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As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

In the study of the German Genocide as instigated by Great Britain, France and agreed to by the United States, often the catch phrase in America had to do with the threat of "Prussian Militarism", as Theodore Roosevelt would rant about, this war was a protection against militarism for the civilized world.

From Washington, October 30th, 1918, President Woodrow Wilson, cabled privately his war representative in Europe, Colonel House, the following, as the British were against Wilson's provision of freedom of the seas, and the Italians were against Wilsons entire 14 points, with the French questioning various parts too.

In this, it should be known that Colonel House was going to blackmail the allies, by having Wilson cut off finance, food etc... and remove American Troops under the guise of "influenza evacuation" if these allies did not submit to all of Wilson's 14 Points of a new world order, coming from the American New World.

The quote from Wilson is telling:

"because we are pledged to fight not only to do away with Prussian militarism but with militarism everywhere."

Herbert Hoover. The Ordeal Of Woodrow Wilson

The definition of MILITARISM is as follows: A political orientation of a people or a government to maintain a strong military force and to be prepared to use it aggressively to defend or promote national interests.

I focus on the hipocracy of this all in the Americans in this, for Theodore Roosevelt was advocating a massive standing army after the war, and Woodrow Wilson had created a massive standing army of 3 million to defend and promote his international interests.

Franklin Roosevelt created another massive army as Herbert Hoover literally implemented the spirit of the League of Nations, and since 1941, America has been nothing but a political organization of militantism in the Military Industrial Complex, as it degraded into the Clinton Obama Socio Conglomerate Complex.

What has the Obama regime been in the 21st century but the very definition of militarism in creating a system of mass murder and trading nations as pawns for political ends.

These are the things which Woodrow Wilson idealized, and they sound a more perfect order, but when Germany was destroyed from it's Christian status in two world wars, deliberately started and inflicted upon her for militarism, then why is it that America in direct violation of these leftist ideologies, had leftists literally building a massive military to inflict on other nations.

If one reviews the militantism of these United States in direct violation of George Washington doctrines of no foreign entanglements, who was it that started World War I but new world order, Woodrow Wilson.
Who started World War II for America? New world order Harry Truman.
Who started Korea? Harry Truman.
Who started Vietnam? John Kennedy in his leftist new world order.
Who started Iraq I? New world order spokesman George H.W. Bush.
Who started Iraq II? New world order child George W. Bush.
Who started the Muslim par dux wars? New world order agent Barack Hussein Obama.

It is pure heinous for history or those using Germany as a point of all evil, when the United States whose talking points was being against miltarism, has been nothing but militarism in violating George Washington's mandates.

If German militarism, without a Navy to invade or project power to transport troops, was such a threat to civilization, which one contemplates that Germany had more advanced protection of workers in their rights than America or the allies, and colonial conditions for German holdings was far better than England, France, Italy or America, as proof the Germans never had any uprisings against them, as the allies did, then where was this threat to "civilization"?
Was Goethe, Wagner, Martin Luther a group of savages or were the Germans in their Guttenberg Press, an enlightened people enlightening the world?

I am not going to be drawn into this propaganda by a debate as it is plain that Germany was destroyed, because she was a competitor to Italy, France, England and America financially, and the Fatherland was so industrious, it would have risen to a power displacing England, contending with America, and gaining control over central Europe, and the vast Russian resources which the cartel intended to exploit and which they did in murdering the Czar.

I place this here to absolutely prove the innocense of Germany, and the hipocracy of Woodrow Wilson, Theodore Roosevelt, Herbert Hoover and Franklin Roosevelt, as they were the very definition of militancy.

So you comprehend this, it was Republicans who assisted Wilson in his war, as Democrats of that era were against it. And so you comprehend this, there were Republicans led by Henry  Cabot Lodge who wanted no foreign entanglements, but were betrayed by Theodore Roosevelt and Herbert Hoover progressing this action for "Americanism" and for the financiers.
Do not be bogged down in this in blaming Republicans or Democrats. This was an issue of these intellectuals who in their visions of godhood accused Germans of the very thing these American patricians were lusting to build.

Just so you comprehend how heinous this was. German territory was Alsace Lorraine. Wilson took that from them as the French has stolen it. As Wilson lectured on this, he literally for Poland, carved off half of Germany in Prussia and gave that to the Poles.
The Poles in turn changed all the German names to Polish. It would be as if China carved off Texas, Arizona, Colorado, Nevada, New  Mexico and Arizona and gave it to Mexico and the Mexicans changed all the names.
*No need for China to do this as the intellectuals through the Ford Foundation are invading America now for the same genocide as the Germans experienced in a new American Genocide.

Prussian Militarism was no threat to civilization. It was a rightful contender to the Rothschild financiers and these American patricians who were intent on global domination, which is an absolute evil.

The problem has been this bastardized American Militarism by these patrician militants serving the cartel aristocracy and financiers as it has ruined America politically, militarily, medically, financially and emotionally by design, and the 21st manifestation of Designer Negro in the image of Barack Hussein Obama is the most militant types of cancer upon the body politic.

Yes Germany was accused of militarism, when she only started building up her military when being starved to death after the Gentleman's Agreement of 1897 between England, France and America to destroy Lutheran Germany.

The threat to America is from the inside, as the insiders have taken control of a Republic and made it an assassin feudal regime. That is the problem.


Lindbergh Brilliance

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

"This is a war over the balance of power in Europe a war brought about by the desire for strength on the part of Germany and the fear of strength on the part of England and France."

Colonel Charles Lindbergh

In this sound assessment Charles Lindbergh defined what the world war was about. He astutely assessed that Hitler would not live forever, and that Germans would reform just as Mao did not live forever  and the Chicom became capitalist to survive.

This is sound in the white race should never fight amongst itself as it does far too often. This is vital to understand that the olive skinned Slavic is one who should be championed as a bulwark against the Muslim and against the Chinese for the security of the Euro American Australasian races.
This may sound racist, but as SAARS and MERS have proven, as much as the Black Death proved, one genus of humans, is a deadly situation like the Spanish Pig Flu. For the sake of humanity, all races must be preserved in numbers where they are not being overrun by another race as the cartel is breaking down national identities with Mexican, Asian and Muslim imports to western lands.

It is the absolute reality in the current Eurasian entanglement that it is an issue of the OBAMAPEANS will to dictate to the extermination of the Russian peoples to again reward Muslims as in Kosovo over Serbian Christians in Kosovo and Chinese in the east, while Russia again is plundered of energy and resources for this same Obamapean cartel of the old order.

As Colonel Lindbergh stated, his standing against these entanglements had nothing against any nation or race, but had to do with PUTTING AMERICA FIRST as that should always be American policy, and to allow these foreigners to fight their own wars, without Americans dead for that cause.

"I am not attacking either the Jewish or the British people. Both races, I admire. But I am saying that the leaders of both the British and the Jewish races, for reasons which are as understandable from their viewpoint as they are inadvisable from ours, for reasons which are not American, wish to involve us in the war. We cannot blame them for looking out for what they believe to be their own interests, but we also must look out for ours. We cannot allow the natural passions and prejudices of other peoples to lead our country to destruction."

As a reality of the Patriotism of Charles Lindbergh and his American ideals, was that after FDR banned this Hero from serving in the US military slandering him as a "nazi sympathizer", this Minnesota Patriot, served as a civilian combat and as a quality control engineer to help American air power become more efficient.

"In his six months in the Pacific in 1944, Lindbergh took part in fighter bomber raids on Japanese positions, flying 50 combat missions (again as a civilian). His innovations in the use of Lockheed P-38 Lightning fighters impressed a supportive Gen. Douglas MacArthur. Lindbergh introduced engine-leaning techniques to P-38 pilots, greatly improving fuel consumption at cruise speeds, enabling the long-range fighter aircraft to fly longer range missions. The U.S. Marine and Army Air Force pilots who served with Lindbergh praised his courage and defended his patriotism."

The reality is, Americans have now not only a European interest, but also an Asian interest from Japan to Vietnam, to Africa, to Latin America, but the American bond is one of races in Christian morality, and not in the least one of these various political forms, which cause too frequent of friction and interactions leading to terror attacks and war.
If a race can not stand on it's own merit in fighting for itself, then it should fall, and if the regime replacing it, then attacks America, it should then be vaporized to deal with the threat.
The Muslim wars have proven they were designed to bankrupt America. Conventional wars can not be prosecuted cheaply, so it is either WMD effectively used for American security or it is the case of diplomacy not drawing America into wars where America is attacked protecting terror oil or in conflict over Ukraine.

"Our bond with Europe is a bond of race and not of political ideology."

I do not believe that for a moment that his blog will be heeded any more than Colonel Lindbergh was. No one in the majority gives a hoot about the Lame Cherry assessments, nor how right this blog is.
There are patriots who of course support this blog and also cower. The point is there are so few leaders in America now, that this blog is a manifestation of the fact there is no Americanism in America any longer.

"With most of Eastern Europe having fallen under Communist control, Lindbergh believed most of his pre-war assessments were correct all along. But Berg reports after witnessing the defeat of Germany and the Holocaust firsthand shortly after his service in the Pacific, "he knew the American public no longer gave a hoot about his opinions." In 1954 President Dwight D. Eisenhower restored Lindbergh's assignment with the U.S. Air Force and made him a Brigadier General. In that year, he served on the Congressional advisory panel set up to establish the site of the United States Air Force Academy.

In December 1968, he visited the crew of Apollo 8 (the first manned spaceflight to travel to the Moon) the day before their launch. On July 16, 1969, Lindbergh and T. Claude Ryan (previous owner of the Ryan Flying Company that built the Spirit of St. Louis aircraft) were present at Cape Canaveral to watch the launch of Apollo 11.[166] Lindbergh later wrote the foreword for Apollo 11 astronaut Michael Collins's autobiography, Carrying the Fire."

I build upon this a new policy of a reality. America has lost trillions of dollars defending Europe and Asia. American technology has been stolen by China and other nations. Colonel Lindbergh's complaint over Europeans must be revisited in this reality.

"After that war was over, we found ourselves in the position of having financed a large portion of European countries. And when the time came to pay us back, these countries simply refused to do so.

They seized all the German colonies and carved up Europe to suit their fancy. These were the "fruits of war." They took our money and they took our soldiers. But there was not the offer of one Caribbean island in return for the debts they "could not afford to pay."

Based upon the above reality in debts owed to America, the Lame Cherry Doctrine progresses that as Texas and America had right to northern Mexico, that for this horde of illegals invading, America annex the northern Mexican states in payment for this debt. As much as China has been built completely by American technology, the "debt" China holds on America is not a debt in the least, but China owes America fair royalty useage for those American advancements. There are numerous lands such as islands which Europeans hold which should become American assets, and the massive debts for the welfare of Mexicans having been addressed, the same address to the Negroid and Indian issues must be visited with these trillions in debt.
It is past time the reservation system be ended and the unused lands be opened to homestead settlements for development of all those who would work the land. It is the same issue in this perpetual Negroid welfare issue. That is debt and the American Afroid should be offered the choice of their right to return to Africa in 160 acres of land in their nations or return to servant status again as their 98% Obama vote is nothing of a thinking class, but a herd responding to race.

This is the required shake up of the mind, to release thought from the quagmire of massive Ashkenaz debt banking.
Do Mexicans owe America for being here? Of course they do, and Mexico is the American right to that land.
Do Chicoms owe America for their prosperity? Of course they do, and America has right to the royalty of all of those bonds held by China.
Do the Europeans owe America for their security? Of course they do, as it cost Americans trillions in the Cold war.

Lands, royalties and the right of return to Africa for Afroids to prosper them is what is required, as these are hundreds of years of debt owed America or American technology stolen without reparations.

This requires a political movement of Americans taking things back which are rightfully theirs and for Americans to emerge as Americans again. The entire rapine of American finance and techology and peoples, is not something to be offered up free. The FDR mindset which wed to the Bush's and into Obama was internationalism in nation carving, nation building and nation reset, which is the cause of all of this, and the problem of violating George Washington and Charles Lindbergh mandates of no foreign entanglements and not giving away the American store.

Your American, European and Asian minds have been so warped, that you have no idea to your rights of self determination and not to have your futures stolen by an elite feudal few.

It is time to get the bulge on and take it all back, as the Israelites did in leaving Egypt.

Exodus 12:35 - 36

"And the children of Israel did according to the word of Moses; and they borrowed of the Egyptians jewels of silver, and jewels of gold, and raiment: And the LORD gave the people favour in the sight of the Egyptians, so that they lent unto them such things as they required. And they spoiled the Egyptians."

So for all of you uncomfortable with the above, you are standing against God, and there is a solution in this in Israelite American policy.

Americans have every right to take back what was pilfered, stolen and not repaid to them. Americans have a mandate of neutrality and to not be involved in all of this foreign intrigue. You need your mind burnished to this to take off the dullness which you have been tarnished to.

Reset the foreign policy as George Washington mandated. Reset the banks as Andrew Jackson mandated. Reset the finance as Ronald Reagan mandated by Milton Friedman. Reset the Manifest Destiny for Americans as all true Americans were mandated to by God.
Reset all policy for America to Minnesota Patriot Colonel Charles Lindbergh in America First.

nuff said


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7th at the 5th

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

I enjoy clever.

With some writers, I can not get beyond one anecdote without it Inspiring something more by God's Holy Spirit in the historical weave. That is the way it is with General Nelson Appleton Miles, as he is a treasure trove of information in things he cleverly states while praising those he points the finger and as he hints of intrigue in destroying people by the power elite in 19th century America.

I am going to produce a quote here from General Miles and challenge you to see something and explain what it is you are seeing, as it is one of the most vital forensic evidences in the Battle of the Little Big Horn.
I will also provide you with this exclusive, first time in the Lame Cherry in matter anti matter hints, that General Miles repeatedly in his memoirs REFUSED to term the Little Big Horn as a "massacre".
If the entire slaughter of a command was not a massacre, then exactly what was it, that so vehemently moved Nelson Miles to deny what it was being stated as?

""Horrible." The journals announced that a good part of General Custer's command of the Seventh Cavalry had been annihilated on the Little Big Horn in Montana. Custer's command was very popular with the citizens of that region. The news of this massacre, as it was called, created intense excitement and sympathy."

Miles, Nelson Appleton, 1839-1925.

The massacre as it was being called in the press, but not as General Miles defined it, was apparently something more, and again if a mass of people is savagely slaughtered in combat, it is a massacre, unless of course other forces set them up to be mass assassinated. Then it is murder.

This though is your quote to see if you can see something concerning the much later battle with the Nez Perce as it reveals a great deal of the Little Big Horn.


"Our success was not without serious loss. Captain Hale and Lieutenant Biddle, with twenty soldiers, were killed; Captains Moylan and Godfrey, Lieutenant Romeyn, and Assistant Adjutant-General Baird and twenty-eight soldiers were wounded. In the charge Captain Carter had thirty-five per cent, of his company placed hors de combat.

The Indians lost their veteran and principal chief, Looking Glass, and four other chiefs and twenty-six warriors were killed, while forty-six warriors were wounded in the combat. Our band of thirty Indian allies, Sioux and Chey-ennes, had rendered valuable service and fought bravely.
'' Hump'' dashed into the Nez Perces line and killed two with his own hands, and was severely wounded. After the surrender I allowed each to select five captured ponies, and gave them permission to recurn to the cantonment on the Yellowstone."

Miles, Nelson Appleton, 1839-1925. Serving the republic : memoirs of the civil and military life of Nelson A. Miles, Lieutenant-General, United States Army

I will not protract this out, as the majority will have missed it and the minority will not know what they have seen, as I am the one asking the questions, and when one asks the questions, one always has the upper hand.

It is General Miles mention of Captain Moylan and Godfrey in this battle in being wounded.

In context of this, General Miles was known to be in command of the 5th Infantry at a cantonment on the Rosebud in Montana. That statement should now send off the warning bells in this as he was operating northwest in the Judith River basin in this fighting. The warning bells are in this that Captain Moylan and Captain Godfrey were 7th Cavalry stationed at Fort Abraham Lincoln.

What were two 7th Officers out fighting Nez Perce and not Sioux, with the 5th Infantry?

I will give you the hint in this as I have a letter from Captain Godfrey in which he defines Major Marcos Reno a coward.

Let us return to June 25th, 1876, in the Battle of the Little Big Horn. The Custer command was wiped out in the closest intimates. Certain other Officers though like Weir, Moylan and Godfrey were stuck under the commands of Reno and Benteen. Certain of them raised hell and rode off to try and find General Custer as had been ordered.

Now let us put you into the boots and saddles of these Officers who knew at the very least that a coward in Reno and a sociopath in Benteen, had just been rewarded for abandoning several hundred of your compatriots to be murdered by the Sioux and Cheyenne.
Would you want to continue serving under them? Would you wonder if the next battle came, if you would be "abandoned" on the field too? Would you look around perhaps to find an Officer who you could serve under who was not homicidal?

The answer to the above would be yes to all questions, and when Nelson Miles appeared in the aftermath of June 1876, a known friend of the Custers and the 7th Cavalry, who was victorious in whipping the Sioux and Cheyenne in the winter campaign, which commanding General Alfred Terry said could not be accomplished as the General Crooke division had failed the previous winter, would you not ask to be transferred to serve with a George Custer protector, instead of his murderers?

The connecting of dots in the forensic psychology point exactly to this conclusion. Nelson Miles was in command of Infantry in his first campaign. The Nez Perce situation had mounted Infantry on Indian ponies, and in the midst of this are two 7th Cavalry Officers. The conclusion is Moylan and Godfrey both transferred out to the 5th Infantry as it was dangerous for them and unpleasant to be in a command which was rewarded by the Grant regime for murdering their own.

"The infantry, mounted on captured Indian ponies, having galloped up close to the Indian camp, threw themselves on the ground and opened a sharp fire, their ponies standing quietly behind the line, some of them nibbling grass, undisturbed by the noise and tumult of the battle or their close presence to an Indian camp, which often terrified our Eastern horses. Several were shot in this position, to the great grief of the soldiers, who had become very fond of them."

Miles, Nelson Appleton, 1839-1925. Serving the Republic

Nelson Miles had in his command, two of the eye witnesses of the Little Big Horn, who in the Godfrey case blamed Reno for it as Captain Godfrey knew what took place. This is one of the reasons that Nelson Miles knew intimately what had taken place at the Little Big Horn.
George Custer and Elizabeth were his friends. He was more than curious of the events, and took great pains in interviews to learn every detail of this event. It is why Moylan and Godfrey sought his command out to serve under him.
Bluntly put, there were two commands in the US military who were elite. The Cavalry was the 7th under George Custer and the Infantry was the 5th under Nelson Miles. If one desired not be among drunks, gamblers and perverts, you applied for station with them. If debauchery was what you enjoyed, then you stayed in the other commands.

The troubling part in this in examining this, is it appears that Moylan and Godfrey were still perhaps trying to undo the murder at the Little Big Horn in exposing themselves in combat. It is a point that Officers had to do this, but in both of them being hit, it means they were moved beyond just service and were still exorcising the day of June 25th.

There are many pieces to the Little Big Horn in evidence, and the finding of Moylan and Godfrey serving under Nelson Miles is extremely telling.
The 7th was an absolute shambles after George Custer and his command were mass murdered. Reno was completely unbalanced in sexually stalking a married woman at Fort Abraham Lincoln and face court martial. Benteen refused to be a part of it in his sociopathy, and that kind of insanity could only harm an officer to death and never advance a career.

General Alfred Terry was a desk general, and a complete fool as much as General Crooke in the Platte Department. They both wasted the Summer of 76 in punishing the Indians and were content to sit in camp allowing terrorists to harm Americans in the West.
The Platte Department almost killed all their men in the winter of 75, sending them out into Arctic cold without winter clothing.

There were only two commands of any worth in this period, and they were Colonel Nelson Miles and Colonel Richard Irving Dodge. Both Infantry, both bringing the "walking heaps" as the Indians called the boys in blue dressed now in buffalo hide coats in the 60 below zero weather in bringing warfare to terrorists in the winter.

I deem the Moylan and Godfrey appearance in the 5th Infantry telling, as there was great rivalry between Cavalry and Infantry, yet this is where Custer's Cavalry sought refuge.

Nelson Miles was a brilliant commander whether against Confederates, Indian terrorists or Spanish Soldiers. He trained his men to be fit and ready, and with Indian terrorists, he made certain he took the fight to them, kept them at distance, and then never quit worrying them hard.
This relentless pursuit is what broke the Indian terrorists, as murder and rapine was not so attractive, when Nelson Miles was administering justice to the criminals.

So two loyal Custer Officers transferred from the 7th Cavalry apparently into the 5th Infantry after the Little Big Horn. That speaks volumes in the conspiracy and cover up of June 25th, 1876.

Another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.


a thick coat

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

I enjoy coming across information which makes little sense, as that is information more interesting than that which does make sense.

The example today is from like 1890 AD in the year of our Lord, and some dude is off ruffed grouse hunting, and I will allow the story to be told in the part which interests me.......

"I was among the blackberry-patches of Saginaw County, Mich., for a week's shooting, and had as companions two dogs; one a well-broken pointer (not a blue-blood), the other a thick-coated Irish setter, who had so far forgotten his early training, by serving as "town dog," as to chase a bird until it took refuge in a tree, and then proclaim the fact with an indefatigable vehemence that was very amusing to everyone save his owner.

On the second morning, the pointer refused to enter the thorny coverts. I therefore sent in the ambitious red-coat, who hurriedly dispersed the congregations. At the end of the first hour, I caught and thrashed him. This was repeated at irregular intervals until night-fall, when I had a thoroughly subjugated dog, and all of my shells intact.

Next morning, much to my surprise, this dog pointed like a veteran, while the pointer again refused to face the briars. The setter was therefore used during the remainder of my stay.

By the third night he had worn off what we term the "wire edge," and a large portion of his coat; but, undaunted as before, He resolutely obeyed every motion, pointed with excellent judgment, and without breaking, and worked as industriously and unflinchingly on the last-day as on the third. It was a wonderful performance, but one that shall never be repeated by one of my dogs, for after our return home the poor fellow lay by the fire three days, nearly blind, and so foot-sore he could not walk."

For those not in on the poop here, English pointers are known as being hard headed dogs, while Irish Setters are known for being rather soft in their disposition, as yelling at a setter is like beating the hell out of them, while a pointer one could break their hand beating them to obey.

It puzzles me why this Setter is so hard headed and is able to take the beating, which honestly, beating a dog gets you two of two things, and that is a dog which runs away from you and you get to watch it running away from you.
In this case though, the surprise was the Setter was spoiled and the beating unspoiled it, but then someone should have beat the bajesus out of this hunter for over hunting this poor dog, which was tore up with that intelligent pointer which needed a beating to get into the scratchy stuff was left to watch the show.

I never have had any good results in spanking a dog in volume in training. Dogs that need spanking end up hurting your hand worse than you can deal anything out, and dogs that need other methods in discipline never obey to a spanking and only cower.

I give you two examples in two Golden Setters I have been owned by. Dixie was a little girl that simply liked to range and I did not. The cure was to make her heel behind me as we walked in training. She hated that and soon learned to keep close. I started her off on very little sloughs which she had to work close, and she behaved wonderfully.
The only time she ever ran off, was after a downed bird she had marked, and that is what she was supposed to do.

Ruby was a big girl, with no stamina, but she liked to run. Ruby was always more pleased with life than with hunting. She just loved being alive. I swatted her, but there was no controlling her and instead of ruining her and her company, I simply changed my hunting and let her do her thing, while I hunted around a different angle, and birds got flustered with all that unorthodox work, and we got game.

This is not to intimate that Ruby did not love hunting. That dog shook, made all sorts of pitchy noises while we drove to an area, and was thrilled by it, but due to AKC field trial spoilage in her genes, she just was a rocket going off, while I needed a simple lighter.

There are those people who use shock collars and I will have nothing to do with them, as if you have to electrocute a dog to listen to you, then you have lost the battle. Ruby was never out of control as if I commanded, SIT, she would stop and sit.
I know I have mentioned this before in dog training, but will give the La'me Cherry lesson again.

Do not ever use the word NO to stop a dog, as a dog equates NO with you punishing them as they learn NO does not stop them from going nuts when people show up and they are all over them, as you look like a fool, screaming NO NO NO and it does no good.
Instead, I use the word SIT sharply. Sit is an action, and an action that if necessary swat reinforces to gain control of the dog. A dog learns to respond to an action by gaining their attention to a command. NO is not a command to do anything. Sit is something they have to do as an action, and once a dog is sitting, then you can command them to COME, and the world is at peace.

I have baffled people with that reality which was God Inspired, as they think it is marvelous to have a dog mind so well. It is instead giving the puppy something to do, instead of ignore you.

I do not care for those damned whistles either. A well trained dog should neither need collar nor leash. That will sound puzzling from someone with a Ruby who would not obey in hunting style, but Ruby was bred to hunt like that and genetics do override obedience, just as if you are a person who does not like people talking to you closely, and you will immediately back off for distance.

I judge every field trial and show dog as worthless, as they are so niche oriented that a real person can do nothing with so much energy or so much prima dona. A moderate dog with moderate energy, doing moderate things, is more than enough dog for most people.
Field trials and dog shows have ruined breeds for the majority of people, as dogs were bred for interaction with people in working as in herding, hunting, fetching, trailing or in all of those terrier breeds from Aerdale to Dachshund, killers who killed things killing your livestock.

I wonder not that the Irish Setter has been ruined by show dogs, but that even with crossing them with English Setters, they still are not great dogs, but the Golden Setter is awakening them, providing the Golden is not one of these AKC or blind man dogs, which is ruining that breed too.
Any Irish Setter I ever knew, if I had wailed on them for a day, they would never have been any good to anyone ever again. The breeds have changed as apparently the 1890 Irishman was harder headed, but then the breed did originate as two groups of dogs in white and red, and black at their founding.
It was only through killing pups which did not measure up, or were of a standard color, did any breed standardize. It was a rough handling of dogs, but that is how the breeds were ruined too, as all those flowing Goldens and Irish fur coats came from breeders knocking the thin coated ones in the heads. One never hears though of those such things of reality from the Ron Reagan jr. dog show groups.

This probably should return to the original quote, but thinking of a dog laying half blind and lame by the fire from over use is another puzzling thing, in just what part of skinning your dog on briers did not soak in, and that person thought it was ok to do it another day.

I just probably am biased as this was a setter.


Right of Return

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

It is no secret that the Lame Cherry adores Slavic peoples as they have been tilled as a race by everyone except the Negroid. In stating that, I give you the date of November 5th, 1918 in the joyous birth of Poland as a nation.

I advocate no joy over this as the reality is, was Poland just risen from the soils of Europe or just where did it come from?

"ROBERT LANSING NOVEMBER 5 THE BIRTH OF FREE POLAND On November 5 Poland announced itself an independent republic.

NOVEMBER 9 GERMANY PROCLAIMS ITSELF A REPUBLIC On November 9 the Republic of Germany was proclaimed from the steps of the Reichstag and Friedrich Ebert succeeded Prince Max as Chancellor. The Kaiser fled to Holland."

Herbert Hoover. The Ordeal Of Woodrow Wilson

Yes there are Poles, but the greater share of western Poland, was not Polish territory, but it was Prussian lands held by Prussian peoples or Germans. Just as when the Israelite Germans fled from Crimea, yes Crimea was settled and developed by German Israelites who were forced to flee to America, the Prussian Germans ended up in mass in America as refugees.

The Poles changed all the German names to Polish, as they had free reign from London, Paris and Washington to confiscate German lands. Yes Germany was evil for taking her Alsace Lorraine back from France, but Poland which was not a nation, arose suddenly and got Prussian Germany.

That is wrong and is still wrong as Poland holds these lands. The Germans have every right to their lands, and this is why Hitler went into Poland and France, to take back what was German.

Consider this so it drive home. Does America or Germany or Russia, have the right to take Scotland and give it to Holland, and then throw out the British Parliament for an English Republic and force the British royals to flee to Switzerland?

If that seems startling to you, then why is it not any less of an issue to have a huge swath of German lands consfiscated?

It is equally reprehensible in what was done against Christian Serbia in stealing Kosovo for a Muslim religion.

Might does not make right, and the stealing of lands by victors, or the condemnation of the Russians re acquiring their Crimean lands as much as Ukraine is a reset which takes place when peoples have lands stolen from them.

November 5th, Germany was gutted of Prussia and November 9th she was decapitated of the leadership of the Fatherland.

That is the reality.

Oh and for the "evil Germans" when it suited Woodrow Wilson and the cartel of Europe, the Germans could occupy Russian territories in Point 12 of the Wilson dogma.

"Article Twelve provided for withdrawal of German troops in occupied areas, but stated in respect to Russian territories that the German troops now there should withdraw within the frontiers of Germany "as soon as the Allies, taking into account the internal situation of these territories, shall decide that the time for this has come."

Amazing is it not. Yes Germans looted and gutted as a people, were then ordered to occupy the Bolshevik frontiers as that was something Wilson did not want spreading west.



As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

People need to be reminded of the "reparations" which Germany was charged with by the allies who instigated the war against Germany in 1914 by the Gentleman's Agreement.

I place here the real terms according to Herbert Hoover who was on scene in what the British and French were demanding of Germany, besides the taking away of Prussia, the Saar coal production for France, Bavaria and the Rhineland in a new country.

The British were demanding Germany pay, 120 billion dollars.

The French were demanding Germany pay, 200 billion dollars.

*Note the French screamed in 1871 over reparations to Germany of 1 million dollars as "excessive".

The Americans thought that the 5 billion, taken out in trade would be reasonable as Germany was not able to pay sums which were beyond their means of production.

These numbers are akin to demanding from modern nations 200 trillion dollars.

Seriously, when one knows that the allies instigated this World War against Germans for their genocide, and then by May 1921 the allies reset the German debt to 44 billion dollars, which again was beyond the reach of any people, the German currency crashed in 1922.

This should assist a bit more in understanding why a people who had watched their children starve as reported by British officers, watching these bloated belly children muck through the British offal to find anything to eat, welcomed Adolf Hitler as did most of the former Austrian Hungarian Empire, with the Soviet annexed states as a deliverer.

Adolf Hitler was not the problem, Adolf Hitler was the product and Woodrow Wilson, Lloyd George and Clemanceau and Orlando, should have all been taken out and hung.

No one of reason could ever defend what this alliance did and was responsible for. Woodrow Wilson's League of Nations was created on the bloated bodies of starving German children.

The final quote on this is from President Herbert Hoover:

"In June 1931, with the whole world in a gigantic depression resulting from the economic crash of all Central and Eastern Europe, I (then in the White House) proposed a world moratorium on all intergovernmental debts until June 30, 1932. Even this did not stay the depression, and I proposed a further measure in July 1931 by which a standstill agreement was created for all German foreign bank obligations. Without going into further details, I may point out that Germany, up to March 31, 1937, had paid a total of about five billion three hundred million dollars of reparations in one form or another, and that was the end."

Herbert Hoover. The Ordeal Of Woodrow Wilson

The American export bubble created by making it a European plantation was burst, exactly as France burst the economic bubble in 2008 with 2 hits on the American economy. The old German and Austro Hungarian Empire had been so impoverished, that they were the detonator for the collapse of the US economy in 1929, according to Herbert Hoover.

.....and who was to blame for it all again, The British and the French in 1929 and the British and the French in 2008.

More Lame Cherry exclusives in matter anti matter of the hidden knowledge you do not know.

No this is the final quote here from President Herbert Hoover:

"I might add that Hitler's rise to power in 1933 was based upon his promises— and considerable successes-in the reunification of Germany, all of which had to do with the origins of the Second World War."

Herbert Hoover. The Ordeal Of Woodrow Wilson

There was  no stone left unturned in this really, as Woodrow Wilson advocated the "War Crimes" trials which appeared against the Axis in World War II. It should be of note that this Big Four demanded that Holland surrender Kaiser Wilhelm II for "trial" by a five judge panel on war crimes.
Holland being apparently the only democratic people in the world at that time who understand that if it was the Kaiser hung this time, maybe next time it would be Hitler hanging  De Gaul, Churchill and Roosevelt, refused to turn the Kaiser over.

As stated there was not one nit left unpicked at in this, as the French, Italians and British demanded that the entire German race admit to a confession of guilt to rub it in.

It does seem that making the entire German population confess they were fighting to stop German genocide was something they were guilty of.

The very "peace" treaty was nothing but German genocide and is proof the Gentleman's Agreement was what was agreed to in 1897, 17 years before the war was inflicted upon Germans.

The final cut in this is beyond shameless as England divided up German interests worldwide not by other nations, but by Commonwealth subordinates in South Africa got German southwest Africa, Britain got east Africa, England got Togoland and the Cameroons, German Samoa was held by New Zealand, and the German islands south of the equator all went to Australia.

I am surprise that Pennsylvania did not go to Canada.

Again the final prophecy of Herbert Hoover:

"The Germans needed to live with the hope that free government might develop the nation as a peaceful member of the family of mankind. If this were not done, there would come either a return of the sullen militarists or the already infectious Communists—both with aggression in their souls. I was convinced that the terms set up in this draft of the Treaty would degrade all Europe and that peace for the long run could not be built on these foundations. I believed the Treaty contained the seeds of another war.

It seemed to me that the economic provisions alone would pull down the whole Continent and, in the end, injure the United States."

Herbert Hoover. The Ordeal Of Woodrow Wilson

"We have bartered away our principles in a series of compromises with interests of imperialism and revenge, until hardly a shadow of them remains."

- Professor Joseph V. Fuller

"None of us had seen the treaty. I have never seen such a glaring case of secret diplomacy, notwithstanding all our protestations.

- General Bliss

Yes like the Patriot Act and Obamacare, no one seemed to have seen the treaty before it was written, so those mysterious treaty writers of the cartel first arose in the treaty to end World War I.

Oh and Fuller and Bliss were Woodrow Wilson's own men in Europe.

"If the rest of the world will let us alone, I think we had better stay on our own side of the water and keep alive the spark of civilization to relight the torch after it is extinguished over here."

-General Bliss

Only problem with that American policy is Franklin Delano Roosevelt dragged America into the Eurasian War which Bliss knew was coming.

Nothing new under the sun.

nuff said


Wednesday, October 29, 2014

a Better deal

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

I wonder why it is that Aboriginal etiquette has been censored from historical reality to a musing of the noble savage, sort of like the reason people deluded themselves into that Obama was dark, so being nice to him, would wash their sins away, and Obama would be nice to them.
When in reality, the Obama voters are still heinous and sullen now that no forgiveness came, and the idea of nice from Obama to his voters is to rob them even more.

This is a quote from an Indian buck or male.

"Buck no like work; squaw do all work. Buck get tired; squaw no get tired. If squaw get tired, squaw die; then Buck get young squaw, who no get tired, but do heap work."

This is all quite logical, akin to capitalism and commerce. No one likes to work, and it is always better if someone or some machine be employed, and when they wear out and die, you just get a new one.

The Chicoms do this in China in working people to death, and Obama does this with the Afroid in trading them in for not working for Mexican forced labor.

It is the reality that the world is Aboriginal America again. One trades for new human species, like the breeders used to trade up to a sheep that had more wool.

Women are into this trading now in men, for women or men, but it seems nature abhores frequent trading, due to all of the genital and oral cancer being initiated in all of these types.

All of this was more understood, before people became educated in the art of deception. An Aboriginal could state with pride, that he was lazy, because lazy meant a better deal in life, in just gambling, raping, robbing and playing hunter, while the squaw worked and died.
In this though, the squaw traded up too, not to white men, but to the government, who fed and clothed them, so they too could be fat and lazy like their bucks.

Sinful intelligence is really an astute thing and why should anyone who is not a Christian, ever be bothered with matters of conscience.

When thee Obama change brings the reality of the destruction of America to the mass mind, then it will be a growing impossibility to find those who admit to ever having voted for Birther Hussein, but given time, like the Indian, even Jimmy Carter arose to Ben Afleck fiction in the hero of Muslims taking American hostages.
Then I suppose evidence will be found by David Limbaugh that Barack Obama actually was born in Bethlehem of Judea.

Is it wrong for a man to buy a woman and work her to death? Is it wrong for sodomites to have legal protection in marriage? In the world of commerce, working people to death and being perverted is now ventures to make money on, so it is deemed legal, and there is no need to as in the Indian's case to elevate them to noble status.

That was always the strange part in this, in the Obama Nobel Prize for nothing to wage murderous community organized wars. Yes they made Obama smarter, more halo and more man boob to hide his rapine, but the intelligent people knew it was just like the Indians, in another Aboriginal fiction being presented upon the big screen in fiction.

Then again the buck was straight, and if Obama tried replacing Muchelle with a boy.......well John Roberts on the Supreme Court would judge that as wholesome as Obamacare.....probably covered under some tax too.

I conclude that most children desired to be an Indian, due to the license involved. I conclude that the Obama voters in juvenile delinquency were tempted by the same degree of deviancy, as why be an adult white who has to be responsible, and instead go native like Stan Ann Dunham, and have people make excuses for how stupid you are, be attracted to how sexually loose you are and do nothing but play golf, fondle children and be on vacation as you get white Pelosi and Reid to work themselves to death.

You can take the Aboriginal out of the wilds, but you can not change the basic instinct of the Aboriginal for the better deal at liberty from moral laws.