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satanic attacks


As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

I have touched on this subject previously, and provide here a concluding understanding in why is it that when a Christian is minding the store, that somehow these horrific things happen to them, due to the prayers of seemingly other "christians" in their lives.
How is it that satan can be unleashed on an innocent who is protected by God?

I dislike opening myself in personal experiences to the public, as the refuse will catalogue it away to attempt to charge it against me, but if the teaching helps one person, which it usually does, then the degradation is worth it in leaving no one behind.

I will not name the person directly behind this, but will state it is someone who is important to TL and I attempted to take the hits in thinking I could weather it, but it instead by satan destroyed me and carved into things which should not ever be opened again in me. It was Spiritual rape and it came from someone who studies the Bible, goes to Church and by all accounts is someone you would never suspect.

The charges are simple in this, in by this person's prayers, I have almost been murdered in automobile wrecks. One example being in an interstate going through a city, a mobile home appeared and almost ran me off the road and not one quarter mile further, the traffic suddenly stopped and I almost ran into that.
Two events are not coincidence, and there are others in I almost ripped my little toe off hitting a door jam which I never do and I happened to slip on the stairs and get a hell of a bruise.
TL was almost killed too in a car wreck. There are other things in this which I have not kept track of in trying to let things go, but that point has ended, and the lesson begins.

How this all works is very weak people, using prayers which to God, but God has nothing to do with such selfishness. This person desires TL to become what this person never was in pirating TL's life to be moulded into this person's ideal. I just happen to be the person viewed as an adversary in this demented mindset, for if I was ugly that would be my sin, and if I am fair, then that is a sin, and if I were rich then that would be a problem, to if I was poor that is a problem too.
It has come to the point in statements made behind my back, that our children will not be healthy due to both TL and I have normal medical problems Jesus is therefore we should not be together for the sake of some unborn children.
I have been damned if I do and damned if I do not. Nothing matters as this person is obsessed in keeping TL on the trinket tree to validate this person, instead of glorifying God.

From an outside perspective, all would say, "Well just end the problem by not having anything to do with them." Yes that is easy, but how many of you are keeping like people in your lives out of convictions and excuses eh?
I have attempted all. TL has shut doors and windows, and still the problems erupt.

The reality in this is when people speak as James relates, both good and evil comes out of their mouths. The example in this is, you can have intelligence which will help your government, but if another government hears the information, they will use it to destroy you and your government.
That is how satan operates and I give you the latest example in this desperate reality of this person.

As of late, this person's latest prayer structure has been to "pray that TL and I see each other as we really are". That means beyond love for each other, and the intent is all the faults, so that we would hate each other and break apart. That is the kind of wickedness this person is willingly speaking and the demons are unleashing for our destruction, as what God is creating in TL and I is one of the mysteries God decided upon, and satan detests this glorification of God, so of course it attacks and is currently using this person to attack us.

I mentioned I had this problem with my siblings I trusted. When my Mom got hurt with a broken bone, my idiot brother I trusted prayed that Mom would not be hurt satan killed the goat which bumped Mom. That really hurt Mom in the goat murder, but Mother's memories are short memory is not.
The pope sister who forgave me for all my sins, sends me birthday cards.......I have them in the trash and burned, as that one has killed at least one cow and been a source like the other one who said Mom and I were going to hell......yeah it was her husband who decided to use Mom's accident to inflict on her and on me. As I said, I do not forget.

The issue in this is human, as I know the outcome in this. I have already been past damaged in this. What will take place in this, is in about another 10 years, TL will have been hurt enough by these people that TL will cut all ties in being hurt deeply so often that TL stops as I have in associating with the problems.
The war still continued for several years  as my siblings kept probing and reaching out in "those prayers" which satan was using....prayers like, "I want to spend more time with Mom".........that little prayer got a rope wrapped around me twice in a row by unseen hands, and the second time a horse had me dragged along as I hopped on one foot for a dozen a hell of a bruise on my ankle on that one too.

Understand this is war, and satan is using selfish intentions of others to attack you, as nothing in this is fair, no more than some terrorists cutting people's heads off. Just because you have western laws to protect you, the terrorist doesn't give a damn about your protections and lops your head off any way.

That is the dynamics of this. I would note that those who are grousing about thinking, "Well I don't have problems like that and I'm a christian" what you are is a fraud, who is dabbling in the satanic world as a come on to other dupes, that you can keep sinners around you as a Judas Goat.
If satan is not bothering you, you are in satan's camp........whether an ignorant dupe or a willing stooge. From the correspondence I receive and the Inspiration I have been given in my experiences, it matters not how good nor good intentions I have, I still get struck even when the castle is all doors locked and the moat bridge is up.

As I mentioned this has opened wounds in me of the most horrific things in my past. In God's reckoning plan, people usually die by Spiritual means beyond my hands thankfully, as this is the worst of attacks on any human they can suffer.
It is a point though of TL will be hurt,  so that is weighed, otherwise this would be easy. It is a point that TL is going to be hurt in this situation by that other person, until it is ground down to nothing there and the ties that bind are obliterated. It is a no win situation.
It is a situation though that each True Christian will have to come to terms with in Christ as this is part of the education, as not all who call "Lord Lord", enter the Kingdom of God.
I have no problem in my dad being in hell. It is what he did in life to gain that. He could quote the Bible, was a moral man, but was heinous in using the Scripture to inflict on others and was a tool of satan. Too many people in this world refuse to follow the Bible's instructions of taking their evil children to the judges  for sentence, and instead enable and protect their family members who are evil.

Psalm 55 is a dichotomy of this and I have written of it, and will utilize it again as an example.

King David had on his staff the most trusted adviser in the world. He happened to be the grandfather of Bathsheba. One would figure that the the most trusted person in the land, and your own wife's grandfather, that you could turn the whole country over to him, as he was not about to harm his grandchildren.
Not in the least as verse 21 reveals:

"The words of his mouth were smoother than butter, but war was in his heart: his words were softer than oil, yet were they drawn swords."

This grandfather actually sided with Absolom, David's son in open revolt. The grandfather was part of the conspiracy to assassinate David and all his followers.....including telling Absolom to have sex with all of David's concubines in front of all Israel, to prove Absolom was ruler.

I have written of this, in what could have been behind such absolute guile, as this grandfather literally sentenced his grandson in law, his granddaughter, and all of their children to regicide. The grandfather literally took Solomon his great grandson off the throne and put Absolom on the throne.

God had a way of dealing with this, in humiliating the grandfather's counsel before all, so he went home and hung himself. It is an issue though in the worst betrayals and tools of satan come from those you think you can trust.
Forensic psychology points to the grandfather was apparently like a Muslim or Jew in all fire and brimstone, in judging David and Bathsheba as adulterers who deserved death. There is always like Judas Iscariot an inner betrayal, and one can consider that, "Well I am the greatest adviser in the world, and how dare David defile my granddaughter, murder her husband to cover it up, and that little slut spreading her legs and getting pregnant after we got her Uriah a foreign strong man to honor our dare they sully my reputation."

It always comes down to that. Placing one's own glory ahead of God's plans and looking at people as trinkets to validate your position in life, instead of every person has the right to only Glorify God in the life God intended for them.

I hope this insight helps each of you children when the time arrives for your experience in this. It requires discernment and not blaming others for what is taking place, as each of us has enough statements opening doors for satan. When you have grown though, and kept your area policed.......and then things start hammering you, the examination is, what selfish ass is out there or asses out there, praying and willing things which satan is using to inflict on you to destroy you?

Each case is separate and God will deliver you through the affliction. It will hurt though and you will be changed, and grow by God's Grace through it.
I would that it was different, but this is how it Spiritually grows. Nothing pleasant in it, no more than a dozen kicks to the ovaries. It is what it is though, and when it comes to afflicting you, you will at least not be ignorant and have to search for answers.

God help each of you my children in Jesus Name Amen and Amen


For every winner..........

As a Lame Cherry matter anti matter exclusive.

It seems odd that people are blessed to never comprehend to know that for every winner in this world, there are 7 billion losers.

TL was showing me the new regime push of Macroemotions or some odd thing, which was produced out of brainwash Columbia University saying White people had it great and people of color were assailed now by, prejudicial slights so minute that they were huge.

This was odd in the group was Chinaman, a kind of Nadal something male, and these 4 hot chics. One was black and looked like that Negress chic from Firefly and Alias, and the rest were like Spanish chics. I did not get the thing in this, in I thought Italians and Spaniards were white, but at Columbia who hires only attractive minorities in women, with clothes off their shoulders, white people like George Zimmerman are colored.

I wonder about racism in people who want to take it on when it does not exist. Like the good looking chics, maybe they are treated badly by others who are ugly as ugly people are treated bad and the attractive people just mistake it for racism, as they have college degrees and are quite dense in being paid by the globalists to produce this mind conditioning to overthrow the masses who are productive as they are competitors to the Ashkenaz and the European Aristocracy.

Seems odd when Rome, Persia, Babylon and Greece ruled the world, and the Chinese ruled Asia, that no one much dwelt upon how bad people of color had it, as they were the ones raping, robbing, enslaving and murdering the white peoples.

If that is the rule in fairness, white people have only really been on top since around 1760. Humanity having been around for 6000 years, that means white people have only ruled for around 250 years, compared to 5700 years of coloreds in charge.
In 5700 years of coloreds, you got the fork and spoon, fire, the wheel and sailing ships. In 250 years of white people you got industrial age, steam power, gas and electric, aviation, people in space, atomic bombs, medicines, life expansion and a Christian era of called for rights for all.

Somehow that white reality just does not seem to come into the thought process of emotions, that if it was colored Columbia University they would be still writing on paper costing 5 dollars a sheet while in the white era, it is computers with word processors.

I know this white reality is really going to shame these ignorant degree recipients to being even more uncomfortable, but the fact is God blessed the multi shaded children of Israel for a Christ mission of saving the world, and humanity has advanced in a few hundred years under shades of white what colored peoples could not accomplish in thousands of years.

I honestly never pay much attention to race, unless some racist colored person is being a racist. I have found that 90% of black people are racists and 10% are not. 90% of white people try not to be racists while 10% are racist. That is the reality, but Columbia in Al Gore greenhouse propaganda is busy trying to destroy the successful western white competitors, so the old order can once again rule the feudal world, and that is what this nonsense is all about.

You might have noticed in a few God Inspired lines from Lame Cherry, this blog has refuted everything in this programme and obliterated it, just as it did Obama race cards so all of you children can wander about being what you are, picking up odd signs in people that are in your brain stem to keep you from being raped and murdered.

It goes back to Nadal the Asian something. He was complaining that him and his black collegue were in jet, and they were told to move to the back, while leaving two guys in suits in the front. Nadal cried racism to the flight attendant who as shocked as race never entered into it.
Nadal is a shaved headed bad goatee wearing guy who if you saw him, you would just react that something was sinister about him, like people who have that look no matter race, just make your alarm bells go off.
Nadal never said if he as fat as this was about weight distribution in the aircraft or how big the black was. He never deduced that maybe people in suits fly all the time, and an airline is of course going to pander to customers who spend 10, 000 dollars a year compared to a Nadal who spends 500 dollars.
Nadal never factored as he was chatting across the aisle with the black collegue, that maybe the flight attendants and other passengers did not want to be bothered by conversation intruding into their maybe the airline decided to give them their space where they would not be bothering others, as Nadal stated they were talking across the aisle.

See when one in Inspiration starts checking off realities that an ignorant, stupid, moronic college degree recipient has not factored in, but jumps to it being a question of race, then it creates the stereotype, which all stereotypes are based in, that people of color tend to be socially and mentally retarded in not factoring all the social situations which are the dynamic of society or business interaction.

As a popular girl writing the Lame Cherry blog, I have a constant assault of racism, sexism and other isms in the Freudian world. It is a constant struggle to build the best blog in the world and to move entire MK Ultra, Mockingbird and cartel conditioning, but it is accomplished in God's Grace.
I was called a racist by the Obama Swat Thoughters as a way to try and silence me, and this was after I was the one demanding one half the Obama cabinet be filled with black people and other races. It was Obama who went white and ran to white people when to get things done or to fix things. One of the greatest racist secrets of the Obama regime was THEY INTENDED BY DESIGN to make this Chinoid Asian, who Obama is, into a Designer Negro, and meant not to clutter up the White House with color as the regime knew they had to keep Obama the special token, or people would readily get over exposed by his color scheme.
This is why Eric Holder at Justice went after Charlie Rangel and other blacks in Congress to take out the Obama competition. For Birther Hussein Obama Chin, there was only room for one Asian masquerading as a black man, and this regime wiped the slate of coloreds.

This blog is successful in being right and revealing trends. It outproduces the combined Mockingbird media in the deluge here. I give all credit to God for this, and providing the NSA is not wiping my programs of other things to terrorize me, it all goes along well enough as I plan my work and work my plan as Mom taught me.

It always comes back to one thing, for every winner, there are a million losers, and for every winner there are a hundred cheaters making a million corpse out of all those displaced.

nuff said


a certain specie

My children in the condemnation of Thomas Paine, in the times which tried men's souls, this Patriot castigated and condemned those in America who thought they could walk the fine line of appeasing the regime while not assisting America to keep their investments safe.

This is for the species of non donors.

"But there are a certain species of Tories with whom conscience or principle has nothing to do , and who are so from avarice only. Some of the first fortunes on the continent, on the part of the Whigs, are staked on the issue of our present measures. And shall disaffection only be rewarded with security?

Can any thing be a greater inducement to a miserly man , than the hope of making his Mammon safe?

And though the scheme be fraught with every character of folly, yet, so long as he supposes , that by doing nothing materially criminal against America on one part , and by expressing his private disapprobation against independence, as palliative with the enemy, on the other part, he stands in a safe line between both ; while, I say, this ground be suffered to remain, craft , and the spirit of avarice, will point it out, and men will not be wanting to fill up this most contemptible of all characters.

Thomas Paine
Common Sense

Yes the sunshine patriot reads here in the illumination of the computer screen thinking it is their light and the summertime soldier mistakes the warmth of their breast is patriotism when the only heat source is from their processors, as their skin is as papery as dollars, their hearts as cold as gold and their spirit as dead as an e trade without current.

nuff said


Tuesday, August 26, 2014

The Headless Foley

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

This concerns James Foley.

I am not that interested in the story, but I have witnessed a great deal of conspiracy information posted about this, in which the details are being interpreted correctly, the event is not being concluded correctly.

James Foley is dead. James Foley was beheaded. The two events though are unrelated, and the pulp print is much closer to the Sheik bin Laden staged event, than a Daniel Pearl event.

James Foley expired from natural causes 4 days before the "beheading" event inquiry points to, as bin Laden died before his staged acting event with chest thumping Obama taking credit.

What is known is Foley was captured by the Syrians and, not by liberation, but by a trade, was he gained access to by ISIS.
ISIS is not Mosaad, nor is it even run by the regime now directly of Equalz, but is operated by the cartel.

ISIS acquired Foley, and Foley due to sitting around in confinement, developed a blood clot which produced a heart attack, the 350,000 dollar education calls it a pulmonary embolism.
This is why the astute noted no spurting of blood, not enough blood, and the cadaver not running away screaming, and just allowing the neck to be severed.

The knife used in the video, was not the knife used. It was a medical procedure and used a scalpel.

Jihad Johnny did not do the decapitation. It is why he was squeamish about touching the corpse. A doctor did the slicing off.

The issue of the shirt sleeve not being tight and then tight, was not because of a dummy recreation, but because of the issue of bloating.
That was Foley in the video, but it was pre shot 31 days previous to the cut away corpse event. This has been planned for some time, and Foley was not passionate as he knew it was all piracy. The video was to be posted as ransom note, "Pay up or Foley loses his bonnet."

What this business is primarily about is Jihad Johnny is from London's South end. He is a Mideast import. What is going on is Obama's ISIS is off the reservation, and MI6 with Jihad Johnny is seeking to get an air war going to knock off the ISIS militants not accepting 1600 Penn Rule or whoever in the west. JJ was being offered a Shahpin in the deal, is why he got Foley and the other propagandist.

The game was Foley was working Mockingbird for NSA to present the story along with the other mic head. Syria knew Foley was a mole with FSB information and traded him to ISIS to get rid of the minder.

There was something about the trade that had to do with Bashir Assad's old man, some family heirlooms the government wanted to get back that ISIS got in looting.

The cinema was shot in an apartment on a blue screen. The background was shot in Syria.

As far as Foley, he ended up in hospital. He was stored in the morgue, hauled back to the apartment, where a plastic pool was filled with sand, for the close ups in which no one smiled.
Oh this was Beirut, Lebanon where the Spielberg production took place.

Am thinking.......any more questions..........oh yeah, this is sort of shuffle the terrorists, in the Obama regime handpicked this group, and they have their own ideas, and all of this is about Netanyahu with the Europeans working out a new balance of power as Barry Chin has left the building.

That should get you children out of the abyss and back to the edge where you keep jumping off on there mirage bridges to nowhere. Those who rooted this out were pretty close. Missed the real game though and jumped to the wrong conclusions.

As I stated, not much interest......hard to be interested in rattling my cup begging for money all the time so I can get back to the brier patch. Has to be someone with the big donation to take the burden off the poor people.

Once gain, a Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti you know how far off all of this was and how lost all of you were.

Listen my children and you shall not hear
Of the Midnight Ride of Ichabod Crane
It was about a headless Foley without a horse
Who died of a blood clot in his heart vein

No Katrina Van Tassel to shake her bonnet
No Brom Bones to shake his, er, a head
Not even a pumpkin with eyes a glow
Just a Jihad Johnny and Foley already dead

There should be more about intrigue and trade
But the rich do not pay me enough for any of this verse
So there lies James Foley in two pieces apart
An urn for one head and coffin for the hearse

That is about nuff said

agtG 258Y


As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

The reality of greatness is not being great. Greatness comes from being so secure that you can be humble.

George Washington at Ipswich.

"Mr. Cleaveland, the minister of the town, was presented to him. As he approached, hat in hand, Washington said, "Put on your hat, parson, and I will shake hands with you."

"I cannot wear my hat in your presence, general," was the reply, "when I think of what you have done for this country."

"You did as much as I."

"No, no," protested the parson.

"Yes," said Washington, "you did what you could, and I've done no more."

Henry Cabot Lodge. George Washington

Great people do not seize power. Power comes to great people, because God brings it to them as there people are not empowered by power, but govern themselves, so that power does not rule their lusts.

In 1961, two males were born. One a native born American and the other a foreign bastard. If the time lines had reversed that native born would have risen greater than Ronald Reagan and dampened the effects of the anti Christ to such reality, that billions would have been saved.
instead the foreign bastard, overthrew America and plunged the world into the abyss.

God raised up George Washington for the salvation of the American people. This God rejecting people of America raised up their own messiah for God's condemnation of their national sins.

That native born is still there, but unfulfilled as he did not seize power when others grabbed it in arrogance.

nuff said


A General Crook

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter........

When one is a darling of the regime and a darling of the profiteers of the regime, then it makes sense why a General George Armstrong Custer is berated to this day and another General in George Crook, has been left untouched, when Crook was as much an Indian fighter as anyone.

I have written of General Crook previously and have concluded he had a hand in knowingly allowing the George Custer command to be slaughtered, as Crook retired from the field after a disasterous fight with the Sioux at the Rosebud and "went hunting" and the Department of the Missouri knew he had retired to hunt before the bodies were buried at the Little Big Horn.
In this failure to carry out orders to assist George Custer and abanding the field of battle, General Crook was never questioned or face court martial.

The Indians respected General Crook as much as his troopers did, as he was an Indian fighter, but his Indian fights were really stalemates or disasters. There were not any Washitas for General Crook, but there were in both of his main campaigns, follow up by General Nelson Appleton Miles who actually defeated the Sioux and later captured Geronimo in the Apache.

That is what is perplexing in all of this in the southwest campaign in the Black Canyon Massacre, and it was not the Apache who were massacred, but US Soldiers.

To explain Black Canyon, Black Canyon was Apache country. It was an immense canyon with cover, and verticle sides. There was only one way in, and it was a drop off.
The approach to the inner canyon was over a mile, before one engaged what was Indian country where they waited in ambush.

In knowing all of that, General Crook overed in Cavalry regiments and one infantry. His second, tried to persuade the General to send in the infantry first to feel the way, but the General sent in the Cavalry.
In what took place, 42 men were killed, 60 horses killed and 21 men were wounded. If it had not been for the Infantry skirmishing to extricate the Cavalry, no horses would have come out of that canyon alive, as well as most of the Troopers.

The first time I read of Black Canyon and it's difficulties, the  tactics seemed evident enough to me, and that was to seal the canyon off in it's entrance with an adobe fort, thorn brush and cannons.
Having sealed the area off, the next attraction would have been to find a way to incorporate cannon fire into the canyon. It would have been worth the preparation to bring in large cannons to the rim, and to slowly advance Napoleon types with canister and grape up the canyon from the sides.

It would have been a simple month long operation in clearing, burning, bursting and advancing. Pickets could have held all points on the rim easily, and the Apache terrorists starving and receiving grape shot, would have surrendered or died.
An operation like this, would not have cost a dozen Soldier lives.

Having the season of dryness, and fire could have been employed in burning up most of the cover and burning out the Indians.

It would be General Nelson Appleton Miles of the later Philippines campaign, who would employ using signaling mirrors on hill tops to coordinate Cavalry against Apache attacks. His method became so effective, that it literally drove Geronimo into Mexico, where the General followed him into another hells canyon and made the terror leader surrender.

In examination, I probably would have enjoyed the company of General Crook. He was a gentleman and he thoroughly enjoyed hunting. The parts not likeable were his being one of the Grant regime insiders and therefore connected to the Indian Ring profiteers which were the advance of the cartel in America.
His Indian campaigns cost a great deal of money and netted nothing in return for conquest.

To explain this a bit more, in the Southwest campaign, which has never been written of in examination, the fighting method employed successfully was the Kit Carson method, which was taught to his adopted son, William Drannan. It was pure American Ranger in context, as literally, the Scouts would crawl up to an Indian camp they discovered by always using field glasses to watch from the high ground, and then rushing in, in the darkness in hand to hand combat with the terrorists.
In every case where this method was utilized, the Indians were killed to the last terrorist, and in most instances the Soldiers were wounded with very few dead.

The figures were constantly twenty to 60 Indians killed with the US Army only being wounded. No one has written of this American Ranger type of combat which started in the east during the French and Indian War, moved into the Ohio in the Indian Wars, and then was lost until it was reborn on the Great Plains with great effect.

When the Indians were surprised, being pushed and attacked, the Indians were slaughtered. When the Indians were afforded to surprise the Americans, then the Americans got the worst of it.

Indians could be most stealthy, but any American could employ that same stealth on an Indian camp, and when it was accomplished, then the Indians were not allowed to have time to stalk about camps murdering Americans and stealing horses.
It was all about precautions of riding around a camp to find Indian sign, securing the animals, positioning wagons or breastworks for defense, and doing that the Indians did not surprise any camp.

The Indians attacked when inside their raiding camps, the raids were stopped before they started.

So General George Crook like General Alfred Terry wasted a great deal of resources, never accomplished a great deal, got their men killed, and were never brought to terms for this, because they were of the old guard and protected by them.

In factual examination, the American Indian terrorist, when allowed to terrorize on their own terms, where the miltary literally blinded themselves and fought to advantage the terrorists, then the military was murdered as the Mormons intended as they taught the Utes to try and fight the US Army. In that instance, the US Army brought cannons under General O'Connor and destroyed the terrorists in their canyon.

It is a fact that the Army Scouts did not employ cannons, but only sabers, knives and pistols as back up, and they were devastatingly effective as the Kentucky Riflemen in their raids on eastern terrorists.

General Crook's only real successes came at the hands of superior Scouts and subordinate Officers, who if the General would have listened to would have given better chances at victory.

The problem with all of this history is most have bias, most have absolutely no combat knowledge, and those that do, are that full auto spraying bullets or the abnormal snake eaters, so a complete examination is ever witnessed.

I have more to compose on other subjects, so this ends the Black Canyon examination.


Monday, August 25, 2014

As a note.......

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

Nero offered the games of the circus to appease the masses. Equalz dumps money to Wall Street to keep the illusion of bribed wealth from revolution.



As a hint, Scotland is a 3rd world country where life value is about 50 years for an adult. The secret behind independence is not the Scots, but British Petroleum having new Lancaster oil and Shetland Island reserves which are huge.

Just things floating about the moat you should be aware of.

I pray they  blow up the Middle East enough to confirm the 7 year cycle.........50 days and lots of bombs. Hit it right and it hit hard.