Saturday, September 20, 2014

Be Prepared

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

I was looking through the original Boy Scout book and I just could not find anywhere in it the phrase, 'Be Sodomized' and all I could find was this:

"The Chief has spent his time and energy for the last thirty odd years hammering away at two ideas: the big outdoors for the boys, and Americanism for all the people. Thank the Lord, he has lived long enough to see the boys stampede for the open and the people for Americanism."

Daniel Carter Beard. The Book of Camp-Lore and Woodcraft

Mr. Beard included God and being an American in a Republic, but I just could not find the homosexual part as part of the founding of the scouts, girl or boy.

I did find a Filipino firestarter though which I have been wanting for some time. It is a metal tube, with a push rod and a piece of cotton attached at the end. The law of it is to ram it down hard in the tube and withdraw it quickly, and the pressure starts the cotton on fire, just like a pressure cooker boils water at a lower temperature.

There are numbers of things in the book like bug repellant on the old recipes which I tend to feature here.

"If you make your own fly dope have a slow fire and allow to simmer over it 3 oz. pine tar 2 oz. castor oil 1 oz. pennyroyal or heat 3 oz. of pine tar with two oz. of olive oil and then stir in 1 oz. of pennyroyal, 1 oz. of citronella, 1 oz. of creosote and 1 oz. of camphor."

As much as Mr. Beard loved America, he literally hated communists and goosesteppers, which I was not aware of in the Boy Scout creed.

"There are many kinds of mosquitoes; all of them are Bolsheviks, and with the black flies and other vermin they argue that since nature made them with blood suckers and provided you with the sort of blood that they like, they have an inherent right to suck your blood— and they do it!

But some mosquitoes are regular Huns and professional germ carriers, and besides annoying one they skillfully insert the germs of malaria and yellow fever into one's system."

Daniel Carter Beard. The Book of Camp-Lore and Woodcraft

I am deducing in this, that is why the Boy and Girl Scouts had a coup staged against them like Richard Nixon. See Richard Nixon like Joe McCarthy rooted out communist pinkos and were plotted against to their destruction. These comrades have long memories in retaliation, and it is evident that some 5th column type saw Mr. Beard equating the Rothschild Marxists in the same group as the Rockefeller's Nazi, and decided that sodomizing children in the Scouts was the best retaliation on Mr. Beard.
Also in indoctrinating the Scouts, it makes it easier for the pedophile elite to rape children.

It is a reality that the founder of the Boy Scout thought communists were bloodsuckers to be warded off with chemical weapons. As stated, I could not find any faggot stories around the burning faggots of a camp fire for the boys and girls, but I did find this one about Abraham Lincoln.

"To all good, loyal Americans, the axe is almost a sacred tool, for our greatest American, Abraham Lincoln, was one of our greatest axemen. When he was President of the United States he used to exercise by chopping wood, then laughingly extended his arm holding the axe in a horizontal position by the extreme end of the handle. This he would do without a tremor of the muscle or movement of the axe— some stunt!"

Daniel Carter Beard. The Book of Camp-Lore and Woodcraft

Odd how in the Obama 21st century you never hear of axe ownership as part of being a good and loyal American, nor the strength and manly virtue of Abraham Lincoln as an axeman.

Odd how Mr. Beard lectured at Columbia where Obama was indoctrinated, but Mr. Beard was talking about axe use.

"While lecturing at the Teachers' College, Columbia University, I was asked to give a demonstration of the use of the axe."

Daniel Carter Beard. The Book of Camp-Lore and Woodcraft

Mr. Obama was not taught about manly axe use at Columbia, but he did sit very close to that Pakistani boy on a couch he was sharing a closet with.

"But in 1799 the old Indian council fires became camp meetings, and around the blazing fagots the pioneers gathered to engage in religious revivals. It was at one of these meetings that Daniel Boone's great friend, Simon Kenton, was converted and became a Methodist.

The camp meetings were originated by two brothers by the name of McGee. Bill McGee was a Presbyterian, and John McGee a Methodist minister . They came to Kentucky from West Tennessee. John McGee was such a great backwoods preacher (a pioneer Billy Sunday ) that he drew immense crowds of buckskin-clad men, each of whom carried a cow's horn powder flask and a long barreled rifle."

Daniel Carter Beard. The Book of Camp-Lore and Woodcraft

See what I mean about the Boy and Girl Scouts, the only blazing fagots about them were sticks on fire, and the founder Daniel Beard was all about fire sticks in guns, and fiery preachers saving souls like Pioneer Simon Kenton.

These Scouts were Be Prepared and had alot of religion, knives, guns, fire and using pack animals. There just was no sodomy mentioned, just being a good American on those values and all other political movements were plagues upon humanity to be wiped out with chemical repellants.

That is what happens when you read things, in you find out things in how the Boy and Girl Scouts were taught to be rugged militant individuals, worshipping God and America with Bibles, guns and knives.

There is even at the end a Church based upon the Indian Council Fires:

"On Sundays the council ground is a splendid place for holding religious services. On such occasions the minister sits in the Court of Knowledge, the North Court on the right-hand side of the presiding officer, and the two torches in the daytime are replaced by flags or banners. The one on the right-hand side of the presiding officer must be Old Glory, the one on the left the flag of the school, the troop or the club to which the council fire belongs.

The center of the council fire may be occupied by a "Liberty Pole," which is the good old American name for the flag pole, from which Old Glory flies. Never forget to respect the colors and greet them with the greatest ceremonial deference, for those colors possess a magic quality; they represent to you everything that is grand, noble and inspiring, and if you have any other kind of thoughts, this country is no place for you. Remember that the council fire is American, and we are proud to be called Americans."

Daniel Carter Beard. The Book of Camp-Lore and Woodcraft 

All Patriotic, Christian, Firearms and American were the Boy and Girl Scouts charter. Proud to be called Americans is what it was written as and not sodomites.

"No council fire anywhere within the borders of the United States should open without the pledge to the American flag, and the reciting in unison by all present of the American creed.

The council should close with the singing of "America."

Especially should these ceremonies be gone through with when the assembly is composed of many young people, because what George Washington said in his farewell address is as true to-day as it was a hundred years ago. "Against the insidious wiles of foreign influences I conjure you to believe me, fellow citizens, the jealousy of a free people ought to be constantly awake, since history and experience prove that foreign influence is one of the most powerful foes of republican government."

Daniel Carter Beard. The Book of Camp-Lore and Woodcraft

Be prepared.


Battle of Memphis

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

I have fascination with hidden history, and a real affection for Naval warfare on inland waters, where line ships could never operate and it is simply a death clutch warfare between opponents.

The greatest Naval Battle of the Civil War was fought at Memphis in Tennessee. It was a peculiar thing in the contest was one of two types of warcraft in "rams" which were ships with spikes on the bow to ram other ships, and gunboats which resembled turtles in being partially armour clad, slove moving boats with cannons.

All were steam powered and the Battle of Memphis was one which saw introduced the rams of the Union for the first time in battle. The Ram is akin to the battle method of the Greek warships of long ago. They were highly effective in being lighter and faster ships than the turtles.

The Union rams were the brian child of Colonel Charles Ellet jr. He purchased under orders from Sec of War Stanton, 7 river boats, of a size of 170 feet long, 31 feet wide and drafts of 5 to 8 feet.
These were conversions to military use and employed timber bulkheads of 12 to 16 inches thick from bow to stern. These were then joined together by metal rods, side to side.
The boilers were enclosed in 2 feet thick oak planking to protect them, and by this, the entire speed and timbers from front to back, made a massive energy transfer of the entire weight of the ship when ramming another vessel.

Ellet, did not think the ships would survive an engagement, but believed that they would at least take to the bottom the ships they attacked.

He took his ships down river to join the established gunboat fleet on June 5th, where they met the Confederate rams of the River Defense Fleet.

Montgomery was in command of the Confederate fleet comprised of Montgomery's command of 8 ships, which had 2 to 4 guns each. There names were, the Generals Van Dorn, Beauregard, Thompson, Bragg, Price, Sumpter, Lovell and the Little Rebel.

The Union turtles were five named the Benton as the flag ship and largest, the Cairo, Louisville, Carondelet and St. Louis.
These were added to by the Queen of the West commanded by Colonel Ellet, and the Monarch, commanded by his younger brother, Lt. Col. A.W. Ellet.

In this battle the Confederates did not make the mistakes of the first engagement nor did the Union, in all kept their order of battle in the Confederates forming two lines for the ram attack.

The Confederates opened the battle with one of their cannon, and at that the Ellet's slipped line and were soon steaming down the river, weaving in between the slower turtles. There speed and appearance surprised the Confederates as the Queen dashed in and struck the Lovell, sinking her in deep water.

The Beuregard immediately rammed the Queen and disabled her and she ran to the Arkansas shore where Col. Ellet having received a pistol shot died from the wound later.

The Monarch was in the attack and the Beauregard and the Price both attempted to ram her, but missed the Monarch and instead the Beauregard rammed the Price tearing off her port wheel and cutting her down to waterline.
The Monarch then turned on the Beauregard and rammed her, as she was firing at the Benton. The Benton fired on the Confederate, hitting her boiler which blew up and scalded most of her crew.

The Monarch towed the Beauregard to shore where she sank.

The Little Rebel in the hardest of the fighting was shot through her steam chest and limped to the shores of Arkansas too where her crew escaped.

The Confederates now being greatly outnumbered retreated down river, and a running fight took place over the next 10 miles with the Union boats in pursuit.

The Thompson was destroyed by fire from the gunboats and the Sumter and Bragg captured. The lone Confederate vessel which escaped  was the Van Dorn, outdistancing the speedy rams of the Union in the Monarch and the recently arrived Switzerland.

The Battle of Memphis ended the River Defence Fleet of the South. The six ships below were neutralized by Admiral Farragut, and the Bragg, Price, Sumpter and Little Rebel became part of the Union fleet.

This was a fine showing by all in battle, but the gunboats proved their worth when in conjunction with the skirmishing of the Union rams as diversion. Given that time, the turtles were allowed to keep their armour forward and their hulls away from the rams.
When the Confederate rams turned to flee, they were faster, but the water current assisted the turtles in speed, and the result was more raking fire from the turtles and the capture of the remaining Confederate fleet.

This battle would have made a lovely movie for it was high drama, and of interest as there were two methods of warfare in the ancient ram and the introduction of the Freshwater Destroyer. It was the beginning of the dreadnaughts or the battleships in these little turtles, and all of these ships required captainship in dealing with currents, water hazards  and the maneuvering to attack the enemy while protecting ones own ship.
None of this warfare had been attempted since the Greek and Roman era. It had evolved under sailing ships to use cannon for non contact warfare, but in these river battles, the new era combined the old, and created a new era for the battleship.

The Battle of Memphis was the turning point in the Naval warfare of the Civil War. Yet no one knows of these Heroes and the events of these United States at war.


Friday, September 19, 2014

Go in Peace

You must remember my children, that you can forgive (turn over to God's Judgment all of those things which people who have harmed you have done to you), because God will never forgive them (never condoning, accepting or pardoning their harming you, because they will never repent, be sorry nor ask to be forgiven for hurting you.)

That is the Peace for you in this system of Justice, as no one gets away with ever hurting you, as it is the triumph, they are not sorry for doing you harm, as it is their condemnation.

Know God will avenge you in His Consuming Flame of wrath. No sinner gets away with ever hurting you. Their existence is a lie and enmity to God that they fight every moment, until this life consumes them to death, and then hell awaits to hold them for Judgment and to consume them forever.

Forgiveness is not you accepting being harmed. Forgiveness is turning those over to be punished, in God ministering to those hurts in healing you as He holds you.

You are forgiven by God, because you have asked His forgiveness, and stopped doing those things which have hurt others. Your account is debt free by Christ's payment for your sins and complete recompense to the accounts of those sinners who have not nor will ever repent for harming you.

This is your Justification in Peace now in God handling all things, and Eternal Rest free from all of those hurtful creatures wiped from presence and memory forever.

This is most certainly True.

Go in God and go in His Peace my children in His Name, Amen and Amen


Star Bow

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

My children, when I was an agrarian, for the person who never slept, never started my day before 9 am, as days got too long and I never liked being up at the crack of dawn. I have always been more of a night person until recently.

With TL, here am I, up before the sun as a common thing. It is in this that I have been shown something which appeared the last two days in the Star Bow.

Upon inquiry this is a sign. The eastern sky before dawn had 2 stars in it for the past year, but this week, another star has joined them, and it forms a three star bow.
According to God, this is a sign in the heavens of the bow of America is empty, the enemy's bow is full againt the west. It is a sign of conflict and of war.

This morning the Holy Ghost led us to the reading of Ezekiel 21. I strike my thigh and inform you that the leaders of America and the west will be turned over to destruction.
The filth that America is and the west, is a treachery from the seats of power that have turned those seats into cushions of excrement unflushed. These sinful peoples have been turned miscreant by the reprobates in their synthetic skins.

Therefore in warning what is to come, the Lord God has placed in the sky, His Star Bow, as a witness unto all, that the Lord God does nothing without first making it known through His Prophets by His Holy Ghost.

The thigh is struck. They will be struck and the people scattered with the evil fertilizer for the soil they are unburied in. It is done!!!!!!!


At a Price

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter......

Most people are aware enough that Davy Crockett, the American Hero, was murdered at the Alamo in Texas in their struggle for independence, but few know of all the Crockett family gave to the founding of America, and it was typical, of what almost every American family endured of Scotch, Irish and German Israelite bloodlines across the Appalachians.

John Crockett, who was Davy's father, fought in the Revolutionary War at King's Mountain and other battles. He would move his family to the Ohio country for a chance at life. It was a region of hunting grounds for various tribes and the settlers there were always in jeopardy of being murdered or enslaved by the sometimes cannibal tribes.

I desired to add this a quote from David Crockett concerning his family's experience in America.

"By the Creeks, my grandfather and grandmother Crockett were both murdered, in their own house, and on the very spot of ground where Rogersville, in Hawkins county, now stands. At the same time, the Indians wounded Joseph Crockett, a brother to my father, by a ball, which broke his arm; and took James a prisoner, who was still a younger brother than Joseph, and who, from natural defects, was less able to make his escape, as he was both deaf and dumb. He remained with them for seventeen years and nine months, when he was discovered and recollected by my father and his eldest brother, William Crockett; and was purchased by them from an Indian trader, for a price."

Davy Crockett. A Narrative of the Life of David Crockett, of the State of Tennessee

This was typical of Americans in being murdered by Indians put up to genocide by the Europeans. If not that, they died from disease or accident as of today, and they were born with handicaps, and they just made the best way they could without welfare payments.

The Crockett family was a family murdered, robbed and enslaved, which was at constant warfare for generations. Modern Americans who have allowed themselves to be overrun with the Greaser and Beaners from Mexico, have placed themselves in a like jeopardy of rape and murder, as their hard won nation is being confiscated from them.

It is just more history of the struggles of the Christian peoples in this world, and how it all has been squandered and a new genocide will come upon them as the non Christian world closes in again.


Books of the Mind

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

I am always interested in the literature which appeals to the minds of others to compare my mind. I puzzle over these things as not a mark against me, as all have their own tastes, but how the minds of greatness work.

I hated reading as a child as I was made to read in school. It never came to my young mind, that I had a case of story books that I loved having read to me, nor that when professing I hated to read, that I had five magazines coming each month which I devoured as the subjects were something which interested me.

I did not realize that I liked child adventures in the mind and I was drawn to  the real experiences of those recording what they had done, as I could feel the writer's psychic imprint on those words. I do not like Mark Twain or any other writer of fiction. I  can appreciate Rudyard Kipling's fast style in his vignettes of Industan about people, but Charles Dickens just is a serial I have had enough of.

For me, my reading is forced now to be autobigraphies from the 19th century era as the 20th century has been taken over by intelligence operations as Mockingbird which is deflective and all modern writers are deluded and uneducated by association on what the modern is built upon in the past.
I have absolutely no time for someone writing about what it was like to be Martha Washington, if Martha Washington has her papers available.

George Washington placed this reading list on account of his tastes, which is interesting as I actually would not mind reading from this list and will see if I have time in locating them in e books.

"Charles the XIIth of Sweden.
Lewis the XVth, 2 vols.
History of the Life and Reign of the Czar Peter the Great.
Campaigns of Marshal Turenne.
Locke on the Human Understanding.
Robertson's History of America, 2 vols.
Robertson's History of Charles V.
Voltaire's Letters.

Life of Gustavus Adolphus.
Sully's Memoirs.
Goldsmith's Natural History.
Mildman on Trees.
Vertot's Revolution of Rome, 3 vols.
Vertot's Revolution of Portugal, 3 vols.
{The Vertot's if they are in estimation.}
If there is a good Bookseller's shop in the City, I would thank you for sending me a catalogue of the Books and their prices that I may choose such as I want."

I once knew a woman who was named after Jacquelin Bouvier, and her reading was the autobiography of Senator Edward Kennedy. I murmured to myself at the time and have expresed to TL often enough the simple fact, "What can you learn from Teddy Kennedy, but how to f*ck women and drown them?"

You can see by George Washington's choices he was interested in how great people governed themselves and events. He also as a planter was interested in plants. The interests of George Washington were America, making his farms profitable and how to be an effective leader. Most people hate who they are, their work and their situation. George Washington though enjoyed his life he had by duty inherited and been called to, and he sought to improve himself by reading of the experience of history and science.

If your idea of reading is Harlequin Romance, crossword puzzles, comic books or books ghosted by Bill Ayers, that is nothing derogatory to you compared to someone reading Burke, Tolstoy or Goethe. Each person has their own tastes. I would counsel though that making a steady diet of heaving breasts, puzzles or fantasy has a ruinous effect in developing he base natures in people, as much as reading intellectual books ruins people's minds in there hiding in their college degrees.

It does reveal  though in George Washington how well suited he was to be the father of America as he was being moved to prepare for it. I know I am reading far too many books in the teaching aspect of this blog as reference material. It is from an evolved point now that the Holy Ghost can not have me  reading more than a few pages of any book, before I am moved to another post in attempting to have you my children ponder for a few moments who you are, measure someone who is above reproach to yourself, and to be more fully informed of who you are, and in that comfort you will find yourself saying things like when someone mentions a book, "You know George Washington read a great deal on successful leaders of Europe, military campaigns and biology while leading the Continental Army, I doubt anyone in this current regime has read anything of consequence in educating themselves nor improving their condition nor the conditin of America."

You will get either blinks and some "Yeah" remark or a vacuous stare, as the person attempts to show how bright they are based in their finite expertise of their reading list.

If anyone is secure enough to ask you a question on this, just say, "I do not know that is why I read Lame Cherry."

"At Washington's death the appraisers of the estate found 863 volumes in his library, besides a great number of pamphlets, magazines, and maps."

Henry Cabot Lodge. George Washington, Volume II



Thursday, September 18, 2014

Vet for a Human

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

I grew up with Scarlet oil and taking animal antibiotics just like the Soviets used to dispense to humans. I am making a record of this salve, as it suits me and might when health care shuts down, be of use to the sick.

Maybe I will make the stuff for............well cuts on saddles and leather.

Scarlet Oil,
peters jelly (vaseline-I think),
butt rash zinc (zinc oxide)
and butt powder (baby powder) to thicken.

Mix and put in tin can. Put on cuts, boils, rizen's (I think are boils becuase my old indian friend called boils riasens), water sacks (blisters), black moleskins (black moles), black sunskins (sun cancer).

I do have this old tin I found in the neighbor's junk pile which was pine tar based. I think I might run this together and have it on hand.

That Scarlet Oil I will give you the three four on that one too as it is complicated, but it does work.

Active Ingredient

0.3% (w/w) PCMX (Parachlorometaxylenol)

Inactive Ingredients

Mineral Oil, Isopropyl Alcohol, Methyl Salicylate, Benzyl Alcohol, Pine Oil, Eucalyptus Oil, and Biebrich Scarlet Red.