastodons, and the Onohipidium which was nothing like the conventional norm of what a horse was or is.

Hunters of the Recent Past - Page 357 - Google Books Result
Leslie B. Davis, ‎Brian O.K. Reeves - 2014 - ‎Social Science
Extinguished species Megatherium americanum (giant sloth) 2* Equus cf. E. (Amerhippus) (Am. horse) 3% Hippidion-Onohipidium (American horse) 2 ..
 The world was so very diverse from what it is now in just a few years of Noah's boat gracing Turkish mountains. What a world of adventure it would have been, and Dr. Moreno literally is recorded to have found preserved, as in fresh skin and remnants of these animals. Oh to have the opportunity to exercise that DNA for a 9 foot sloth.

There were records of wooly mammoths still alive as specimens were found in the Arctic, in much smaller version, in the European exploration there. It makes one wonder, just where in the tundra or permafrost, or even some mountain a cavern houses some preserved DNA which could resurrect several species.

I am certain dinosaurs tasted like chicken, but I much prefer  furry things. For the few known extinct species, I wonder what was washed away as there certainly were more than one big cat, a hairy elephant, a big woodchuck, a long necked llama and a long nosed horse in the Americas.
There certainly had to be other nutritious things like some giant deer things along with those now gone camels.

Just a visit from the past and how I would still like to mount an expedition to the recesses not yet touched by humans.

Of course, where in this world are Dr. Moreno's DNA samples and who has them.


Friday, March 27, 2015

Target America


As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

The following is something the Kristi Noem GOP out of Washington has been bragging about and of course none of you Drudge heads are going to know a thing about it.

See there are two strategic bomber facilities in America, one in Texas and two in the Dakotas. Ellsworth is the bird station for B1s on primary non nuclear bombing campaigns. Minot is the SAC base or the nuclear wing. The northern wing trains out of the Powder River Basin in Wyoming.

Earlier this week, the Federal Aviation Administration gave final approval of the Air Force’s plan to expand the Powder River Training Complex that will be used by Ellsworth Air Force Base in South Dakota and Minot Air Force Base in North Dakota.  With this announcement, the critical airspace is scheduled to become effective later this year.

The B-1 bombers at Ellsworth Air Force Base near Rapid City are serving a mission-critical role as the U.S. takes on ISIL and other major threats.  The airmen flying those bombers (as well as the B-52 Stratofortress bombers) should have a training complex that can sufficiently prepare them for success in the field.  The expanded Powder River Training Complex can accomplish that. 

In total, this complex will be a 28,000 square mile training area (about the size of South Carolina), making it one of the largest complexes of its kind in the country.  And because the training can be done near the bases that use it most – instead of in the southern U.S. where it’s done now – it protects hardworking taxpayers with $23 million in fuel savings for the Air Force every year.
Let me interpret the above so it makes sense to all you children. These bombers have been blowing up Islamocommunists who have not signed on to the Obama dope trade. They do not like being blown up. The reality is that Obama's ISIS in publishing military names for assassination has nothing to do with that. What Obama's ISIS is doing is training other terror groups by example to hunt down and murder Americans in America.

I realize they got more drones flying around out there now than flies on a pile of cow shit, but all the same, those things are worthless when it comes to terrorists among the sheep.

That is the point in this in the Dakotas, Wyoming and Montana are full of guns, but they are also full of oil wells which have you noticed have enriched Wall Street while plundering the oil shale region in America. The terrorists are being deprived of billions of dollars as are their regimes. The image Obama can have them handle the dope trade but nothing makes up for those oil revenues lost. If it gets to the point those terrorists are going to be following those bombers back to the Dakota region, and looking for things to blow up and for people to murder. Welcome to becoming a Western target of Obama's Eastern terrorists.

If you need a further translation, the air force would not be ramping up in seizing more American land unless they were training for more long range strategic bomber missions. That list is now a host of nuclear countries from Russia, China, North Korea, Iran, who are all connected to the Islamocommunists who are following the image of B Hussein Obama back inside America.

Those nations are now arming greater arsenals of nuclear weapons under the Obama watch as Obama has disarmed America of strategic nuclear weapons in reducing their arsenal. That is the reality in this. There is a great big sky in flyover country and when the cartel group decides to jack up oil prices, they are not going to attack Muslim oil fields, but as a 9 11 they will attack American interests.

I just thought I would let you know that things have changed in the US military and it is now preparing for more strategic bombing runs in more strikes and wars which America is being manipulated into. So enjoy your gulag as the first attacks will of course be coastal in WMD's with the heartland being secondary strategic soft targets, all thanks to the Obama regime and the Berliner boys. We now return you to Rush Limbaugh telling you about tampon sizes covered in Taco Cruz's Obamacare signup.


German Flapperwing Crash Intrigue

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

I am certain by now there is confusion in the minds of the loyal and outright delight in the curses of the brats in the Lame Cherry was "wrong" on the German Flapperwing Jet crash. I return though to the Boston Blow Job in this blog was right in the North Koreans, instigated by Eric Holder, were behind this event and the regime initiated a cover up that reality, that this blog stands by the German jet crashed not from deliberate pilot action, but from a computer malfunction.

I go by inquiry. I will reveal a little about the process which I use as a seer to divine information which appears here at times. There is a matrix or a electrical charge or ocean of thought which is generated in the Spiritual, spiritual and from each of you. This energy aura communicates and there is a constant chatter in this, of each of you communicating with each other in feelings and yes, ghosts, Angels and demons all knowing things, and all knowing gossip of events.

Large events which are staged, have front channel pushes of lies, meant to cover up the Truth. There is a reality in this, when you are told by the media that "something is this way", that the collective starts repeating it and a false signature belief appears.

In this German Flapperwing Jet crash, there was not any front channel or back channel, as people did not know in the mass, nor was their a staged event polluting the information flow. I am adept enough in this, that I can tell when energy flows are not real and are being skewed. It is though a matter that the matrix speaks, and that message of the collective does weigh heavy and "is the known information".

When I started the inquiry in this, the reads were standard as I had assumed terrorism, but none was apparent. There was a slight shift in the understanding of the elements of the crash, but it all pointed to a computer malfunction and no one was aware the plane was going down.

On further inquiry when the knocking pilot story appeared, something did start coming out definite, and the focal point in this, was that the co pilot who is being blamed for deliberately crashing this jet, DID NOT LOCK THE DOOR.
Each time, it was certain that a flight attendant locked that cockpit door.

I stand by the mile high club story, that there was an understanding where the co pilot and a flight attendant were going to engage in oral sex when cruise altitude was reached. This is why the pilot left the cockpit.
There was a cocktail mix of heroin involved in this in the flight attendant and the co pilot. This incapacitated them and it is why the pilot was knocking on the door, lightly at first, as he was trying to embarrass the two, and later when there was no response, the pilot attempted forced entry.

I will point to a common sense reality of forensic human nature and it is this. Whenever any human is engaged in making a grande exit, as in large bombs, large guns or large demonstrations of power, they make statements to let the world know what is taking place, as they are in trauma and want credit for their action, as it is the last action in desperation to gain control.
They are never silent, and that co pilot was silent........which tends to the Lame Cherry reality of the co pilot was incapacitated with the flight attendant.

This progresses now in the jumping to conclusions that the co pilot crashed this plane, and why it would be manufactured as such. Sean Hannity had on a guest pilot the first day this took place, and immediately after this blog posted that inquiry was pointing to some computer problem.
Mr. Hannity's guest stated that one other Airbus, had gone to altitude, and the computer immediately went into a desent and the pilots could not gain control of the plane.

I had no idea this condition existed in Airbus, but that is the reality. It is a reality that the Airbus brand name has been crashing in odd events for some time, including terror events, which were explained away.
All of Europe will lose an entire air fleet if it is known that their jets are malfunctioning in being too old. There is only Russian planes and Boeing to fill that gap, and Airbus will be finished.
It is deemed more expedient to blame a co pilot without any evidence for the good of a trillion dollar industry for European jobs, than to state the fact that Airbus is a danger.

Measures are moving toward compensating for all of this in dealing with this computer problem, as it is going to be hard to keep blaming pilots for jets crashing.

I have one more common sense thing for you to be aware of so you know you are being lied to. Have you seen the jet crash site? Is there one hole or debris scattered over quite an area?
The debris is scattered as the reality is the jet skimmed at high speed the Alps and broke apart. When a pilot decides to crash a plane, then it is like the Pennsylvania, Twin Towers and Pentagon crashes on 9 11. The jet is in one very small area when a pilot deliberately crashes a jet.
The evidence does not match the story. A co pilot who is determined to crash a jet he is piloting is not going to take 10 minutes in a slow desent, but will choose a steep dive, so some clever pilot can not break down the door and stop the event.

See none of you look at the evidence and know what you are looking at, as you see partial evidence, now being skewed for economic reasons.

The evidence does not match the story being told the public at this time. That means someone is lying. The co pilot had absolutely no terrorism background and no psychological manifestations, nor suicide notes taking credit.

That is the Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter. The story which has manifested is the cover up and blaming this co pilot so Airbus will survive against Boeing.

I hope this is Nuff Said as I dislike being involved in all of this worthless information on the wall.


Thursday, March 26, 2015

Update on the Brier Patch

This is an update of sorts in I ate the wrong appliances again and am feeling nausea today and quite unplugged when I should be resting, so think of this as Baby Belle meets a need  for reality.

I will repeat again that I only have DIAL UP at 28 kbs. Those who have high speed internet overlook that. As an example, when I log into Hotmail, it takes about 3 minutes to get to the first page which IS NOT HOTMAIL, but a warning page that my browser is too old and I should update it. That is the problem as I can not update my tower as it requires two Windows package updates which would take weeks to download.
The plan was to piggyback off my laptop for an update, but when I checked the retailers were all out of that USB conduit and since then I have been too busy to look.

Clinking on the ignore link, it then takes another 3 minutes to reach the IN BOX, which is not loaded fully for another 5 minutes, and then the spiders play cute with me, and will reload the page a few times, so just to get to hotmail inbox takes around 12 to 15 minutes each time.
As you can witness, when the inbox is overflowing, there is a new problem in my laptop will jam and not even load the page so I can open anything. I am not meaning to be lecturing, but you have to realize that when one person is sending me around 30 emails in 12 hours, that it jams the entire system. It takes around 5 minutes to load an email, so when you tally up the numbers....

3 minutes to log in, 12 minutes to reach inbox, 5 more minutes for an email, that one person is taking 165 minutes or over two and one  half hours, which is time I do not have nor the energy.
I do not mind hearing from anyone, and gladly pray for them or help in any way I can, but it is an issue that those people are being neglected when over a dozen emails are coming in from individuals.

As a help, there  is a site like this one, for those who have things to express, and people can open an account for free, and post all they have to say. I simply can not deal with this as it has jammed the system and requires hours to try and remedy each day.

For the rest of the day, Ned, that is the goatikins who was sick, died yesterday morning. He has been having a rough time of it, and I will post more on  this Nubian Wasting Disease, which is what I named it, as no one knows anything about it. I feel really bad about Ned dying, from relief he is not suffering to guilt over Ned things. As Mom said, it certainly is a big empty space out there without him now.

The other goatikins are doing good. The little boys we have in the kennel are currently being hand fed by TL some hay. They both go out to do chores with us twice a day and love it. It would help as it would have for Ned if it was not so damned cold and wet all the time.

Baby Belle has officially almost lost her title of Turdy Belle. She comes to TL now and blinks at us with those big brown eyes. I honestly lost her this morning as she was standing in the shadow of Daisy. I will try and get some pictures when it warms up, but she is a real minature and about 1/3rd the size now of Daisy.
Nearest we can tell Belle is about 7 months old, and is barely mid thigh high. She is still getting over those ringworm spots on her ears.

Daisy is healed up, her cyst either disappeared or absorbed. She is large and as light as Jackie Gleason dancing around her pen. I hope to have them both out to larger pen when the sun shines and it stops snowing.

I have been busy on LC things in making a new trapping and snaring system which I will have to implement to control predators around here....along with designing a 3 point hitch for an Allis Chalmers which needs to be assembled as I thank God have access to a tractor for the summer gardening finally, and with that we probably will be able to eat.

My Bible reading this morning from the Holy Ghost was about that Ethiopian who saved Jeremiah from the pit. I take it to mean that besides my life being saved, that those who have been Faithful to God and Good to me, will escape from what is ahead in those years to come, will walk out with their life and nothing more.

So that is the deal, Ned died, so I had an extra 20 minutes today to update all of you as to what is going on around here. That will be allocated to other things in the following days as I keep busy. There will hopefully be a two hour trip to pick up some turkeys from a rancher who I had Mom call, and he said he would try and catch a gobbler as he had 300 of them. I need him as June sits under our feet needing to be bred, which makes her especially friendly in the extreme as she sits to be petted and purrs.

I want to say something to all of you though to do for yourselves. When my Beloved Uncle almost died of an exploded artery in his brain, he decided to live his life as it was short. That was a good thing as 12 years later he was dead in a few months from brain cancer.
I watch each of you, and note that a myriad of you, glom onto Hillary Rodham stories, but could care less about a trapper in Pennsylvania who lived a God Inspired life.
You have got to stop each of you running and gunning for the gossip, thinking it empowers you, and being addicted to knowing something first. Life is not this internet, cell phones, television or whatever else you are wasting your time on in mindless sports.

You have to live your life. Do things you like or find things you like and do them. For me, I can not afford things, but I like hunting, fishing, trapping.......gardening I can afford, and I build things as my main things. God keeps me busy so I do not get bored. That Allis 3 point is a delight, but it took 5 hours in my slow internet with the Holy Ghost figuring things out, just to get things sorted out in theory. This is going to help the thousands of people with Allis tractors who do not have this 3 point as no one apparently was Inspired to lead the way.
You do not have to lead the way in anything though. You just need to do things you like and enjoy, not to obsession like Obama's image and golf, but just to delight you as you are validated in God. I would be off doing things and writing about them for all of you if I could afford it, as it would teach you a number of things. I was chosen for this moment to reach a number of you and I appreciate each of you, but knowing what lies the cartel is producing today is not doing you any good as the focus is on liars and not God or the things in this world He created to delight you.

I honestly think now that goats are not animals most people should have. When they get sick, they die like sheep and leave scars like dogs on your inward parts. Cattle are more forgiving in being sick as they do get up at times when down. It is though worth a great deal of tears to have these little guys doing what goats act out like which they will be doing as soon as I close this out.
A goat sort of bucks, prances like Pepe le Pew, runs sideways, in a combination which always makes me laugh  as they love life so very much and express it.......when they are not fighting every day for the same spot to lay down in or bunting the other for attention or yelling they need to be fed, or acting like a spin washer chasing each other's tails in a two by four foot pen.
You have got to go live your life, even if it is just sitting under a tree sitting there.

Well the whirlpool has started in the pen and I have to get moving, as it is almost chore time without Ned to take care of, but that leaves time for the living in more time for them.