Friday, November 28, 2014

Love is a 15 Second Phone Message

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

Apparently on Thanksgiving, "love" is a 15 second voice message saying that you love someone and that they are in the city...........or it is the day before Thanksgiving in a rushed phone message of, "If you need a ride just let me know......."
That of course was after the daugther of this woman had already volunteered me if I was around or the daughter would come out and give Mom a ride.

Yes there was not a mention of me being invited, so I suppose I could sit out on the curb, or a mention of, "Gee Gram or Mom if you do not want to come to our hell hole of satan that we will drop off a plate of food for you............"
No, love is a 15 second phone call, apparently revealing that people have to appear they care when others have offered rides or others who have ridden somewhere and are making it known an attempt to ruin an old Lady's Thanksgiving solitude, by making her feel isolated.

Not so strange that our Thanksgiving was wonderful as usual without any course of them at the table.

Jeremiah 21:13 Behold, I am against thee, O inhabitant of the valley, and rock of the plain, saith the LORD; which say, Who shall come down against us? or who shall enter into our habitations?

That was my Bible reading as of 6:30 AM this morning, and as Prophecy matters in being told before the is being told, so the event will be carried out.
God has had it with the leadership in America being corrupt and the robbing of the poor in America by all the rich. Judgment will arrive.

I desired to share this, as I have mentioned this previously on Falcon Crest.

We had yesterday George and Martha Washington's Pumpkin in a Shell Dessert. Basically it is a pie pumpkin, cleaned out, and then you just put in 2 eggs, tsp salt, 1 can of evaporated milk, 3/4 cup sugar.......the recipe on the label of the milk.
This year I had no room as the turkey was in the oven baking in that 1940ish heavy aluminum roaster I picked up at the junk store like 4 years ago for 4 bucks. I am a firm believer in heavy aluminum for cooking quality in aluminum bleeds heat uniformly. This one is like a huge boiler as you can hear the water burbling in the pan when she gets hot.

So the Holy Ghost said to put the pumpkin in the Quasar microwave, and as TL expected the pumpkin to blow up.......away we followed instructions and nothing blew.
I only put it on for like 5 minutes at a pop, and turn it, but it is like 25 to 30 minutes, and the pumpkin gets dark and shines......the core on top collapses some, and the inside turns into custard.
This was fantastic and better than any pumpkin pie I have ever eaten. It was the favorite of George Washington, at least according to that child rapist, Jeff Smith of the Frugal Gourmet when he was bidding all peace and Craig was going on family vacations.

I do not like custard, but a scoop of this with pumpkin, and you will be amazed at how nice this is. I think one key is a good non stringy pumpkin of not so big size, as a little goes a long ways. Think we will be eating on this a week in a small pumpkin.
The cheesecake turned out great too.....only 2 wedges of cream cheese though and it made too much, to the 5 in the recipe. Simple recipe again in 1 tsp salt, tablespoon of lemon extract, vanilla tsp, 2 eggs, 3 tablespoons flour, 1 tablespoon corn starch.......mix it up, and put it on a gram crust and you got not overcook it though as I did.

Yes I like dessert, but the turkey was wonderful in no I said will be feeding us a month in Shepherd's Pie.....along with the rest of things like my Boston Baked Beans.
I have some old jarred minced meat....have to try that as I like that a great deal.

Have great problems coming to America and Russia with that OPEC oil war on shale and tar sand oil. Nothing like having two nuclear powers having populations in flux. Russia will get stung hard as it is like 10% of their economy. Americans will do ok as gas prices should fall......but then gas was 1.87 under George W. Bush at these crude prices, and under Obama's image it is 3 bucks yet.
The cartel is going to break oil shale...Canuck tar sands is already tits up, so that is a done deal in Keystone XL being cut off. The Wall Street speculators are keeping your gas prices high in financially raping you to get back their big of cards.

Financial wars always breed shooting wars as the cartel intends. Told you that is why Chuck Hagel was given the boot. The US military has to be on the leash to gear up to fight the next war, as NATO is "rapid response" trying to match Vladimir Putin. The Russians if they come to Europe will go through NATO like shit through a goose. Tanks have only one stopper and it ain't rapid response, it is the children of German 88's.
I do look forward to the collapse and pray for it. I desire all the heartless rich to experience what poverty is like. The Chicoms should take note, in Ferguson Missouri, in Nigs are a reality if it gets cold or they get wet, they pack up and go back to the drug what is important to them is like most Americans.........getting high and sleeping.

My pumpkin was darker, as I put in cinnamon, nutmeg, cloves and ginger......I think nutmeg is nice, so I put it in and it really responds well.

It is now past 7:30 AM and I have to go do chores before I can eat........oh say, we made some sourdough bread out of whole is the recipe.

4 cups whole wheat flour
2 tablespoons sugar
About 3 1/2 cups of warm water to make a pancake type batter.

I did not use any yeast as wanted it natural.........put it in a gallon glass jar and it fermented, boiled and bubbled and fell......on 3rd day I took out 3 cups of this, and mixed in half cup of sugar, tsp salt and you are supposed to put 1 tablespoon of lard in..........and about 3 more cups of flour.......unbleached, with 1 teaspoon of baking soda mixed in.

You are supposed to knock this together fast to a dough or the gases escape......the baking soda takes out most of the sour.

This took like 6 hours to raise........and it stuck to the pan which was non stick, so am still working on that......might be parchment paper on a tin sheet, baked in the round. It is really good though with bing cherry jelly on it.......will be what is for breakfast with eggs this morning.

Then you put in 3 more cups of this batter which is like 3 cups of flour and 2 1/2 cups of warm water and the sugar again, to start it fermenting again. I do not know if there is mold or whatever that is white on the top of smells perfectly like young wine now....will have to see in next loaf and hopefully not get poisoned from it.
It is though a really nice artisan bread that is heavy is sweet, and nutty, but the more you chew it.......the more sour it becomes.

See my children, you just try and have your daily bread in a collapse. You just try and find just see how shitting baking powder bannock bread is after a month....then you will remember the million dollar knowledge of the sour dough starter which Lame Cherry took care of you with.
Always by God looking out for you. This stuff according to Dudley of the Peace River will work and be kept alive to almost freezing......gets better with years of use, and you just feed it a bit.......can revive it with vinegar and you do ok with it.

Got to go visit the critters who spin nothing of God's wrath nor toil for their morning coffee.

For the rich.........when Noah's boat closed the door, there was no letting anyone in as they changed their mind then. After this collapse starts, your poverty is not going to be buying God nor me any good will toward you, no matter if you Christmas shopped on Labor Day at Home Depot for yourselves.

I found out that a corporation ripped out 50 yards of Mom's line fence in hooking it with an implement. I informed them I wanted restitution......will see what their tits up response will be.


Annie Oakley

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

I offer this glimpse of Annie Oakley, the greatest of shots in human history, so people of today will marvel at her prowess.

"She would break eleven balls thrown into the air, using five different guns in accomplishing the feat, and that this would all be done in ten seconds. The 12,000 people sat with bated breath; the crack of a gun broke the stillness; this was followed by repeated reports with astonishing rapidity and regularity, and in the time announced, the last ball was flying into a thousand fragments, her smoking gun lay upon the table,

William Bruce Leffingwell. The Art of Wing Shooting: A Practical Treatise on the Use of the Shot-gun 

"I saw evidences of her skill with a revolver, where she had, just prior to my coming, tested a beautiful Smith & Wesson 44.caliber, and at eleven paces she had put four out of five balls into the center of the ace of hearts."

William Bruce Leffingwell. The Art of Wing Shooting: A Practical Treatise on the Use of the Shot-gun

"An orphan boy one time sat outside the place where she was performing. He, ragged, barefooted, and dirty, attracted her attention and appealed to her sym- pathy. He asked her to see the show. She liked him; she provided for him and clothed him; she obtained employment for him. When that boy received the first money he ever earned, he took every cent of it and bought this medal and sent it to her with a suitable inscription."

William Bruce Leffingwell. The Art of Wing Shooting: A Practical Treatise on the Use of the Shot-gun

Annie Oakley gave shooting expositions for the poor in Europe. She was Lady who never had her head turned by fame nor fortune. She was genuine and faithful always.

She was a remarkable person.


American Messiah

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

For those who think that an Asian Aboriginal in the American White House in the 21st century form of Barack Hussein Obama as a Designer Negro with messiah halo was the first advent of a messiah cult in America, they should be aware of another era in America where people were taken advantage of by a charlatan.

The story is told by General Nelson Appleton Miles, who had just returned to Chicago from his command in the Pacific at California with the military to start hearing reports of an Indian uprising in a people who had been rendered peaceful by General Miles in the 1877 Campaign after the Little Big Horn in the mass murder of the Custer Command.

You have heard of liberals and Indians pointing to Wounded Knee and blaming America, but the genesis of Wounded Knee was all in Aboriginal terrorism.

The start of this was a shadowy false prophet living in Nevada in the 1890's. Three Sioux Indians illegally left the reservation with no one in government knowing they had disappeared for over a year. They moved through the Crow and Shoshone reservations and into Nevada where Porcupine, Kicking Bear and Short Bull found the "messiah".

This Indian announced that the 2000 year old Christian prophecies had been fulfilled in him. That he was the redeemer and soon would travel east, driving before him buffalo, horses and the dead Indians would all arise to a new Indian era in America as a New Happy Hunting Ground.
The 3 Sioux were sent back with the message and it spread with wildfire secretly all through the tribes.

It was in this that General Miles became aware of the Orators who were harranging Indians into a frenzy.

"They were being taught certain ceremonies, to chant improvised sacred songs, and the ghost-dance was introduced as a sacred observance. They indulged in this mysterious worship, chanting, crying, or singing weird and solemn music, using various incantations expressing joy or supplication, until they were wrought up, in many cases, to a wild frenzy."

Miles, Nelson Appleton, 1839-1925. Serving the Republic

In this, one will note that the prophecies were not mentioning that white people were anywhere around, so of course that would mean the genocide of every white person in America.

The Walker Lake messiah of Nevada's message reached the Cheyenne River Reservation and the ears of the Caucasian hating Sitting Bull, who had instigated the last terror insurrection in America, murdering General Custer and removing the Indians from their lands.
Sitting Bull announced that the Indians should not wait for the arrival of the Nevada messiah, but should rise in mass and meet and greet him.
Again runners, exactly as in 1875 and 1876 were sent out to the Sioux, friendly tribes like the Mandans and even into Canada, calling on all of them to arrive at the base of the Rocky Mountains, and then move to meet the messiah.

The provision for all of this was to be the horses and livestock of the American settlers in the path of this gathering.
Robbing white people and then the genocide of white people, should provide an idea how alarming this was to Americans, who were going to be in the onslaught of this.

This was going to be the Conspiracy of Pontiac magnified ten thousand fold in the prophecy of Tecumseh.

General Miles assessed the situation and concluded that if a Walker Lake messiah was about to appear in Sioux reservation territory, then the best thing was to remove Sitting Bull far from that country as the worst terrorist American Aboriginal ever produced.

Orders were issued to arrest Sitting Bull, but they were thwarted, to which General Miles ordered  the commanding Officer to secure Sitting Bull immediately.

The Troopers came from Fort Yates in North Dakota, led by Major E. G. Fechet. The immediate problem then not realized was that Sitting Bull with 200 chosen warriors were that morning going to leave the reservation and join an immense group of terrorists assembled in the Badlands  of South Dakota, outside of the Black Hills.

The Indian police in company of the Cavalry, found Sitting Bull in his lodge. He was informed he was being taken into custody, where upon he protested and then raised the war cry.
Immediately his followers appeared and a shooting war started. Five of the arresting officers were killed as were the principles of the renegades, including Sitting Bull who started the assault.

The police held their position until the Cavalry arrived and dispersed the renegades, but the insurrection had begun. The Indians were pouring off their little farms and plots into the Badlands where they were poaching elk and deer, along with the livestock owned by farmers and ranchers being stolen.

Constantly the Orators were harranging the Indian arrivals and building the ghost dance frenzy.

At this point, the Burlington Railroad had a spur which allowed the Troopers and Soldiers to deploy and cut off any westward movement to contain the Indians. As the encirclement was completed, the Army moved forward and pressed the hostiles back to the reservation literally.

At this juncture, Big Foot left his agency on the Missouri River and moved toward the Badlands. Cavalry intercepted him, and a parlay took place, in which Big Foot agreed to return to the reservation.
The Indians instead escaped in the night in moving toward the Badlands.

Another Troop was sent and intercepted the band before it reached the Badlands at Wounded Knee. Again a parlay took place and the Indians agreed to return and camped near the military. In the morning, the Troopers demanded the Indians disarm, to which the warriors presented their arms by laying them on the ground.
As the camp was being searched, a medicine man scoundrel started harranging the Indians in the band with promises that they were immune to army bullets. He then threw dust into the air as protection from the Soldier bullets and the battle started with that.

The Troopers and Soldiers were young and terrified. They thought they were about to become the new Little Big Horn and firing was indescriminant and shots returned to warriors entered camp and killed women and children. In pursuit, numbers of Indians were killed on the plains.

This caused the Badland hostiles to become highly aggitated, but the military kept edging closer their camp and moving the Indians back by a show of overwhelming force. It was in this, that the Great Sioux uprising was ended.

General Nelson Miles regretted the incident at Wounded Knee, but that example ended Indian uprisings in America until the communist American Indian Movement terrorists in Russell Means and Dennis Banks, murdered FBI agents in this same area in the 1970's.

It is easy to lament Indians or blame Americans, but the reality is the Ghost Dance was a terror cult whose purpose was the pillaging of Americans and the genocide of Americans, and if it had not been neutralized exactly as it was, one can progress this out in several thousand well armed terrorists moving from southwestern South Dakota, into Nebraska, Wyoming, Colorado and Nevada.
Think of this in Indians moving toward this center in how many thousands of innocent people and animals would have been slaughtered in 1890 AD in the year of our Lord.

Wounded Knee was a manifestation of terrorism by Indians desiring American genocide.

Thirty Sioux gave themselves up to be hostages promising in this to keep the peace. Two of them were Kicking Bear and Short Bull, the original instigators who were shipped east.

American Horse, Broad Tail and Red Cloud to make the federal government aware of their need for provisions which was the basis of this in poor conditions, and the Indians having not in a decade improved their ability feed, educate and moralized themselves had turned to the Ghost Dance.

No mention was ever made of the American messiah of Nevada again. It ended the chapter which needed to be slammed shut with lead ammunition. Sitting Bull should have been shot as Crazy Horse was. The ridiculous outcome of all of this is not one Sioux or Cheyenne in their terrorism was ever tried and hung for this terrorism.
The Apache were deported to Florida. Earlier tribes were exiled to Oklahoma, but not the Sioux in none were ever made to answer for their terrorism, and numbers of those terrorists resided in the State of Minnesota.

In 1876, General Custer and his command were literally butchered. Tom Custer, brother of the President who was awarded the Congressional Medal of Honor twice, had his face cut off, his limbs hacked off, he was gutted, his heart eaten by Rain in the Face and his head cut off and cast aside, all for arresting this terrorist who escaped. 14 years later, the concern was for Indians intent on American genocide from an armed compound, with not one terrorist hung, but instead cared for by the people of America in comfort.

The same apologists for the terrorists and those who smear General Custer, are the same Obama voter group promoting jihad terrorists for profit and control and putting Patriots on terror watch lists. This messiah cult is going to make America bleed more than Gun Runner or Fort Hood.

You at least now though are not ignorant of the real history of this.


Americans of Canada

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

I have been an advocate for sometime for the territorial and political union of Canada with these United States, over the thrice objections of God in keeping Americans from taking possession of those lands during the Revolution, the War of 1812 and at the later 54 40 or Fight era in the Canadian and American division.

It has been so censored from real history, the reality that Canada is not and never has been a land of Canadians in the least. Canada began it's dominion as an extension of Reubenite France in Quebec, whose same settlements progressed into Illinois.
After the epic Montecalm and Wolfe battle of the 7 French and Indian War in America, French defeat, meant British Rule of America, with Spanish intrigue in the south.

The reality is that before 1776 AD in the year of our Lord, that the fewest thing in Canada were Canadians, as people were an almost extinct species in the white race. It was only after the American Revolution, where the Americans began retaliating on Tories in America, with hanging those were assisting the Mother Country in warfare against Americans, to imprisoning some and confiscating the properties of others, that there began a mass exodus of Americans from the Colonies.
The noted Fairfax family, who were friends and neighbors of George Washington, removed themselves from America like thousands of other loyalists did, to England, the West Indies and Canada.

This is overlooked, but for the thousands of Americans who moved to England and the Caribbean, there were thousands more who moved into Canada.

A majority began life again in Nova Scotia or New Scotland in these loyalists. Others settled in what would become New Brunswick and a number of these Americans came to upper Canada, in that vast wilderness, settled in what would become Ontario, and form the federal capital of Canada.

This was the first "wave" of American settlement of Canada, and it provided the eastern Canadian liberal ideology which plagues Canadian politics in the eastern Provinces, in exact form the way these same patricians plague eastern American States. The same group of educated, well bred and affluent peoples formed the same liberal groups in Canada and America. Both of these groups refer to "western" Canadians and Americans as "those people" in flyover country, and neither groups comprehend each other in this friction, but it is the genetic heart of North American politics. One is English patrician, and the other is that Celtic agrarian of unreserved nature.

This is what became Canada in these eastern Americans, and why the eastern Americans who are patricians in the New England states were before the Civil War more sympathetic to British interests than American interests.

In Canada, these peoples became the Canadian Aristocracy and were so named officially as United Empire Loyalists. This was a mark of honour for these Americans who had stood with Royalists before the Treaty of Separation in 1783 AD in the year of our Lord.
These Americans were of royal reward and so stationed. This was by Government mandate in Canada was  not going to be allowed to be speculated upon by Americans, as only 200 acres would be alloted to these Loyalists only, who measured up to being strong and healthy, with a full disposition to only becoming loyal Canadian subjects to his majesty.

This Loyalist Aristocracy was of the upper class of America, in being educated and established. These Americans are what would form the foundation of what would become Canada.

In 1784, around ten thousand settlers entered Canada, as Soldiers who had taken up arms to defend the Crown, and many of them under the commanders who led them in these organized bands.
Surveyors had been dispatched by the Crown and townships were marked for these new settlers, along the lines of the French division of lands, which all began with frontage on water for equal access to transporation.

This Aristocracy arrived armed with the tools which would build Canada, the light ship axe and the pocket knife. The homes and furnishings were all chopped, split and whittled by the axe and knife which none of these people would be without.
The three foot long frying pan and the bake kettle or the Dutch Oven would become the life of the Canadian Aristocracy.

This would become Canada of the east, and in the last opening up of land for settlement in the 1900 period, a new wave of Americans would penetrate into western Canada to give that region a distinct American midwest identity.

That is the interesting part of Canada, in the settlers of the 18th century, had not horse, but ox. They had not wars with Indian terrorists, but had wars with wolf and bear, in keeping their smaller stock of sheep and swine.
Canada was an image of English folk, of small farms and that type of stock, while America would be one of expansion requiring horse, speed and large tracts of open land which promoted cattle and horse as stock.

By the 20th century, the new American settlers would become the Canadian identity of Midwesterners, not being militant nor hunting, but nesters with gardens and being blended into the original Aristocracy of Loyalists who were a quiet people who were moral and self productive.

The Canadian is an American, who was not prone to loyalty to America, but toward a political idea of station in life and prone to the idea of "land was home" as long as it was your land.

None of this is far removed from the American sojourn, which has the Germanic Israelites from Russian settlements to the entire Anglo Saxon and Norman peoples who were wanderers settling in England, France and Scandinavia from Asian wanderings long ago.

Canadians are Americans in majority. They always have been. I have kindred of these peoples and understand them. Their affinity is for America by blood and their removal was due to economics and politics. This is the history of Canada and it is American. That is what is hidden, but it is the reality, the Canadians  were Americans from the start.

Oh and for those on both sides of the line, the new settlements in Upper Canada were named Lunenburg, Mecklenburg, Nassau and Hesse in July 1788 AD in the year of our Lord. Yes all German names in good Anglo Saxon. In 1792 AD, the good German names were cleansed by act, and renamed as Eastern, Midland, Home and Western in English tone.
Interesting Loyalists in their names in those goode olde Anglo Saxons.


it is what it is

Food, fuel, pharm, taxes, electricity, Obamacare are being blamed in the reason for the economic scorched spring among retailers in people are not buying things in 2014. 

America is now in half way point for 2014 at .1% reported growth.

This is important to examine as will food prices fall in the next year? No.

Will gas prices fall? No.

Will pharm fall? No.

Will taxes fall? No

Will your electric bill fall? No as heating bills are replaced by cooling costs.

Will Obamacare prices fall? No.

This is the reason early Christmas sales began around Labor Day and why Black Friday has been pushed to pre-Thanksgiving dates to give the appearance of growth to the investors in not causing a widespread panic and mass pulling out of the stock market as who wants a crashing portfolio for Christmas?  Not very holly jolly eh.

So with the retailers stating bluntly that people are not spending money any longer, as the 2009 money pool has been dried up, and with the facts that the same monumental costs on consumers is not going to change, it is a reality that this tax surge which this blog warned of in apparently in my poverty I was the only one paying thousands of percent higher costs in taxes due to the Obama regime tax hikes, that America is dropping further into the Obama Super Depression of 2008.

This is by design in Birther Hussein is responsible for every tax hike, suppressing energy production, which in turn has spiked all other cost in food.
The only thing the Obama regime has dropped prices on, is farm prices in order to try and offset this massive inflation spike which America is being obliterated by.

America is dead. I informed all of you that a long time ago. The reality is that there is now no more money in America, in the 90% of poor have nothing left after trying to exist in fuel, food and taxes. The reason no one signed up for Obamacare is, they could not afford it, and there is still in this, the reality of that massive income tax spike on the poor, who are wiped out in trying to pay that.

All of this means that nothing is going to change in 2014 for the better. Pumping the fed, can not rectify this, as the net rapine of inflation and taxes has sapped all the reserves out of America.

There is that midsummer tax spike in foreign investment going after Americans with money overseas and then their is in January 2015 a massive dump coming of AT & T type retirees who are going to be forced into Obamacare in their health insurance will be ended, that is going to dump hundreds of thousands of people into massive cost of living spikes.

None of this has any hope in it, as you can not squeeze blood out of turnip nor make a dead America produce money.

I know what I have been shown in inquiry about what is termed the reset, but the reality is the dates are not that important, as a devaluation of America has been engaged in, and when it is officially undertaken to seize a part of retirees savings in order to pay for "mandated" Obamacare in these "taxes" as that is what John Roberts was blackmailed into at the Supreme Court, that there is by logic a series of jerking downward plunges which will shock the American welfare states of Wall Street and Entitlement Street.

By the above evidence provided by retailers and not just my warning, there are definitive reasons for American stagnation, and those reasons are not going to be ended as Ronald Reagan ended them, but only deepened under the image of Obama.

If this is the End Times which I believe it is, then this date is the high point of your life and it will only become a worse upheaval to a Great Tribulation. No nation can rob it's people of all money in costs of living and not degrade to a North Korean status of a feudal few ruling the peasant mass.

 Nothing can change for the better as this is by design to enslave you economically to keep you from being a political competitor to the Boehner Obama elite few of the conglomerates. It is what it is and the sinful majority in America has no idea what the reality is as they delude themselves.

No one can intercede with God over this as it is a matter of Judgment.

It is what it is, Veterans killed and their minders get bonuses for it.


Thursday, November 27, 2014

In Thankstiving for Chuck Schumer

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

My brother a week ago when informed that Charles Schumer of New York, the honorable Senator of the democratic party was Conservative, burst out in disbelief, and  yet after posting this fact here before the public, most still did not believe the Lame Cherry.

Schumer sparks intraparty fury after Obamacare comments...

WIRE: Tensions flare between Senate Dems, White House...

Yet here we have Democrat Schumer bravely coming out and stating that Obamacare being passed was a mistake. Yet the liberals are now attacking and savaging honorable Schumer for stating a fact.....a fact that the Socio Conglomerates detest and do not want made public.

Yes Senator Schumer is upset that he lost his Chairmanship and leadership in the money train, which is behind this outburst, as a Senator in the minority is like being the ugly boy with the fast car and small dick in school. He looks like something impressive, but he is sort of a one dimensional ride.

You have to figure this out that Schumer is a practical Jew. He is in liberal New York and wants a job, and one of the tennants of that job is being anti gun. You remember Hillary Clinton was all Barry Goldwater, and when opportunity rose, she became Rose Law Firm in her adoration of another Conservative Democrat in Bill Clinton who had to back Hillarycare as the backers orderd him to.

So Chuck Schumer is a Conservative, more than Lindsey Graham, more than Chuck Hagel, more than most of the GOP you voted for.

Chuck Schumer was George W. Bush's best friend after 9 11. That says Chuck likes to do GOP Patrician things. He is one of the boys in the choir.

Granted outing Mr. Schumer will cause problems as it did for Keith Olberman, but when you are a blog which deals in Truth, the Truth wins out.

We fell sorry for Chuck Schumer as his life sucks. He will never be President, Vice President or anything above Sec. of Commerce, as he is just not in the groove for power like Stephanie Herseth Sandlin, but the difference is Chuck Schumer is the smartest egg in the carton, which is the worst of this, but it is the way politics are.


anglo saxon dichotomy

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

It seems an odd thing that God created two island groups in England and Japan, and peopled them with mimics of sorts, for each culture arose from observance of others.

"England" which was the Tin Island under Rome or Britain, was a semblance of barbarians and civilized slaves under Roman rule. After Rome crumbled, the ruling Welsh in the south, were put to the sword by the immigrant invaders of the Israelite Saxons of Germany.
These pagan Israelites killed the Christian Welsh and burned everything to the ground.

They in  turn were Christianized by the Pict Christians in the Irish orthodox. It is odd, but Ireland a Catholic nation started out as a sort of St. John Church at odd with the Roman observances.

So England was Pict Christian in the north and Roman Christian in the south. Once this Christianization took place, the race of barbarians with decades became a race of civilized kingdoms in literature, arts, masonry, metalurgy and farming.
The first stone building in what would be modern England was built by the Christian King, Eadwine at York.

This began an exchange between the Franks of Paris, the Catholics of Rome and the kingdoms of the British Isles.

It was the first cultural advancement of the warlike tribes from kingdoms of plunder to kingdoms of commerce in trade, and cultural exchange.

Kingship first reared it's head in England with the Anglo Saxons as the Saxons of Low Germany instead governed by Republican form in actual voting by lots who would lead in war. This tradition of King and Council would continue on in Saxon association until 1066 and the Norman of France, William, conquerred and slaughtered the Anglo Saxons, and gave all their lands over to the Norman invaders.

This is the cultural schism of Britain, in the Celtic Irish, the Pict Scot, the Welsh and the Anglo Saxon, who were Welsh Christian of Rome, then ruled by converted Anglo Saxon Christian, were conquerred again by the Norsemen or Scandinavian Vikings.

1066 brought about the same weed of destruction which the Frankish marriages and Roman religion sowed into England. For while it advanced the English past barbarism, it turned them to the rule of France in what would be over 1000 years of war in Europe. The popery would be at war again with Elizabeth I, but this time the English prevailed for Empire, but that same rigidity, of the Normans in viewing the people as "cloth of the land" like livestock, would cause the immense problems of 1776 in American liberation, the Boer War in South Africa and later the loss of India and Indistan after World War II, along with the colonial possessions.

The entire world after the 7 Years War was framed in a contention, in England in the Israelite German Saxon, contending with Frankish Israelites, Norman Reubenites, Babylonian Romans and the Germanic Assyrians.
The very things which advanced English Saxons are the very things which in this two edged sword cut them to the quick in a wound which would not heal.

Religion advanced England and it was almost English genocide in 1588.

French alliance advanced England and it has literally killed off the Anglo Saxon race in 1945.

The Imperial seed sown in 1066 of Norman governance replacing English law, which progressed England to Great Britain, literally in 1776 started the process of drawing and quartering the English Empire, that in winning against the High Germans, the English destroyed their empire.

The English emerged victorious by alliance in three world wars, due to American alliance, in the Hannover Prussians in the 7 Years War 1756 AD 1763 AD in the year of our Lord, the Great European War of 1914 AD to 1918 AD in the year of our Lord and World War II of 1939 AD to 1945 AD in the year of our Lord.

The very things which made England, are the very things which destroyed England. 1776 was about English German French Americans demanding the same rights Anglo Saxon Normans possessed, and Norman England was too inflexible in treating people as livestock to comprehend the disaster of absolute rule, rules absolutely until it is absolutely defeated, then that rule has absolutely nothing.

"absolute rule, rules absolutely until it is absolutely defeated, then that rule has absolutely nothing."

- Lame Cherry

The flaw in the Anglo Saxon Israelite Ephraimite is the same as the son of King Solomon, in Rehoboam, refusing to share rule and having the kingdom rent from him. The brother American tribe of Mannaseh in America possessed the ability to share power and gained greatly, but by arrogant leaders in Wilson and Roosevelt, brought America ruin in German Genocide.

If only the glue of Lutheranism had prevailed in Protestant Huegonot French, German Assyrian Lutheran, American Lutheran Protestantism and English Lutheran Calvinism, all with American Mannasehite Republicanism in sharing power, then the militarism of Assyrian Germany would brought order to Eurasia, the French would have been Huegonot ordered, the English garden of commonwealth would have poured wealth into England and America would have fueled it all in a global peace.

It is the dichotomy of it all, that the implements were there for power, but those same edges cut to the quick the very best attributes which created that power.

Another Lame Cherry treatise in matter anti matter for the enlightenment of the feudal mind.